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Image is not being resized appropriately on Internet Explorer 11

The post has been edited now, but you can view the original revision in all its glory. The kicker here is that the images were wrapped in <kbd> tags, which are defined as inline blocks with ...
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Why isn't Internet Explorer showing the Winter Bash icon or hats?

Winter Bash is disabled in Internet Explorer. This is due to a compatibility issue. The hats appear black in Internet Explorer, so Stack Exchange decided to disable it there. This is why you see it ...
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Can the escape key be less evil on IE, please?

This is evil That's a complaint you should be directing to Microsoft1, since this behavior is standard in Internet Explorer and not engineered by Stack Overflow. I trust that the developers have ...
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Can't close Teams bubble on IE11

Thank you very much for your report. We deployed the fix, so clicking anywhere on the blue tooltip should dismiss it. We removed the CSS rule: pointer-events: none, which was not working on some ...
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Bug: Stack Overflow not clickable anymore when saving comment edit with enter

Fixed on build 3762 for MSE/MSO, and build 2883 for other sites. Tested on Edge; I presume the same fix will work on IE too.
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Editor toolbar layout broken in IE 10

Try this in the IE10 console: Array.prototype.forEach.call( document.querySelectorAll('.wmd-button-row li'), function(li) { li.style.float = 'left'; } ); Essentially it is selecting the ...
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"Ask a question process" different on Chrome to IE

This seems like a typical A/B testing pattern. Stack Overflow doesn't discuss their testing methodology or what browsers they look at, but the big thing here is that you're part of the new Ask ...
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Ask a question wizard is unusable on Internet Explorer 11

This appears to have been fixed. I can't reproduce it at this time.
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"Ask a question process" different on Chrome to IE

Congratulations! For some reason, SO is taking you through the Ask Question Wizard on IE. It's strange that being in the test or not isn't (apparently) a per-account thing, though. (Perhaps that's how ...
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Tags aren't working correctly when writing or editing a question

Looks like a typo snuck in last night... IE's diligent Strict Mode caught it when Chrome would not. Typo banished, this should all be working as expected.
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