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Misleading advice in "contact us" page for users with review privileges (500+ rep)

Note: the below is relevant for users with 500+ reputation, who have review icon instead of help center icon in the top bar. In the Help Center contact form (which is now made less reachable with the ...
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Include reputation required to vote in 'Why is voting important' help page

New to SO and learning about the mechanics of how the site works. I was looking into voting and read the page Why is voting important? and came across the line: Every user with sufficient ...
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Add fragment identifiers to MCVE page sections for easy linking

Sometimes, when I link to the MCVE page, I want to highlight one specific aspect using a fragment identifier. For instance, a question be minimal and complete, but not verifiable. It would be nice to ...
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Emphasize searching for existing answers in the Site Tour

I recently used the community support forum for Mint and really liked their three-second introduction: The very first instruction presented to new users was to make an attempt to search for an ...
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Could we update the link to the supported prettify language codes?

I've hit this for a few times and it's quite misleading. If you go to the Markdown help, there's this quote; please follow the link (which I made bold in this quote): You can use either one of the ...
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Link the question-ban meta FAQ on the question-ban help page

After a discussion with a question-banned user I realized that the comprehensive question-ban meta FAQ doesn't seem to be linked from the question-ban help page. The user told me that they are only ...
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Add rationale to "comment everywhere"-privilege in help center

Please read before marking as duplicate I experienced the same frustration (with not being able to comment under 50 rep) as a lot of other people. The help page on this only mentions that it's a ...
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Can we tweak the Roomba help article so it shows up in the Help search?

The Roomba is the cozy name for the automatic script that removes low scoring questions that are left unattended. The Roomba has its own page in the Help center here. However, if you try to search in ...
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Code formatting article in help center is confusing

Prompted by Does inline code span require HTML escaping?, I took a look at /help/formatting. While it's mostly accurate, there is a fair amount of ambiguous terminology and subtle inaccuracies. I've ...
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Update Help Center page about login credentials

The instructions and images on page titled How do I add or remove login credentials from my account? are inaccurate after the introduction of new profile pages. Link "My Logins" is one of ...
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False (old?) information in Close-Privilege description

Today I've been awarded with the "Cast close and reopen votes" Privilege (3000 Reputation). So I read through the description of said privilege and saw the following bulletpoints, formally ...
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Add information on Stack Snippets to Help Center

There isn't currently any page on the Stack Overflow help center that relates to Stack Snippets, and a search for that term in the help center does not return any valid results. I have twice used a ...
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The privileges section of the help center should mention the "be able to cast votes on a moderator election" privilege at 150 points

I only got to know about this requirement when I visited the election and even the (Caucus and Constituent badges do not have the reputation written). Also, the privilege at 3000 reputation points, &...
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Update Help Center > Privileges > Remove New User Restrictions to note inline images

There are two entries on the list of privileges enabled at rep >= 10: Create Wiki Posts Remove New User Restrictions The second one should be updated to say that users can post inline images (...
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Should the markdown documentation mention that only three levels of headers are supported?

I was re-purposing the markdown preview in SO to check some markdown I was composing, and noticed that # level headers were supported to three levels deep only: Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 ...
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Update for: Help > How do I ask a good question

This is the help topic I am referring to: It states: If it is possible to create a live example of the problem that you can link to (for example, on ...
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Add details about when to use custom flag

I've noticed that many posts asking about why this or that custom flag ("needs ♦ moderator attention") was declined are confused about the accompanying comment declined - flags should only be used ...
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Make the search bar in meta also search the help center

The prominence of the new search bar is going to override the ability to search in the help center as seen below. Most users finding their way to help are going to end up searching in the wrong bar. ...
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Please make /help/mre symlink to /help/mcve

If MRE is now (ever since the "reprex" brouhaha) the official term for what used to be called MCVE, could we please also link to the pertinent help page? ...
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Don't show the Tour hero header when the user has the Informed badge

When a user has the Informed badge, the Tour hero header on the Help Center landing page should not be shown. So, instead of this: I'd like to see this:
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Make titles on help page consistent

If you go to this page (, it shows multiple headings: "Asking" "Our model" "Reputation & Moderation" "Answering" "...
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Doesn't "Ask questions, get answers, no distractions" undermine the "Search, and research" advice for new users?

Can we change the large-font motto on the Tour to something less obviously chaotic and destructive than "Ask questions,...? Some incredibly high percentage of first questions show little or no effort ...
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Provide a help topic with guidance on why questions shouldn't be changed (substantially and/or continually) after receiving answers

The suspected duplicate question is closely related, but not an exact duplicate: it relates to ever-expanding questions, with follow-up after follow-up, which is not per se the focus of this question, ...
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Change "mwe" explanation from "minimal workable example" to "minimal working example"?

I was reading the Minimal Reproducible Example page and I noticed that for some reason the mwe acronym is spelled out as "minimal workable example". However, I believe that "minimal working example" ...
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Please add anchors to (at least) "What are Tags" help page Similar to Add anchors to enable direct linking to detailed reason on "What topics can I ask about here?" page and others request. This is actually ...
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SO Chat help pages - outdated access information

as stated in the title, some information regarding chat in the help pages (here and here) has the part about access, either partialy, either completely outdated. Details : footer part : outdated ...
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The search functionality of the Help pages isn't working

I was trying to locate something in the Help pages, but it seems the search functionality isn't working. A search for "title" for instance returns this:
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Remove "Except for the accepted answer" from the "Vote up" page in the help center

Some time ago, Stack Exchange changed how the order of the answers are. They used to be sorted by accepted answer, then votes. Now it's only sorted by votes. The help center however still says this on ...
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Reopen votes aging time isn't directly mentioned in the help center

Quote from cast close and reopen votes: Close votes age away harmlessly if the threshold is not reached after several days. If the question has at least 100 views, close votes will age away after 4 ...
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The image for the "How do I view vote counts?" part of the "Established-user" privilege is outdated

The Help Center > Privileges > Established user page currently looks like this: The image shows the vote up/vote down buttons from before a redesign - the image should really be changed to look ...
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Can the Announcer, Booster and Publicist badge descriptions be updated to be complete?

This request is sparked by a very recent exchange in comments. The description of the Announcer badge currently reads: Share a link to a question later visited by 25 unique IP addresses. The ...
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Can we have some anchor for the lifelines we are throwing?

Although most of the help center pages are concise enough to be self sufficient, some other do contain a lot of information, and those are also the one we probably use the most, for example the magic ...
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Add "How to flag?" to the Help Center under the Reputation & Moderation

I've recently faced a problem of misunderstanding the purpose of of a "Not An Answer" flag and this problem is very frequent among the users. Therefore we have a lot of questions about declined flags ...
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I think we're pointing new users at the wrong "How to Ask" page

Instead of showing them this page Can we show them our new and improved page instead?
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Ambiguous wording in the help section for mentioning tags in the editor

I personally found the first paragraph confusing until I read the second one. I think it should read To talk about a tag on Stack Overflow, ... instead.
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Editor toolbar button for link in HELP

As mentioned in this question the link icon in the editor was changed. But the link icon in the help center(check below) still remains the same!!
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The chat desktop notification guide for Chrome is in need of an update

The Chrome guide to enabling chat desktop notifications is no longer accurate as Chrome's UI has changed. Here is my suggested update: Instructions Click on the lock icon in the omnibar. Set ...
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Edit the site analytics privilege help page to reflect DuckDuckGo's changed state

This help page says one of the known issues with the site analytics is: DuckDuckGo shows up as a referring site and not a search engine. However, that's not the case anymore, so this should be ...
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Where is the link to chat "on every page"?

Adjust the help pages for chat - there is no link on each page-footer any longer. Source: Text: Where is chat? There is a link to chat in the ...
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Help center section for link-only questions

Do we have an official help or faq entry for link-only questions, and if not, shouldn't we have one? I am talking about these questions: How do I solve the problem explained [here]. I have read ...
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Edit needed on Access Review Queues - username no longer shown at the top of every page

The Access Review Queues page states: The first queues you gain access to are Late Answers and First Posts. These and all other review queues are accessible from the "review" link that ...
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Misleading directions in "participate in meta" and "talk in chat" help pages

Probably, problem due to new design? participate in meta page says: There is a link to meta in the footer of every page. The link also appears in the Stack Exchange site switcher (top left in the ...
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Help center: Suggestions for order and structure of sections in the help center

In the help center there is An overview with a number of sections such as "Asking", "Our model" etc. On a detail page, you can see the structure on the right (if using a large ...
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On-Topic guidelines should be changed to include the same formatting as the flag and an Oxford comma

Based on the discussion question, should have the debugging help paragraph changed to the following (adds Oxford comma and the italics from the corresponding ...
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Update help page according to the new closing phrasing

When a question is closed, a link is provided to help the asker improving the question. The differents categories are listed but some of them don't fit anymore the new closing reason : unclear what ...
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Can we add a link to how to ask on the tour, optionally with a badge for reading it

I just went through a review queue marathon and although the life of a rookie-reviewer is tough (and for good reasons) I very often find myself referring new users to how to ask. I see there is a ...
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We are down to two, so the help center should say the same

Two (three on Stack Overflow) accept or reject votes are required to remove the suggested edit from the queue and either apply the edit to the post or discard it. Users with more than 2,000 reputation ...
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Clarifying bounty auto-award-mechanics in the help-center

Currently, there are three pages in the help-center mentioning how bounties are auto-awarded. Imho, all three would benefit from some rewording: Reputation & Moderation > What is a bounty? How ...
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Improve Review Queues Help / Instructions

I recently got to 500 reputation on StackOverflow which grants access to the First Post and Late Answer review queues. After looking over them / their documentation for the first time, I came away ...
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Update Privileges Documentation Images

Currently, there is an image that shows an outdated image of Stack Overflow on the Help center > Privileges > reduce ads page. It is an outdated image and could be replaced with a more ...
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