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The XY problem is asking about an attempted solution rather than the actual problem.

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Highly upvoted question asking for a general and a specific solution, where the answers to each are very different

Stack Overflow question How can I reverse a Java 8 stream and generate a decrementing IntStream of values? (previously titled as "Java 8 stream reverse order") states that it is asking both ...
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Add an explanation of the XY problem to the help center

This answer on Stack Exchange Meta would be a good basis for a help center article. It still needs a bit of work; namely I think the example is too long. Questions which are XY problems frequently ...
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Question closed: Was my explanation poor or is it an XY problem?

My question was closed with the reason that it was a duplicate. But, to me, the referenced question is completely different. I agree I can still learn a lot about debugging, but my question was about ...
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How should I handle this question having bounty needs to solve an XY problem? [duplicate]

I proposed two solutions to this bounty question, both of which were negatively taken by the author of the question. At the time of writing the answer, the question itself lacked proper information on ...
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What should I do if the issue I asked about was actually not the actual issue?

I had an issue with my code and decided to ask someone for help. With the help of other users (who wrote valid answers to my original question), I found out the issue was being caused by another, ...
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(How) should one defend against the "dual XY problem" properly when posting a question?

Background From my experience, both when asking my own questions and when finding past questions and answers, a major bane of SO is the infamous so-called "XY problem" - and not technically ...
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Should I post a new question if there is an exact duplicate that has an accepted answer that does not answer the question?

The question I have is, How to get the item count of a CharacterSet in Swift. It was pointed out that it is most likely an example of an "XY Problem," which the OP agreed it was, and has an ...
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Should "xy problem" questions be updated so the question is in line with the accepted solution?

I've seen questions that are handled and resolved as "xy problems". Let's say it's a more subtle case, giving a specific answer to a generic question. The answer gets accepted, while the actual ...
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What is an appropriate response to answers that correctly identified a question author's XY problem when my problem really is X?

The other day I found How do you write the end of a file opened with FILE_FLAG_NO_BUFFERING?, which is a question I had, too. (Mine was slightly different in that I am not using ...
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Add shorthand magic link for XY problem [duplicate]

This is a spritual duplicate of this question but as: I don't think that was originally tagged as a feature-request the most upvoted answer recommends making a NEW question with that tag (which I ...
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How to Handle XY Problems for Off-Topic X [duplicate]

Preface: There are a large suite of questions on meta about handling XY problems; I have looked at this, but never found any that met my criteria. This talks about handling XY Problem questions, but ...
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How to respond to XY problem when Y is an already answered (duplicate) question?

(Removed the post from Meta and posting here on Meta SO instead, as per the response I received on Meta.) The SO question that got me interested in this type of phenomenon. Minor caveat: It's not ...
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Editing Questions and Answers to remove the Y from XY-Questions

There is already a similar question, regarding: I, myself, am the author of an XY-Question Now I came across a similar situation as a reviewer: A question, that was somewhat a XY One answer, that ...
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Is a question on-topic if it's about programming but the problem that needs to be solved isn't?

Are "XY"-type questions on topic if the problem the OP was trying to solve is off-topic for Stack Overflow but the question they're asking is? Example: Bob has a problem with his computer (...
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What should I do when the OP asks the wrong question? [duplicate]

In many questions, the OP isn't asking the right question to solve their problem. Either they're only trying to address a symptom of the actual problem, or they've misdiagnosed the cause of a symptom ...
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Is closing XY problem trollish? [closed]

The meta question: Should I flag questions w/ XY problem? suggest that we do not flag XY problem. Would flagging a question like this with XY problem:
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Should I vote to close a question that has no clear answer?

This is not clear to me at all. Here is an example: trying to do something with CSS that can only be done in PHP. I can't tell you how often questions like these pop up, but I feel at a loss ...
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I've asked an XY question. What should I do with it?

I asked this question today which, based on the comments I now suspect is an XY question. A good solution to X was put to me in the comments which solves my problem, but Y remains largely unresolved. ...
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where does SO stand on answers versus alternatives?

When using the site, the greatest difficulty I have is running into multitudes of responses that try and offer an alternative when what I’m looking for is an answer. I realize that alternatives can ...
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Are "Can I solve problem X with Y" duplicates of "How do I solve problem X"?

While trying to find a solution to a very specific problem I came across this question Does T-SQL have an aggregate function to concatenate strings? and found it strange that it is marked as a ...
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Does pointing out XY problems help poorly-researched questions to the frustration of well-researched questions?

I find that when asking how to do X I spend a lot of time defending why I'm not doing Y. The more research I've put into the question, the harder I have to defend, because the more likely it is that I'...
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A well defined question, but maybe the wrong one

Sometimes there is a well defined question; there's a good answer to it, everyone is happy. But it "smells". The question stands on a weird base or anti-pattern. Maybe the question should be changed ...
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People don't answer questions, they just comment about how the question can be avoided altogether [duplicate]

People don't answer questions, they just comment about how the question can be avoided altogether. This is very frustrating for me as I am an inexperienced programmer and I ask the question to learn ...
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Handling answers to XY problems [duplicate]

The specific question I have a concern with is Optional instance of a class. It's well-established that people who run across a problem often ask about Y rather than X, because they don't understand X ...
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OP asked about problems after using X; the right answer is "use Y instead"; what should I do? [duplicate]

In this question the OP probably uses freopen when the better option would be fopen (or even its C++ counterpart). An answer suggested C++ code that would solve the OP's problem, and it seems good. ...
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What should I do when I want Y and folks make assumptions about X? [duplicate]

Contributors often respond to questions with references to the XY problem - What is the XY problem? ("What's the X that you need Y for?"). That's fine. It's also fine when they add something about it ...
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A car with square wheels

If a question is posed How do I fit this square here on this here car so that it gives a smooth ride? and it comes with all the requisites to be a valid SO question (description, code, error ...
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Should I flag XY problem questions?

I think this question is a classic case of the XY problem. Should it be flagged? If so, how? It is a low quality question or is it unclear?
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