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This tag covers topics about the ethical question of "giving or not giving credit" to 3rd parties (users or websites) or "stealing the credit" from users that have contributed to answering or formulating the question.

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How does one report bad actors who copy Stack Overflow content and publish it without attribution in commercial books for sale?

I reported some unethical bad actors in India who copied Stack Overflow Python code content and published it without attribution in commercial books for sale. I received 2 downvotes within 30 minutes....
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Are "quote-only" answers allowed?

Are answers that only include (formatted) citations from other sources allowed on Stack Overflow? For example, can I write that "I found the following explanation from source X to be helpful"...
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34 votes
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What should we do when a question in another SO language-site has a duplicate on the main site?

For example, someone asks a question on that already has a duplicate on the main site, but the OP does not understand English. What should we do here? I think there some ...
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No attribution for tags in teams copied from public Q&A

Stack Overflow for Teams will automatically use the tag excerpt and tag wiki from the public site if there isn't a team-specific tag excerpt/wiki created. For example, here's what rust looks like ...
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If a tag wiki excerpt is quoted from another source, is it acceptable to provide attribution in the tag's wiki content?

When editing tag wikis, the excerpt is limited when compared to the tag's wiki in that: Markdown formatting does not occur, as a result links are not formatted as links, as an example We are limited ...
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What level of attribution is required for "summary" answers?

This is something of a follow-on to Are answers which merely summarize other answers acceptable?. I came across this answer to How can I clear the NuGet package cache using the command line?. Just as ...
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36 votes
7 answers

Is full attribution required when quoting parts of the question in an answer?

I know that using content from Stack Overflow requires attribution. I am also aware that that attribution is required even when quoting other answers on the same page. I came across a post today which ...
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Shouldn't we have a copied content without attribution flag?

I found an answer which is a composite verbatim copy of content found in: and as well as some ...
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2 answers

Is it ok to quote short solutions from GitHub issues *verbatim* as answers?

I found an answer to a Stack Overflow question from a GitHub issue. The solution posted in the issue is short and to the point. Is it ok that I quoted the GitHub comment verbatim and posted it as my ...
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What is the proper procedure to citing a Stack Overflow post in my code? [duplicate]

The Question (TL;DR): I'm making a PyQt program both for fun with my friends, and to put on GitHub to show programming experience for employers/recruiters. I wanted to make the text of a couple of ...
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Pass ownership of an answer to another user

Give credit where credit is due! I recently got an upvote on this answer. There is nothing special about the answer; I just help someone out. However, this answer is largely based on the content of an ...
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11 votes
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What are the rules (or traditions) to deal with an answer when there is an earlier comment?

I asked a question where I laid out my approach to a problem. A comment mentioned that there is a better way, which is true (lack of experience in Go → convoluted solution). I was about to say "...
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Another Stack Overflow Attribution Question [duplicate]

I've just learned about the fact that all content posted on Stack Overflow is listed under a Creative Commons license. There are many questions out there on ALL the forum platforms about this, but ...
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What should we do about answers that post from scraper sites? [duplicate]

I ran across an answer that got their information from a scraper site. I figured it was a scraper site because the answer looked very familiar. Maybe because it's my answer from a different question. ...
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Why was an answer that attributed original authors deleted?

This answer (image for <10k users) was deleted even though the writer of the answer copied and pasted original content to avoid the answer being marked as link only. I thought we are to flag (...
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2 answers

Asker substantially copied my answer into their own, and then accepted their answer

I answered the question Compute 2 subqueries then group by date. Shortly after, the asker posted an answer of their own, which they admits was taken from my answer, and then accepted this copy answer. ...
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Is it OK for an OP to cut and paste an answer to modify his code in the question without acknowledgment [duplicate]

I am referring to this post The questioner had a number of problems he was trying to overcome with his code, the main issue he was having was how to use a regular expression to extract some values ...
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Curious case of copied code

I came upon it by complete accident when looking at some question that asked for validating IP addresses in JavaScript. The following solution was proposed in an answer: function ValidateIPaddress(...
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Is plagiarizing content from SO by SO users not a concern for SO?

NOTE: Question is completely different from the linked one (I am the author of both), and has to do very specifically with the two flags discussed in-text, which were not at all part of the discussion ...
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Is this answer's attribution and quoting OK

I was looking at this answer that seemed excellent, however by following the reference link for more information on the topic, it turns out it's (almost) a copy/paste of part of the MDN article. I ...
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Should a post be flagged if the OP does not remember the code owner and adds the code without attribution?

Should a post be flagged as "plagiarism" if the OP does not remember the original code creator and adds the code to the question without attribution? What should be done?
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How is ShareAlike interpreted in case of Stack Overflow content? [duplicate]

Background Stack Overflow content is under "CC-BY-SA" license. This means that you can: Commercially use and share the content (no NC is applied to license) You can adapt the content to your needs ...
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Did this answer require the OP to disclose affiliation?

I'm referring to this answer, which attracted a bit of attention due to the fact the username was similar to the website in question. The original answer, which was posted by the developer of the ...
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Is lack of attribution not a valid reason to raise a moderator flag?

I asked for a moderator intervention on the following question Type casting in Pyspark after seeing (now removed) comment: I am new to pyspark and i found the above syntax in another question Code ...
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21 votes
3 answers

If I repost an answer merged into a question, do I need to note the attribution guidelines?

I often come across posts where the title has been incorrectly modified to include a home-made [solved] tag. Where this edit has been made, often the solution has been added as an addendum to the ...
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What is required for attribution?

I recently had an answer deleted due to it being "copied without attribution", but I linked back to the original author's profile and to the original question and answer that I pulled code from. I've ...
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Content attribution in the era of Doc.SO's erasure

All user-provided content on SO is given under the terms of the CC-by-SA Creative Commons license. Among other things, this allows copying, but only so long as you provide attribution to the original. ...
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MIT license, did I attribute it correctly inside my answer

As part of an answer today, I took a code originally from John Resig, and implemented some changes for the OP. As this question still uses the code, I kept the MIT license from John in there (as well ...
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How to handle misattribution / putting words into people's mouths in answers

Imagine if someone asked a question about Python, and an answer were to say: "Guido van Rossum would say that this is a case of PPM..." ...and then proceeded to fill their entire post referring to ...
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Is it all right to factor out SO content to private websites?

Recently, an example of a bad will edit that moved content out of SO to a private blog has appeared. However, I believe (and other people agree) that the author of an answer should be free to factor ...
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31 votes
3 answers

Is copying Stack Overflow content to own blog and linking it in an answer appropriate behavior?

In this answer someone has copied the question to his blog and linked the blog there. Is it OK to do it, or should the link be deleted? In the blog there is nothing more than in the answer. And there ...
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Is it allowed to copy from Stack Overflow answers or other resources in Documentation? [closed]

Stack Overflow Documentation is a perfect idea in order to help developers quickly. I have seen that many topics and examples are copied from other Stack Overflow answers. So, is it allowed to copy ...
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31 votes
1 answer

How can I request attribution removal from documentation edit? [closed]

So I made a stupid mistake and on the spur of the moment I edited Hello World example. Now I get annoying +5 rep few times a day even though my edit has been completely obliterated (and it shouldn't ...
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2 answers

Hiding attribution of quoted material

I recently came across a suggested edit which I found questionable. Most of the edit was good, so it was finally approved. However, one part of the post, similar to this: Quoted material from ...
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What do we do with answers that are entirely copied and improperly attributed (only a "reference" link or similar is included)?

I stumbled across a long and in depth answer earlier that thoroughly explained a topic. It seemed quite helpful though oddly verbose for SO, and then I noticed at the bottom there was a reference link....
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Need to report a site copying SO without attribution [duplicate]

Example: is a copy of How do I force bjam in boost to build cleanly and consistently?
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Answering own questions, through the outcome of another answer

I haven't found answer in a pure form on my question, but I'd like to clarify this case for the future use/moderation/"help" section improving. Answering own questions, through the outcome of another ...
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Code stolen by highly upvoted, outdated answer

There is a javascript question: How to prevent form from being submitted?. It has been asked more than five years ago and a lot changed since then. Basically, all the answers recommends using obsolete ...
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Should I give credits to Stack Overflow if 30% of my website basecode comes from it? [duplicate]

I'm always looking answer to my problems on Stack Overflow, should I give credits to it?
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Is there a policy on plagiarism?

I recently saw an answer that was mostly copied from an existing answer to a different question, and thought to myself "ooh I should flag that". But then I considered that this person was just trying ...
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2 answers

Making appropriate use of Stack Overflow answers in OSS

I'm working on an OSS project and often ask questions about how to fix or improve my code. I was wondering to what extent contributions made by Stack Overflow should be recorded. Should answerers ...
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4 answers

Rewrite link-only answer completely with extensive quote reformatting, or just write my own answer?

Every so often (say, about five times a day, and usually in a review queue) I come across a link-only answer that could probably be rewritten to include a direct quote of most or all of the original. ...
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Edit Attribution

I had asked/answered a question some time time ago and I recently noticed an edit that contains attribution to the editor. Looking at the revision log I noticed that a user who I assume approved the ...
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3 answers

What to do with answers taking over yours?

Few weeks ago I was going through my old answers and found out one with score 0 and 25K views, where the accepted one had +40. I gave a solution A and the accepted one gave a solution B, a couple of ...
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Was I wrong to make this edit adding blockquotes to external content?

I recently edited this answer in order to place the bulk of the answer in a block quote, since it was in fact a quote from a Quora post and I didn't feel that was as clear as it could be. (...
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How to handle a copy-and-paste answer from a product's site?

I've come across a question open to third-party tool recommendations, and one of its answers suggests using a specific product. The answer consists of a link to the product page, and a paragraph ...
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How prominent does attribution need to be?

While looking for an answer to a question I had, using this Google search, I found: A StackOverflow question, right at the top of the results; A scraped version of the question and similar questions ...
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Another user merged my code from GitHub into my answer and now my name isn't attached to it

The answer in question is this one: Creating a memory leak with Java In response to lots of people in the comments asking for a code example, I wrote some code in a Gist. The code is about 130 lines ...
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Reported 13 instances of plagiarism by user - was I being a bully, a busybody, or helpful?

Background I found an answer which a user had posted was copied verbatim from elsewhere without attribution. I flagged it for moderator attention, and thought nothing more of it. After some thought, ...
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What to do when my comment has been reposted as an answer by another user?

As a fairly new active user on SO, there is this question that was so simple I answered it in the comment. I didn't want to post my thoughts as an answer as, again, the question was so simple I wasn't ...
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