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For issues regarding the help center of Stack Overflow

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MCVExit redux: I don't need a milkshake to know when I've missed the mark

A week ago, I had an idea: change a URL with thousands of outstanding uses and try to replace an awkward initialism with... Another awkward made-up word. ...Ok, that was... not a great idea. ...
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2 answers

Why aren't we told we can use special characters in search?

Until today, I wasn't aware of the ability to search for code with special symbols within our normal search. It's actually easy: Instead of #include, search for code:#include. (There appear to be some ...
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137 votes
2 answers

"What to do when someone answers" - Don't be a chameleon, don't be a vandal

There are some people who react... poorly... when their question is answered. Some definitions: Chameleon questions are those questions that just keep on changing, to cover more than the problem you ...
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132 votes
2 answers

"How do I ask a good question" page needs explicit statement "Don't repost your questions"

At the moment, part of the closed question notice You can edit the question or post a new one links to the How do I ask a good question page as requested in “You can edit the question or post a new ...
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Can we downvote "down-vote" and "up-vote" in the Help Center?

tl;dr: The terms "down-vote" and "up-vote" don't read as naturally as "downvote" and "upvote" respectively – the hyphenated versions are also used far less frequently. Can we eliminate the usage of "...
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2 answers

Can we please get the "How to create an MCVE" help page updated, to state that a link to a GitHub project is generally NOT an acceptable MCVE?

I'm seeing more and more questions where the asker posts an excerpt of code, that by itself is not runnable, with a link to a GitHub repo and... that's it. (In some of the more egregious examples, ...
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102 votes
2 answers

What if I see someone, like Nick Craver, doing something bad?

... like messing up the Help Center? What if I see someone doing something bad? I have a log file being written by another process which I want to watch for changes. Each time a change occurrs I'd ...
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98 votes
3 answers

Show examples of good and bad questions

Stack Overflow's rules have grown very complex and often counter-intuitive over the years. That doesn't mean they don't exist for a reason, but grokking SO's culture can be really tough even for ...
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1 answer

Add "I'm new, please tell me how to do X" to the don't-ask help page

From time to time there are questions which follow the scheme: I have 0 experience in language X. How to solve task Y in that language? Today I stumbled upon such a question again. I close-voted it ...
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1 answer

Can we have an official statement regarding greetings, salutations etc. please?

I've participated once in a discussion regarding removing greetings, salutations and thanks from SO posts here. Another discussion took place on Meta here. Both accepted answers and their votes seem ...
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79 votes
0 answers

Misleading advice in "contact us" page for users with review privileges (500+ rep)

Note: the below is relevant for users with 500+ reputation, who have review icon instead of help center icon in the top bar. In the Help Center contact form (which is now made less reachable with the ...
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78 votes
1 answer

Remove "How to Ask Questions in Private Beta" from the Help Center

During my regular perusal of Stack Overflow's Help Center*, I was surprised to see detailed instructions on "How to Ask Questions in Private Beta": This is confusing for two reasons: Stack Overflow ...
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76 votes
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Include reputation required to vote in 'Why is voting important' help page

New to SO and learning about the mechanics of how the site works. I was looking into voting and read the page Why is voting important? and came across the line: Every user with sufficient ...
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76 votes
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Add fragment identifiers to MCVE page sections for easy linking

Sometimes, when I link to the MCVE page, I want to highlight one specific aspect using a fragment identifier. For instance, a question be minimal and complete, but not verifiable. It would be nice to ...
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74 votes
1 answer

Change old link icon Change the old icon to the new SVG icon used in the editor nowadays.
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4 answers

Let's improve the How to Ask page(s)

First things first, I don't think there should be 2 how to ask pages - that's downright confusing. The one users see when asking their first question also has hopelessly too little information. And ...
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70 votes
9 answers

Feedback and suggestions for editable section of Help Center

I've recently noticed that moderators are now able to edit a section below the Help Center's search box on the landing page. For reference, two other sites that are using this section as well are ...
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1 answer

Updating screenshot under "How do I place a bounty?"

There is an old screenshot under the description of "How do I place a bounty?" in set bounties privileges help center. While the UI is updated to this:
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65 votes
1 answer

Use the same phrase in all badge descriptions for minimum score

When I am looking on the badge page in the help center, I can see numerous (but similar) ways of describing the minimum bar for a post: "Nice question": Question score of 10 or more "Explainer": ......
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64 votes
3 answers

Does the recent blog post on being less hostile contradict "How to Answer"'s advice on not answering bad questions?

Closely related: Is the How to Answer article's section on only answering well-asked questions advice or site policy? Also related: Is a comment telling someone not to answer constructive? The ...
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64 votes
3 answers

Add "What types of questions should I avoid answering?" to the Help Center

I'm of the opinion that much of the problem we have on Stack Overflow with off-topic/poor questions is due to the abundance of quick answers to these questions. My proposal is to add some sort of "...
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62 votes
1 answer

Add an "Answering Questions" Section to the Tour

Background to This Request I recently answered a question for a new user, who then replied to my answer with another "answer" instead of using the comments. I was a bit surprised by this because he/...
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60 votes
1 answer

MCVE shortcut link in chat

Many of the shortcut links to help topics work in chat, including [ask], [answer], [main], and [meta]. This is a very useful feature. However, [mcve] does not work. Can we get the [mcve] shortcut in ...
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58 votes
1 answer

Badges in the "Vote Up" privilege page in the help center are images

At the bottom of the Privileges > Vote Up page on the Help Center, there is a list of badges one can get through voting: They look blurry because they are images in the HTML, e.g. the Supporter ...
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57 votes
1 answer

Update '' links in the Tour page, Help Center and other places to HTTPS

Currently there are two links to and one link to in the Tour page. They should be changed to https of course, because there is a 301 redirect ...
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57 votes
1 answer

Update Help Center to include the mighty Mjölnir

The Why are some questions marked as duplicate? topic in the help center states: It takes 5 close votes to reach the closing threshold. But of course, this is not strictly true and may lead ...
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1 answer

Make how-to-ask more prominent

The "How do I ask a good question?" page (or "The absolute minimum every software developer should know about asking others for help (no excuses!)") is pretty well hidden. When not currently asking ...
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Add anchors to enable direct linking to detailed reason on "What topics can I ask about here?" page and others [duplicate]

When reviewing and helping new users to ask better questions reviewers refer to "how to" pages How do I ask a good question? What topics can I ask about here? in comments to asker. To provide ...
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Emphasize searching for existing answers in the Site Tour

I recently used the community support forum for Mint and really liked their three-second introduction: The very first instruction presented to new users was to make an attempt to search for an ...
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Could we update the link to the supported prettify language codes?

I've hit this for a few times and it's quite misleading. If you go to the Markdown help, there's this quote; please follow the link (which I made bold in this quote): You can use either one of the ...
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Code formatting article in help center is confusing

Prompted by Does inline code span require HTML escaping?, I took a look at /help/formatting. While it's mostly accurate, there is a fair amount of ambiguous terminology and subtle inaccuracies. I've ...
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53 votes
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Link the question-ban meta FAQ on the question-ban help page

After a discussion with a question-banned user I realized that the comprehensive question-ban meta FAQ doesn't seem to be linked from the question-ban help page. The user told me that they are only ...
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53 votes
0 answers

Add rationale to "comment everywhere"-privilege in help center

Please read before marking as duplicate I experienced the same frustration (with not being able to comment under 50 rep) as a lot of other people. The help page on this only mentions that it's a ...
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1 answer

Can we tweak the Roomba help article so it shows up in the Help search?

The Roomba is the cozy name for the automatic script that removes low scoring questions that are left unattended. The Roomba has its own page in the Help center here. However, if you try to search in ...
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53 votes
3 answers

Rewriting the official editing help explanation

I think we should be revisiting the official Markdown Editing Help document. I think it's rather impenetrable for people unfamiliar with Markdown. It's terse and sports unnecessarily confusing in-...
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52 votes
1 answer

Why are the editor keyboard shortcuts not documented?

When I click the (?) button at the right of the editor toolbar, I get to see help pages, and nowhere are the keyboard shortcut listed. Is there is reason for doing so? For example, I discovered Ctrl+...
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51 votes
6 answers

Why does the Help center seem to indicate "Me too!" is a valid answer?

I guess I didn't read the Help Center well enough, because I never noticed this part before: Have the same problem? Still no answer to the question, and you have the same problem? Help us find ...
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50 votes
2 answers

Should "me too" posts with additional research details be considered partial answers?

There have been numerous discussions over the years on the acceptability of partial answers: Year Q&A Theme 2010 Should I answer the question with just a partial solution? General acceptability ...
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49 votes
0 answers

Update Help Center page about login credentials

The instructions and images on page titled How do I add or remove login credentials from my account? are inaccurate after the introduction of new profile pages. Link "My Logins" is one of ...
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47 votes
3 answers

Is it tools used ... "Commonly By Programmers" or "Primarily For Programming"?

The Help Center states under What topics can I ask about here?: The Close Reasons states under Off-topic because...: Notice different words are used. The first uses primarily used for programming, ...
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46 votes
1 answer

MCVE page should mention Stack Snippets

Currently the Stack Overflow MCVE page doesn't mention Stack Snippets. It really, really should, e.g. as a new paragraph just under the initial set of bullet points: If your question is about HTML, ...
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45 votes
2 answers

Is asking the community to find (not recommend) an off-site resource allowed?

Up until about a year and a half ago, one of our standard close reasons was: Questions asking us to recommend or find a book, tool, software library, tutorial or other off-site resource are off-topic ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Typo on the MCVE page

Just a small thing, but there is inconsistency in the dash width on the MCVE page: For those who can't see the minuscule difference (it's the hyphen after "Verifiable"). Who can fix this, and ...
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44 votes
1 answer

Remove obsolete page describing "reactions" from Help Center

The Stack Overflow Help Center still contains a page about "reactions": These were being tested from June 17, 2020 through July 17, 2020 (one month). ...
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43 votes
4 answers

Could we add a tag-specific MRE page?

Update Based on all the comments and on Shepmaster's answer, I think perhaps it would be better to have an MRE Guideline page (that might include templates) instead of a MRE template page for each tag....
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43 votes
2 answers

Is the "Here's how it works:" part in the Help Center a possible source of confusion to new users?

TL;DR The fact that not every question is welcome here is an important information. Shouldn't this be emphasized a bit more in the top part of the Help Center, instead of just saying that "Anybody ...
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43 votes
0 answers

False (old?) information in Close-Privilege description

Today I've been awarded with the "Cast close and reopen votes" Privilege (3000 Reputation). So I read through the description of said privilege and saw the following bulletpoints, formally ...
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43 votes
2 answers

Can "barely more than a link to an external site" be reworded to include links to other answers?

The Why and how are some answers deleted? help page states that one reason answers are deleted is because they contain: barely more than a link to an external site A few minutes ago a low-rep user ...
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41 votes
3 answers

Questions about licensing

Are questions about software licensing off-topic for Stack Overflow? I read this before and I assume it is true but which sentence/paragraph from Help Center or which answer from meta can be cited to ...
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41 votes
3 answers

Is Stack Overflow's scope supposed to be strictly disjoint from that of other Stack Exchange sites?

A few days ago, this SO question was put on hold for being out of scope. The comment given that justified the decision was: This question appears to be off-topic because it is about improving ...
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