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A recognized issue on Stack Exchange sites in which the first answer posted gets the most reputation; that is, the "fastest gun in the West" wins.

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Etiquette: A Corollary to the Fastest Gun in the West

I apologize for giving the negative definition (under What This Post Is Not) before the positive (under What This Post Is). I do so in order to clarify that this is not a simple reiteration of some ...
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The Fight Against The FGITW and Dupe Ignoring

There have been many questions about solutions to FGITW, or people who answer anything because rep. Over the years.. obviously there's been no to minimum mitigation of this and we all know it's bad. ...
21 votes
1 answer

How many answers are posted to the questions under triage review?

Triage is intended to limit visibility of the questions ("take that, wall of crap"). Wonder how efficient is the current implementation in maintaining that - specifically, how many questions manage ...
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2 answers

Why we should increase minimum time before an answer can be accepted

The current minimum time is 15 minutes. My proposal is the minimum should be increased to 30 minutes. The reasons this limit should be increased are: Accepting an answer discourages more answers. SO ...
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3 answers

How should I deal with claims that my answer is plagiarism of another?

In today's fast-moving world, many answers are provided within seconds and under 5 minutes. This is especially the case for 1-line answers. I've recently come across some aggressive behaviour, albeit ...
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Recurring problem with copy pasting

I've recently asked the question about the situation when some guys copy solutions and code from other developer's answers. And the answer was to downvote and to call a moderator. I've tried to do ...
65 votes
5 answers

Impressions of a newbie to Stack Overflow

This is very much a discussion, and I don't expect that there will be a "right" answer to this. My objective is just to start a conversation that perhaps may improve Stack Overflow, given that I'...
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Undeleting an answer during the first grace-period should refresh the timestamp

A few days ago, I made a topic about Posting jibberish then delete to reserve "first answer" that brought up some interesting opinions on the matter. Please have a look if you are unfamiliar with the ...
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3 answers

How to handle critiques made in comments on my answers?

Today, I answered this question. It seemed like a simple issue, and in an effort to get it done quickly, I submitted an answer with the code and added, "This should be what you're looking for" (see ...
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1 answer

Timing, edits and voting

Sometimes happens that the asker edits the question at the same time as you make an answer. Example. Difference between question have been edited and the answer have been posted is 20 seconds. And ...
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133 votes
12 answers

Remove the incentive for FGITW to answer well known dupes

TL;DR Where a dupe target has n number of duplicates closed against it, if future questions closed to that dupe target are answered, all the rep for those answers is nullified. This way, there is no ...
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96 votes
3 answers

What to do when a high rep user answers a low-quality, off-topic or duplicate question?

I've seen several situations where the OP wants to do something that has a very obvious answer, but the obvious answer is the wrong way of approaching things and has been asked before. Then let's ...
87 votes
8 answers

What can we do about fastest gun in the west answers that dump out garbage, and then plagiarize existing duplicates?

I just had the misfortune of trying to make SO a little better by tidying up this question with my dupehammer. It was a clear duplicate - the OP states that they want the "total of all characters" ...
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101 votes
7 answers

How to deal with unclear questions and their lightning-fast ("fastest gun in the west") answers?

I often come across (initially) low-quality questions, while I have a lot of questions for details, usually leaving them as comments (with the hint to edit, not to comment). Usually I come across ...
-57 votes
1 answer

Proposal for a punishment system for ninja responders

I have observed that there are a lot of ninja responders when a new question was asked by a user. The given answers there are of very poor quality and often very general. The procedure is always the ...
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1 answer

Duplicating existing answers, aka. "loot stealing"

This is unfortunately a common scenario I noticed. There is some question with no correct answers. One user provides slightly different answer (which happen to be correct) and suddenly within couple ...
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157 votes
7 answers

Is it bad practice to post a short answer first and then add details afterwards?

I have the habit of posting quick code-only answers to "simple" questions, and then add details / context later... for example on a question that I stumble upon in a review queue, that can ...
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42 votes
4 answers

Search for questions older than an hour?

The search syntax has some ability to search by date, but is there any finer grained ability to search for questions less than a day old? Typically, I browse through a tag looking for interesting ...
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45 votes
5 answers

Are duplicate answers acceptable? [duplicate]

I happened to notice How to shorten switch case block converting a number to a month name?. Two of the answers are almost exactly the same (except whitespace) and both are nearly identical to the ...
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2 answers

Answers being progressive rewritten until they are right. Is that OK? [duplicate]

I noticed this ethically questionable activity. There is a question, 3-4 mediocre answers pop up (20, 40 and 60 % correct/complete ), I provide an answer too. For the sake of example ..let's say that ...
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59 votes
3 answers

May I change my high-voted incorrect not-accepted answer to say the opposite?

Let's say I answered a question and got a load of upvotes (at least 20) in the first 15 minutes of the question's existence. Right from the beginning, there was a comment that my answer was far-out ...
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59 votes
3 answers

How to explain "instant" answers? Is there a secret queue or notifications for new questions?

Every day I wonder how it is possible that some questions get an answer within the first minute or two? I barely manage to read the question and there is already a notice that an answer has been ...
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159 votes
7 answers

I'm getting really, really tired of filtering through the garbage... any tips?

I've been trying to answer questions as best as I can. I admit, I want the rep, but I always try to make my answers as high-quality as possible. I'm here to try and help people who deserve help, not ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What if two answers with same content are given at almost the same time?

We, teshvenk and I have given the same answer at nearly the same time. Now, teshvenk has much less rep than me and I'm not hot having rep this way... So what to do? My first thought was to delete ...
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1 answer

Placeholder Answers: Will update with answer soon! [duplicate]

I searched around for a previous topic on this issue, but didn't find one. I'm seeing what I believe to be a growing trend among low-rep users who are attempting to answer anything and everything to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is this a case of reputation bias?

I answered a question with some lovely diagrams and a full explanation of the method I took to solve the problem. I was about 2 minutes behind a post that simply posted some fix code and not much else ...
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1 answer

How to educate asker when being beaten by rep hunters

I came across this question today and I knew the answer right away. It was in fact a question on a very basic SQL query (full joins) that most people should pick up in their first few lessons on SQL. ...
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150 votes
15 answers

Why are users answering questions as quickly as possible?

Very often, I read a question and think about an answer. During my thought process I see that new answers pop up very quickly but sometimes they are incomplete or address only part of the question. ...
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Is there a 'Answer in progress' state? Or should there be one?

I am using SO frequently, more as user than contributing, but I see comments like "we just gave the same answer within minutes" very often. Would it not be very useful, if there was a state "n ...
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2 answers

How to deal with people editing their answers to incorporate other answers?

One thing I've noticed on Stack Overflow is that users will often post a first answer to a question falling in to one or more of the following categories: Very limited detail/explanation No mention ...
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43 votes
2 answers

How to choose between multiple correct answers?

I recently asked a fairly simple question on Stack Overflow that received several similar answers. All were correct but some were slightly (very slightly) more informative than others. In this case, ...
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0 answers

Answering questions briefly to be first and then editing to lengthen it [duplicate]

Not that I have an issue with this, on principle, It is helpful to build on your answer and provide more content. However, when I am answering questions and I am building up an answer and come across ...
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Ideal wait time to flag answer as comment [duplicate]

Sometimes when trivial questions are asked, you notice a rush of answers. At the beginning most answers are one line, clearly belonging to the comments section, but if you wait you will see those ...
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21 votes
3 answers

Is it all right to flag very new answer as 'very low quality'?

From time to time I look at new questions where people just 'throw in' near empty answers to be first. These answers sometimes just contain the first line of the real answer or just a single line of ...
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1 answer

wait for 60 secs? What is all this? [duplicate]

I was just answering a question and I tried to be the first one to answer. An error came stating: "Please do that after 60 seconds" And, BoltClock answered first (Arggh!!) What is this? I've never ...
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