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Did Stack Exchange cut the number of negative comments nearly in half between the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2019 and January 21, 2020?

This is sort of two questions: "How are we measuring 'negative comments'?" and "Did the number of negative comments on SO decrease by ~50% in Q4 2019?" My team (along with several others) worked on ...
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Is Documentation failing?

Is this a common trend for the whole docs? It definitely seems like most experts have given up on it. Most posters that are still active seem to have poor to average knowledge about the topic and ...
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How was the number of .015% of Meta users calculated?

This made me curious so I started messing with SEDE. To keep things simple, I'm going to look at the last year. Of course, since I'm just using SEDE, this will not take into account the hordes of ...
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10x spike in new users on October 10?

This has to do with the rollout of the Developer Story. These users had a Careers profile but not a SO profile, so we created a profile for them. It fits the timing, October 10.
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What happened on Stack Overflow on 31 May 2019?

Nothing happened. There is a cleanup process, usually referred to as "Roomba", that deletes unvoted, unanswered questions after a year. Any graphs that involve question counts will see this ...
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How do I get the number of people ignoring a tag?

This isn't public information, at least as far as I'm aware. However... It is useful. So with that in mind, here are the tags being ignored by 50 or more users: Ignoring Tag --...
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2019: a year in moderation

It seems to me that the number of reviews (at least in specific review queues - number graph, percentage as of 2016 graph) is dropping, while 3,000 more users were banned from review by moderators in ...
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Is Documentation failing?

Is Documentation failing? I think it is. Take for instance one of the top 3 tags, the C# one. The number of topics didn't change for weeks. The activity tab shows no update at all for the past 2 ...
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Has anyone analyzed the survival rate of new SO users based on quality of first question(s)?

This has been queried before by Shog, but I pulled some current numbers for the past year of new users; new users being users who created an account in the last year. Overall New Users Over the ...
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Is Documentation failing?

I asked for metrics in the comments; the suggestions I got were links, activity, and views. Linking and activity: Month InterLinks ExtraLinks MinorEdits MajorEdits Topics Examples ProposedChanges ...
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2019: a year in moderation

How much has moderator activity plummeted in the last months? Unfortunately, you only show numbers for all of 2019. But I have the strong impression that we'll see quite a dip in the end of 2019 in ...
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Please be more careful when interpreting the SO Developer Survey

With respect to the "evaluating competence" metric, I think what the SO folks thought they'd get was a bell curve where the top of the bell was right down the middle, so that half of the respondents ...
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Is Documentation failing?

Well, motivated by this post, I dove into the Java documentation and... wow. The first post I even read has blatantly wrong information (it said that an ArrayList resizes without overhead - which is ...
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Who keeps upvoting these terrible questions?

You're dismissing sock puppetry too easily here. I have spotted several accounts on SO which are certainly upvoted by sock puppets. Those may be hard to spot, but once you find them, those accounts ...
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42 votes

What's the average votes-to-views ratio on Stack Overflow?

I think this is it for questions. select avg(value) from ( select cast(count(v.Id) as float) / p.ViewCount as value from Votes v, Posts p where v.VoteTypeId in (2, 3) and p.Id = v....
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2016: a year in moderation

The one number here that jumps out at me is the Community-issued automatic suspensions for recreated puppet or troll accounts. Almost as many automatic suspensions (1421) were issued as manual ones by ...
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Can we get closure statistics for all of 2016?

As it happens, I have a query for this that I used prior to the introduction of the 10K tool, which allows generating more or less the same information for an arbitrary date-period. So... Closure ...
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2020: a year in moderation

Wanna see how these numbers have changed over time? Yes. And now my first question is: why is there such a huge difference in Comments deleted by Moderators? Action Mod2020 Mod2019 Change Comm2020 ...
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Was there an uptick in comment flags after the "be nicer" blog post?

Spiked a little bit, yeah: That's comment flags per week. Note that they've been kinda high lately anyway. Here's flags as a percentage of comments created: And here's just rude/abusive flags: Ah, ...
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Do long answers decrease the question-to-answer upvote ratio?

I've constructed the following SEDE query, based on an earlier answer on Mathematics Meta. It shows you, for accepted answers with a score > 0, the ratio of the score of the question and the score ...
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2018: a year in moderation

I had mentioned something when these were posted: I'm looking at the Answer flags handled 273,000 154,891 values. It looks like the moderators handle more of these than the community. Can we do ...
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Do we have any stats on how often the skip button is pressed?

I threw together a SEDE query to group the H&I reviews by result type. This was the output when I ran it just now: 84633 Edit 424982 Not Sure Thus the total number of results is 509,615, ...
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What's the longest time between when a question was asked and when the first accepted answer was entered?

Here is the query select top 10 datediff(d, q.creationdate, a.creationdate) [days] , [Post Link] , q.creationdate , q.score [q score] , a.creationdate [ Accepted ...
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34 votes

2022: a year in moderation

I always love seeing these numbers, I'm just here to waggle my eyebrows at them. The suggested edit numbers surprised me a little, the mods seem to be pulling a lot of weight. It turns out this is ...
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Which sites are currently linked to most often in Stack Overflow?

See also the related “Which sites are currently linked to most often in Stack Overflow?” query (forked from a query linked to in a related Meta Q&A). The table below shows ...
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What happened on Stack Overflow on 31 May 2019?

Nothing happened. If we run a functionally identical query on SEDE, but include deleted posts, we get the following picture: As for why deleted questions matter, see OrangeDog's answer, and add user/...
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When does one start to hit the 200 cap almost daily?

It varies massively. I hit the rep cap very-nearly-daily, and have done for several years, even if I'm not answering questions. Gordon Linoff has over twice as many answers as I have, but has not been ...
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Is Documentation failing?

Is Documentation failing? Maybe. It's probably a bit too early to tell. (Warlords of) Documentation was meant to be an example centric approach to Documentation including unicorn points. It features ...
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#Upvotes/#Downvotes = 6; is that OK?

Consider this graph of score distribution: As you can see, the most common score for a post is 0. While some of those posts are something like +1/-1, far and away the majority of these posts are ...
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