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Questions tagged [status-deferred]

Indicates that the feature request or bug is something that is intended to be implemented or fixed, but not in the near term.

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22 votes
0 answers

Allow excluding/including/only having Staging Ground posts in a Custom filter

Currently, posts that are in the Staging Ground and not graduated yet are shown on the site in all regular lists of questions. This includes custom filters. However, I have custom filters where I wish ...
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14 votes
0 answers

Can't see lowest rated questions

If I go to the "all questions" page and sort by votes, I'm told there's 1,601,257 pages of questions: However, if I click the link to go to the last page, I get a 404 error: As questions ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Support programmatic detection and flagging of spam and rude/abusive content in Collectives Articles and Discussions (WebSocket and SE API endpoints)

Currently, there's no method (without scraping) to automatically collect Articles & Discussions. At one point there was a way to get Articles, but it's since been removed from public functionality ...
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14 votes
1 answer

How can I retract a flag I raised on a Discussion?

I raised a flag on a discussion in a collective to test out the flagging UI/UX assuming that I'd be able to retract the flag, and assuming that I'd be prompted with a dialog to select a flag reason ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Vertical lines in editor bar are misaligned

While logged out on Mobile Safari, when I go to a question page on Stack Overflow and scroll down to the editor, I see this… The vertical lines in the menu bar aren't aligned correctly.
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117 votes
4 answers

Reviewer overboard! Or a request to improve the onboarding guidance for new reviewers in the suggested edits queue

Given the number of bad reviews in the Suggested Edits review queue (the problem that has been plaguing the queue since its inception, worsened these days by the queue being close to the threshold of ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Inaccessible image in Perl blog post

I noticed that the post Why Perl is still relevant in 2022 contains an SVG that is inaccessible to a number of users: When using a screenreader (VoiceOver), I hear "2009 image 2010 image 2011 ...
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18 votes
1 answer

Can we please be given the option to opt-out of collectives' weekly leaderboard notifications?

Being part of the Intel Collective on Stack Overflow, and answering questions on the x86 tag, from time to time I get reminded that I am "in the Top X contributors for the Intel Collective": ...
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8 votes
1 answer

Change Default Syntax Highlighting for [typescript] from lang-js to lang-typescript

The current syntax highlighting for typescript is lang-js. This is presumably due to the fact that lang-typescript was not available in the mod dropdown menu of syntax highlighting options, however, ...
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6 votes
0 answers

Locked questions (including merge stubs) are still showing up in the "unanswered" list

If you search for a given tag; say "JavaScript" in this case and look for "unanswered" to attempt to answer them you cannot if they are "merged" for example this question ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Code snippet console scrolling issue in Chrome

I recently provided this answer and was trying to see if my output string is valid but the console window seems to cut off after a certain point. Could we make this re-sizable, expandable, or scroll-...
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53 votes
1 answer

Make the "Leave collective" button say so without the need to hover it

Inspired from this question: How to leave a Collective? The answer there exposes some (imo) bad UX: When you open the Collective, you should see two buttons at the top right; Ask Question and Joined: ...
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15 votes
0 answers

The "Create free Team" form displays my old display name [closed]

When I visit the Create free Team page, I see one of my old display names automatically filled in the form. Why is that information still being used? Demo: A couple of notes: That name is not even ...
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29 votes
0 answers

Please make /help/mre symlink to /help/mcve

If MRE is now (ever since the "reprex" brouhaha) the official term for what used to be called MCVE, could we please also link to the pertinent help page? ...
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187 votes
12 answers

Allow old, poorly-asked questions to eventually age away for purposes of the question ban algorithm

The question-banning system punishes people who have demonstrated the ability to ask a good question within their six month rate-limited window, because it remembers the entire history of their poorly-...
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48 votes
1 answer

Make the "many similar phrased questions have downvotes" banner prominent

This is a follow-up feature request regarding a comment I posted on "Unhelpful-Title Warning for Question Writers". As shown in the following picture, when a user attempts to beg for help in ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Today I visited Stack Overflow and my profile picture has vanished - but I didn't change it

I noticed today that I no longer have a profile picture. It simply displays like this, which I assume is the default: I haven't updated my profile in ages and I have had the same profile picture for ...
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5 votes
0 answers

"Reviewing post"-screen is too big

I think the "Post-Review screen" expects a too big monitor. And should be more adaptable to screen size. Here is an image of the review screen: Problems: Action buttons are hidden on the ...
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12 votes
0 answers

Why the banner showing that the question is closed before it was asked?

I came across two questions and observed their Asked, Active and Closed date-time string. Following is the screen shot of one of it: Question Asked on: 2020-04-16 00:28:14Z Question Closed on: 2020-...
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40 votes
1 answer

Closed questions are being used to teach reviewers in Triage to click "Requires Editing" when the outcome should be "Unsalvageable" (closed)!

Example Triage audit: I've closed this question a month ago, but it is still being used as a poor Triage audit, requiring the reviewer to pick "...
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6 votes
0 answers

Inaccurate/incomplete search results when creating a custom search filter

When I try to create a saved search filter for PowerShell, I start out with six results: But after I add a few, now I only have two results: Why do powershell-v6.0 or powershell-core not show up? ...
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38 votes
0 answers

Review queue showing review alert for users who can't review

I made a mistake in the review queue some days ago and I have to wait two more days to continue helping with the review queues. Fair enough. But this red alert box keeps showing to me, reminding me ...
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11 votes
1 answer

Comment links use the wrong GET arg for the visible tab

See comments on this answer: GeorgeStocker attempted to post this link to one of his other comments:
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12 votes
0 answers

Long words in a question/post don't cooperate well with the Community Bulletin

One of the current Hot Meta Posts has a title with a long word, which causes an overflow: Interestingly enough, that title appears with a word break in the Linked section of this very question: ...
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19 votes
0 answers

UI doesn't update when you pick a new badge

(I am reusing a screenshot from another thread as mine is gone now.) I just got the enthusiast badge and then when I picked my next one by clicking the "track the next one", this UI doesn't update: ...
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11 votes
0 answers

Allow users to see their own acceptance rate

Back in the days when Stack Overflow used to display a user's acceptance rate, I used to use it for only one purpose. Finding my own questions which I haven't accepted yet. I used to pride myself on ...
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40 votes
5 answers

Fix or remove the useless 'I have a question about my Stack Overflow post' template feature

At some point in the past, a feature was introduced that points SO users to MSO when they have a question about their post. You can recognise them by the following text: I have a question about my ...
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50 votes
0 answers

Add a 256x256 icon to support top sites in Firefox

Currently, Firefox shows only a screenshot of the Stack Overflow page, if it's added to the top sites in the Firefox start page (in contrast to HN). Can this be fixed? It's really easy to do so and ...
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125 votes
2 answers

Usernames that consist solely of Zalgo text can't be clicked when associated with a post

I stumbled over a user whose username looks like this: For the sake of reproducibility, it's observable on this question. (The username has since been cleared.) Comments work fine, but it breaks ...
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10 votes
0 answers

Could tag badges be made trackable in the badges tab at profile page?

Can we add the tag badges, eg to our "track the next badge as well"? I know it's technically possible to track it, if you choose not to track your next privillege: but it would be nice, if we could ...
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68 votes
1 answer

How did this user earn the Suffrage badge (use 30 votes in a day) twice?

I always thought that Suffrage (use 30 votes in a day) is a one-time badge, until I saw this user earned it twice. He got two in the same day with a 5 minute gap. Is this a bug? I thought in backend ...
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85 votes
0 answers

Can the "edited" information always be kept to the left of the post owner's information?

tl;dr: Could the "edited" information be kept to the left of the post owner information (instead of reflowing to be above it) until it's too narrow to fit? If not, could the 32x32 px div for the ...
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64 votes
0 answers

Stack Overflow should add a "Skip to content" button for Accessibility

Many websites include a skip to content button which is activated when the Tab key is pressed for the (usually) first time, like in Google: Or GitHub: Why: The goal of this button is to provide non-...
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37 votes
0 answers

Hiding the left navigation is making the question page grid too small

I don't like changes so I decided to hide the new shiny left navigation and to keep the good old design with 2 columns instead of 3. After hiding the left navigation I noticed that the main Q&A ...
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19 votes
2 answers

Can we show a message that voting on meta is different for new users?

I know that voting on meta is different (Can we talk about the voting culture here on Meta?). But many new users, including me in the past, don't know it. I have seen that many meta questions of new ...
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127 votes
0 answers

Could: "Possible duplicate of.." be given prominence for answering users?

Scenario: User 1 asks a question User 2 votes to close as duplicate User 3 ignores the comment/dupe link and answers Other than the link in the comments, users that answer are not directed in any ...
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10 votes
2 answers

We should set syntax highlighting to Python by default for the `tensorflow`, `tensorboard`, and `keras` tags

The vast majority of code shown under the tensorflow, tensorboard, and keras tags is Python; the most commonly-used API for these libraries. It would be helpful if we could add automatic Python syntax ...
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75 votes
0 answers

New navbar accessibility issues

Two bugs, really. Originally a comment on the announcement post: Bug #1: tabindex="1" ...
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64 votes
1 answer

Show tag excerpt when editing tags on a question

I frequently edit questions by new users in my regular tag perl. When it's about the question text I do not look at all the tags before editing. But while I'm at it, I also want to make sure the ...
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155 votes
1 answer

Collapsible Code Markup

Background When answering questions on SO I generally like to ensure that my code is runnable by including sample data, so someone can copy, paste, and run it, seeing exactly what I'd proposed. ...
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203 votes
3 answers

Please allow me to delete my own accepted answer

Twice in the past week I have had to flag my own answer on Stack Overflow to get a moderator's assistance, because I wanted to delete my own answer and couldn't because it had been accepted. This ...
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168 votes
15 answers

Impose a 24 hour voting freeze on questions being discussed on Meta

The "Meta Effect" is well known. Not a week goes by where a valid question is asked on Meta, and Meta users flock to Stack Overflow to upvote or downvote that question. It's even getting to the point ...
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