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Questions tagged [plagiarism]

For questions about plagiarism, the act of copying someone else's work, thoughts, and ideas, without giving credit to the original author.

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Can I flag suspected AI-generated posts as "Plagiarized content"?

I found a post that I suspect to be generated by ChatGPT or another LLM service. The available guidance about what to do in such cases suggests to raise an "In need of moderator intervention"...
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Can we get some automated filtering of answers that are entirely plagiarized from code of other answers to the same question?

On a bit of a whim I've spent some time on and off during the past couple of weeks looking through the New Answers to Old Questions feed, and I have noticed a recurring pattern of plagiarism. A few ...
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Why was this answer flagged as plagiarism despite proper attribution? [duplicate]

Someone recently posted an answer to my question on Stack Overflow. For those with less than 10K reputation, here is an image of the answer. The answer included a quote from a GitHub issue, and I ...
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What can I do when I found a website plagiarized content from SO without attribution? [duplicate]

I stumbled across this link when I was trying to find a solution to a problem I had about magic number error. I read it, and then decided I needed more information, so I continued my research and ...
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Why was my answer deleted without engaging me? [duplicate]

I'm a bit puzzled as to why my answer to a SE questions was deleted without further comment. There is just a laconic "One reason it's not useful is because the majority (if not the whole thing) ...
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38 votes
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What's going on with Articles on Microsoft Azure Collective?

Recently, multiple articles per day are getting posted to Microsoft Azure Collective. Based on that publishing rate, I got a little suspicious, so started looking at a couple of them and it seems that ...
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Plagiarism flags on deleted posts cannot be retracted

I have flagged a duplicated answer as plagiarism which later got deleted. Since the user does not seem to be a serial plagiarizer, I don't think my flag serves any purpose anymore. Hence, I wanted to ...
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Tried to flag as plagiarism, hit invisible character limit. Tried again, was told to not recommend unclear questions for migration

Two things I noticed when trying to flag something as plagiarism: The second text box has an invisible 500 character limit. There's no warning that I was approaching a limit, nor that I passed it. ...
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Flag declined for plagiarized content. Why?

I flagged this answer in this state revision 1 for plagiarized content from this answer, but my flag was declined with this reason: Declined - yes, it's copied, but the poster said "The code ...
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56 votes
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Plagiarism flags should not be automatically cleared when the post is self-deleted

As it currently stands, plagiarism flags get automatically cleared by the Community bot when the post — I assume — gets deleted. This means that self-deletions silently make these flags go away even ...
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1 answer

Could be an irrelevant modification of answer be flagged as a plagiarized answer in the same question?

So I've found this answer: and following, in the same question, this one: that only makes an irrelevant ...
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48 votes
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It appears that reports about plagiarized content cannot contain the word "duplicate"

Just now I stumbled upon an answer that had a highly upvoted comment accusing it of plagiarism (from another answer on a different question), from many years ago. I checked out the claim and it was ...
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-35 votes
2 answers

Restoration of posts

I am raising the question as I have ran out of option to flag the post for moderator intervention. Recently, I have found that my popular post have been deleted due to Posting content from Oracle ...
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196 votes
7 answers

Plagiarism flag and moderator tooling has launched to Stack Overflow!

We're excited to share that we've launched a new suite of tools to help users and moderators on Stack Overflow handle plagiarized questions, answers, and articles. We've been working on this in ...
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3 answers

Shouldn't users be citing ChatGPT?

I know this sounds counterintuitive, who would out themselves? We are all aware of the Temporary policy: ChatGPT is banned. However, this post has to do with the plagiarism aspect of using ChatGPT. ...
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2 answers

How to reference material written by others - clarification

I stumbled upon this from help center which seems problematic to me and I would like to clarify if I got it right. The page says: Do not copy the complete text of sources; instead, use their words ...
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27 votes
4 answers

Why was my answer deleted for plagiarism, despite mentioning the source?

My answer was deleted by a mod for plagiarism. Why? It mentioned the source clearly ("code from gns-ank"). Answer: Since Matplotlib isn't able to use the metric system natively, if you want ...
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15 votes
1 answer

Copying your own, attributed blog content

I've just stumbled across a post where the OP linked to their own blog with attribution, but all contents within the answer have been copied from said blog, without additional information added. ...
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Why did a moderator immediately delete answers with "insufficient attribution" instead of commenting and waiting for edits?

Earlier yesterday a moderator deleted a bunch of my answers due to no attribution of sources or "insufficient attribution". I understand that I did something wrong, but I don't see why they ...
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1 answer

Mods apparently could not see my deleted comment when reviewing my flag-- why?

I recently flagged an answer in which the answerer took the contents of my comment- which provided additional context to their answer- and pasted it verbatim at the top of their answer. My comment on ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How to handle a suggested edit that adds link to source

I was checking the Suggested edit review queue and came across a now-deleted suggested edit (screenshot) to this answer with the edit summary "Add source link. (I googled it and guess this is the ...
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28 votes
3 answers

Should I flag one of the 2 answers of this question as plagiarism?

I came across this question and 2 answers to the question in one of my review queues. Notice that they ...
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76 votes
3 answers

First Answers Review Suspension because of plagiarized answers

IMHO, it is quite difficult to do First Answers reviews on a daily basis without getting suspended after a few days. For sure, not all of my reviews were correct and some of the failures and ...
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1 answer

Any recourse for answers put in commercial publication without credit?

Several weeks ago I was reading through a commercial publication (a book) on a niche platform and noticed it contained, verbatim, a long form answer I posted to a question on Stack Overflow. Skimming ...
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-16 votes
2 answers

Were there options other than deleting this answer?

This answer, with 251 votes and a ton of useful discussion, was deleted because it contained a table lifted from someone's blog without attribution. That was naughty, but the content and discussion ...
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3 answers

Half the articles in collectives are exactly copied elsewhere

Further to my earlier post about a⁠—now deleted⁠—plagiarised collectives article, there are a number of articles which are exact duplicates of articles posted elsewhere. They all appear to have been ...
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Plagiarised collectives article

The Google Cloud Collective's Machine Learning Fundamentals article is a copy-paste of an article posted elsewhere in 2018, with a few paragraphs removed. You can see the diff here. I did have a quick ...
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Are reviewers expected to research for internet-wide plagiarism in the First Answers review queue?

I just failed the following audit and was thus suspended from reviewing. A comment from a mod taught me that the seemingly innocent answer was copied without attribution from this off-SO origin. I don'...
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Questioning plagiarism from outer source review audit

Recently, I failed an audit that was plagiarised from an external source. I agree that this is pure plagiarism and should not be accepted. As I was reviewing, I noticed the high view count and '...
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12 votes
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Adding attribution to other people's posts

Background: I recently flagged a question whose text was copied from another site. The flag was declined: declined - So what? I added an attribution link, which you could have done yourself. My ...
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1 answer

What is the true intention in the "How to reference material written by others" article in the Help Centre?

As the article is quite small, I'm going to quote the entire article, and add numbering to specific wording: How to reference material written by others Plagiarism - posting the work of others with ...
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83 votes
3 answers

Declined flag on plagiarised answer which copied a comment in verbatim without attribution

I came across an answer some days ago which was an exact copy of a comment on another answer to the same question (screenshot). After downvoting the answer, I flagged it for moderator intervention ...
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50 votes
4 answers

Can I use a comment to ask why an answer is being upvoted?

Regarding the following question: What should be the type of the state using react and typescript? Screenshot of answers The first answer, that also has been accepted has a score of -1 and was posted ...
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Copied answers: plagiarism check before uploading an answer and credit to the original answerer [duplicate]

There have been instances where I have come across a couple of answers that have been exactly copied from another user's answer including code, to similar type of question. I don't think there is ...
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Is this Plagiarism? Should I do something? [duplicate]

I was looking to solve a problem and this SO answer addresses it in a very detailed and peculiar way. By chance I found (what to me seems) the very same answer set in this site. There is no mention ...
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Is affiliated with Stack Overflow? [duplicate] is a French website that uses Google Translate or some other machine translation platform to translate the whole of Stack Overflow. It pollutes search results badly for French users, ...
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How should I handle copy/paste from another SE site? [duplicate]

I asked a question and got an answer. While browsing comments, I found out that the answer is an exact copy/paste of another answer, from another SE site (Super User) - without any credit. I commented ...
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25 votes
3 answers

Plagiarised answer not being deleted [duplicate]

This answer: Is a verbatim copy of this other answer in a duplicate: It was since edited but the copy can ...
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Post incorrect answer first, copy correct solution from another answer later, get bounty!

This morning I came across a bountied question. It only had one answer, and the answer was wrong, so I downvoted it and left a comment explaining why it was wrong (it would have messed OP's files). ...
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1 answer

Is a plagiarism audit justified?

Today I faced the following audit: The question itself is one of the most popular Python question and the reply quickly summarizes what in fact a ...
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1 answer

When should answers consisting entirely of cited, copied content be flagged? [duplicate]

The Help Center article on How to reference material written by others says Do not copy the complete text of external sources; instead, use their words and ideas to support your own. And always give ...
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1 answer

Post deleted as Copy-pasta by a moderator

This post was deleted with the justification Copy-pasta with no original work from linked page. I flagged it with moderator intervention with the reason This was closed with the justification "...
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34 votes
1 answer

Should one skip or flag if they suspect either plagiarism or audit question?

Background So, I was evaluating a ‘First Answer’ on SO. The answer looked acceptable (rather good, in fact). But when I checked the link to the post and I noticed that the post had an identical answer ...
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Is it OK to expand someone else's answer from an old question?

So here I was, a new user hoping to help Stack Overflow, started my way on answering some minimalistic questions. I got into this question on C: How to make an output function similar to Python's ...
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23 votes
3 answers

Why has this plagiarism flag been declined? [duplicate]

I have flagged this answer to contain plagiarism content from my own answer. Now I am curious to know, why the flag has been declined by a moderator ("found no evidence to support it"). Post ...
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How to flag external plagiarism [duplicate]

I have seen the questions and answers relating to plagiarism but they all address answers on SO that have been plagiarized from external sites. But I have not found any information about the reverse, ...
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Why was this "copy/paste" answer undeleted?

I flagged the following answer as it was a simple copy/paste of another one and it was logically deleted. Now after a nonsense edit it was undeleted. Why? The edit is a kind of joke to me and confirms ...
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How to avoid revenge downvotes? [duplicate]

I really don't know if this is the right place to ask this question, but I really don't know where else to ask this, so here goes - So I've just started programming, and to dive in deeper, I've ...
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Why doesn't the system detect user copying other answers?

It's again me complaining about copy/paste after this one: Why doesn't the system prevent repeating the "exact" same question?. This time it's about users simply copying existing answers....
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5 votes
1 answer

Flag for possible plagiarism of own answer declined due to conflict of interest

A while ago I posted an answer to this thread, which the OP shortly after accepted. In the meanwhile, a third user had already commented independently corroborating my suggested corrective action. ...
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