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Serial voting is the act of serially (repeatedly) up or downvoting another user's posts over a (usually short) period of time. If you feel someone has serially voted you: wait 24 hours to see if it's automatically reversed. If it's not auto-reversed, then raise an "in need of moderator intervention" flag and explain. Posting on meta about a specific case of someone serially voting is rarely productive, as non-moderators can't do anything about it.

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How can a voting correction reach -6060 points?

Yesterday, a vote correction was applied to my account, and I don't understand how a vote correction could reach -6060 points. Does it mean only one person votes for me (without serial voting)? The ...
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Explain why "voting corrected" may only include one vote in the Help Center article

Today I asked question Serial Voting Bug? which was correctly closed as a duplicate of -10 Serial voting was reversed. I consider myself a guy who reads documentation before asking a question. ...
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Unusual Voting Correction: -2033 Reputation Points

Recently, my account experienced a significant voting correction of -2033 reputation points, which could also be a mistake given its unusual magnitude. It stands out from the typical reputation drops ...
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Serial voting was reversed - downvoting and flagging [duplicate]

I ran through a list answers made by someone only answering questions with ChatGPT, and voted them down while reporting them I was given back a -1 I "pay" for voting down, and I realised ...
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Voting reversal for smaller tags with few answerers

Today I received a Voting reversal and after investigating using the reputation-history API, I found that almost all of the votes were for the algolia tag, which only had a couple of active answerers, ...
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-10 Serial voting was reversed

First, let me say that I'm not concerned about losing 10 points and I'm not asking that this be reversed: Should I be concerned about reversal statements on my profile? No, not at all. It's only an ...
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Double charged for serial voting - What do I do?

So I had a user that upvoted a bunch of my answers for gratitude. I understand that these points needs to be reversed, since it doesn't look like the user actually paid attention of the content in ...
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Pretty big "serial voting was reversed" hit. Why did it take a long time to occur?

I've had votes reversed in the past, no big deal, but it was always a few here or there. I understand that it happens. It's never ever happened like this though. Is this a case where some user has, ...
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What should / can / may I do when losing reputation points due to serial voting? [duplicate]

I went through these posts (top five): Is this serial up-voting? Is a serial voter notified when serial voting is reversed if voting didn't cost reputation? Voting reversal Serial voting: ...
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Looks like someone is abusing the votes, should I care?

I'm looking at the newest question and I see quite a few questions in a row all upvoted but some have just 3 views which is very rare to get upvoted within a minute. And when I look at the actual ...
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Serial voting reversal displayed in reputation graph

I've looked for existing questions along this line, but the only one I've found is this Stack Exchange Meta post, which seems to be asking a similar question, but is from a decade ago, so I don't know ...
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Does serial voting reversal affect deleted content?

I recently received some serial downvotes that needed to be handled by a CM. While I was waiting for this action I deleted one of the answers that was (I believe) part of the serial downvoting. I'd ...
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Is it OK to point out to a moderator suspected serial downvoting? [duplicate]

A certain user has been downvoting a lot of perfectly good answers. I know this because I've seen their reputation go down point-by-point since yesterday, and I see no downvotes in the rep history. I ...
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14 votes
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"Serial voting reversed" destroyed my rep

I've been steadily gaining rep for several years answering questions on Stack Overflow (mostly ones with the agda tag) and a few weeks ago I started seeing a lot of new upvotes on my old answers (one ...
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Should the "serial voting reversal" script be expanded to consider distributed attacks?

I rarely get downvotes on Stack Overflow (main). But after posting an opinion on meta that some people disagreed with, I got three downvotes on main in quick succession. All the questions/answers were ...
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Is there some kind of special scrutiny near 20k?

I started a few weeks ago to have my questions systematically downvoted (last one was a moment ago). It is quite weird because their quality was maybe never stellar (though I always make efforts to ...
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Is someone trying to get my account banned by botting upvotes? [duplicate]

I have noticed that I get about 8-10 upvotes on my various questions and answers tagged agda, every day for I think more than a week now. Even including this misguided question that was basically just ...
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How to find how many votes I have cast on one user's posts?

Five months ago, I got to know about What is 'Serial voting was reversed'? when my reputation points went down by 382 points citing the reason as 'Serial voting was reversed'. Now, I'm a bit afraid ...
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What should we do when encountering suspicious rep changes? [duplicate]

I stumbled upon this user who mysteriously got all their questions and answers upvoted in a single day: What, if anything, should be done about that?
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I have been serially downvoted and upvoted posts are being deleted

Starting yesterday, my old upvoted posts are rapidly being downvoted and deleted on Stack Overflow, and I am losing reputation a lot. Scripts and bots aren't detecting this. You can see my reputation ...
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Is this serial/targeted/cleanup downvoting or just a coincidence (again)? Or is this a misuse of a sockpuppet?

I asked a question on meta on 02-Jan-2020 which is now deleted by Roomba. Following is the screenshot: At that time (31-Dec-2019), the time difference between the two downvotes was 7 seconds. Today, ...
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I just got 190 reputation points robbed! Could someone explain to me why? [duplicate]

On August 16th, a user that I had helped several times in a row, decided by himself to upvote all my answers, granting me above 200 reputation points in a matter of minutes. I guess (because I don't ...
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Serial downvoting not reversed? [duplicate]

Recently I've gotten downvotes in quick succession (within the same minute) across two days, even including a community wiki self Q&A: And it looks like they've just downvoted my most recent ...
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"Short series" serial downvoting? [duplicate]

With a very short span of time, several of my answers and questions have been downvoted. These questions share a tag - but it's a tag on which I have well over a 100 questions. The questions are not ...
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Strange serial "un"upvote

Today, I have noticed a funny phenomenon as I got a lot of un-upvote in a short time period. I don't really care about the rep I am losing, but I am wondering why it's happening? Is there someone ...
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How can I tell which serial voting episode a reversal is connected to?

A few days ago I had four posts serial-downvoted, which I suspect was a retaliatory action for some of my editing. I flagged it for a mod, who replied to say they agreed it looked like a serial voting,...
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Serial voting reversed, but not all [duplicate]

Yesterday, someone has downvoted me 17 times, just at the end of the UTC day and continued today. The voting was caught by the reversal job at 3 am, but it only caught the votes from today and didn't ...
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What happens to "Reversed Votes" from the Perpetrator's Perspective? [duplicate]

So, let's say "User-A" goes on a rage-fest against "User-B" and downvotes 10 of the latter's answers in a spell of a few minutes. The immediate consequence of this is that User-A will lose 10 ...
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Serial downvoting imperfectly reversed

My small handful of questions on Stack Overflow rarely get any attention at all. It would then seem pretty obvious that when several get downvoted in relatively rapid succession, all of those ...
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If someone keeps downvoting my old answers can I be answer banned?

I have some old answers. For the last two days, I am seeing serial downvoting. No one is giving any comment to explain if there is a problem with the answer, just downvoting. I already read that the ...
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What should I do when I get serial up voting? [duplicate]

Overnight I have found that I've got +125 by someone upvoting almost all the questions I have posted. What should I do now to get SO not to take me to task for vote fraud?
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What can I do if I receive a persistent flood of revenge downvotes through multiple automatic reversals?

After I got a serial downvote, the bot fixed (some of) the downvotes, and I thought all was well, but after 4 hours, a second serial downvote occurs, and the bot has yet to respond, I know I should ...
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Why was my custom flag about serial downvoting declined?

I recently raised a custom moderator flag about the flood of downvotes I am getting recently. While I had raised one before, the downvotes were reversed by the downvoter and replaced by upvotes, so I ...
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What can I do if invalid downvotes weren't reversed after flagging? [duplicate]

On May 3, four of my questions were downvoted within ten seconds of each other. When you add in that all of the questions are at least six months old with no other recent activity and none had been ...
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What is the next step for a user who continuously downvotes me and is being rude to me?

I noticed that a user with who we had a disagreement in the past about when to downvote and when to leave a comment in an answer was downvoting me serially (but not e.g. 5 downvotes in 1 min, so the ...
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Permanent loss of voting corrected [duplicate]

In the wee hours of the morning (UTC time), I received six upvotes in quick succession on six different questions. These are old questions, so this is suspiciously like serial upvoting (see here). ...
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Co-worker keeps upvoting me—what to do?

I have this co-worker that is new to Stack Overflow, and he upvotes me, pretty much agreeing on anything I post, I tried to be nice to him and explained that this could lead an issue to our accounts, ...
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Is a serial voter notified when serial voting is reversed if voting didn't cost reputation?

When user A serial-downvotes user B on answers and the reversal script catches it, both users recieve a reputation change (both positive) and a justification: +10 03:00 reversal Voting ...
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Anti-Cheat system & "New Contributor" - looking at his other posts: Serial Downvote?

I read through Should I be worried about anti-cheating system?. I read/answer mostly Python questions which have a fair influx of new contributors daily. I was happy to see a "New contributor" with ...
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Why Stack Overflow has implemented question ban? It is unfair and I will try to explain why

Recently I tried to post a question and surprise! I had been banned from posting a new question without a warning! Yes it is possible in some "border" cases that I will explain. In the past, I have ...
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Looks like a case of serial upvoting... or something else [duplicate]

I recently discovered a user's reputation tab which looked like the following: (Questions are voted twice, but every time the votes are casted at same time i.e., 15:10 and 15:02) (Answers are voted ...
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Is there a serial voting epidemic happening lately? [duplicate]

I have noticed (just recently) maybe on 2 or 3 separate days (in the last 2 weeks) getting 4 or 5 serial votes, it looks like someone just goes through the last batch of answers and upvotes them ...
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Got 100 reputation in 1 minute. Should I be worried? [duplicate]

Today I got 100 reputation. Looking at the history, it's 10 reputation on eight answers I made, along with 5 reputation on four questions. It looks very odd, almost like one person trying to award ...
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Where is the line on serial voting? [duplicate]

I participate in essentially one single tag on StackOverflow, and will often go through periods of time where I'm looking at new questions as they come in. Recently, I've found myself answering a ...
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My Upvotes on Another's Posts Were Reversed (and Accepts on my Answers Rescinded) Without Notification

Is it possible, and under what circumstances, would a user's votes (on a second user's questions) and a user's accepted answers (accepted by that second user) be revoked/unaccepted as part of a manual ...
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What is the purpose of voting rings?

Inspired by Number of "User was removed" increasing rapidly I would like to simply ask why do people go through the trouble of creating voting rings? What benefit does it bring them? Do ...
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Is voting corrected triggered by another user or a periodic process of Stack Overflow?

Is the voting correcting of Stack Overflow triggered by a voting abuse, for example, another person who's constantly voting in a small period of time (a user targeting another user), or is a ...
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Is it OK to downvote because I don't like a guy/gal? [duplicate]

There is this guy that was rude to me in my questions, so he downvoted my question. And then added a rude comment. So I replied back and back and forth it became a heated argument. So I want to ask is ...
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Unsatisfied with partial serial downvote reversal

I don't understand the rationale behind a partial reversal of serial downvoting of my posts. All of the 7:07 posts were reversed, but the 7:08 was not. For me, this is clearly part of the same abuse....
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First vote of a serial voting situation

Recently a serial voter voted all of my questions, and the votes were reversed before 24 hours. That's where I came across this article. Serial voting could happen for a variety of reasons, such as ...
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