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Metric used to work out if an answer is sub-par and needs "attention". Not publicly detailed or gutted. (Copied from

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Is there an option to let other users review my answer? [duplicate]

This question came from the following use case: I post a question on Stack Overflow Sometime later (with the question still unanswered), I find the solution to my problem and post an answer myself. ...
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Badge or bounty to encourage questions and answers with good quality (pass an exam)

Is it possible to consider a mandatory badge/bounty for newly joined contributors? The badge/bounty is earned by taking a training and passing an exam; a new contributor can post questions or answers ...
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Should answers that are "completely off base" (i.e. the writer simply misread the question) just be deleted? How should we moderate them? [duplicate]

Some questions are inherently very confusing and difficult. Here for example is an answer where the answerer missed the point (thinking it was something to do with how to enter a color as floats, ...
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Outdated answers: up next, changes to sorting menu

Over the last year, we have been chipping away at the problem of Outdated Answers, highly upvoted answers that may no longer be the best solution to a problem. I wanted to let you know what we're ...
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Outdated Answers: accepted answer is now unpinned on Stack Overflow

Last week, as part of our Outdated Answers project, we ran a test on Stack Overflow to see what would happen if we stopped pinning the accepted answer to the top of the list of answers. As expected, ...
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Outdated Answers: unpinning the accepted answer A/B test

Update (2021-09-08): The experiment ran 2021-09-02 through 2021-09-08. We permanently unpinned the accepted answer 2021-09-08. As we mentioned two weeks ago, tomorrow we are shipping a test on Stack ...
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Outdated Answers: results from flagging exercise and next steps

As part of our Outdated Answers initiative, we shipped a temporary data-collection exercise in May. Unfortunately, the results were inconclusive and didn't lead to any big aha moments. After I briefly ...
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How bad does any answer need to be to warrant flagging under the outdated answer project?

I'm feeling some hesitation on flagging an accepted answer on the basis of either "Newer, more efficient" or "poses a risk", and would like to have further elaboration on the ...
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Outdated Accepted Answers: flagging exercise has begun

As I mentioned last month, the next step in the Outdated Answers initiative is an exercise for flagging outdated answers. Starting May 13, you may see temporary prompts on Stack Overflow that ask if ...
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Outdated Answers: results from use-case survey

In February, we announced an initiative to address outdated answers on Stack Overflow. Here's an update on what we've done since then and what we're working on now. TL;DR: We are still conducting ...
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What would be appropriate metrics to measure how well we are dealing with ageing content?

That last meta post about the outdated answers project got me thinking. It mostly deals with identifying outdated content as well as what possibly can be done about it (including unpinning accepted ...
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Survey questions for outdated answers

Update: Thank you MSO for the responses. We've incorporated your feedback into the proposed questions and the site satisfaction survey is now live for March 2021. We are kicking off a project to ...
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Introducing Outdated Answers project

In our blog post last month on our Community & Public Platform strategy & roadmap for Q1 2021, we announced an initiative to address outdated answers on Stack Overflow. Today, I'll give you ...
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3 answers

Is an opinion or assumption-based answer eligible for being "Not an answer" (NAA)?

I recently came across a couple of answers which rather almost entirely consist of assumptions or opinions than are based upon facts. Often answered to off-topic questions like seeking for ...
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Users doing Google first-level customer support

I have a slight issue with the behavior of a few users here. I won't link to them specifically, but they all have (or had) the same "About me" in their profile which says (or used to say): ...
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A way to identify a future popular question

After around three years contributing on SO I have noticed the following for many of the old questions I have answered: They are popular with a big number of views and votes. They didn't even cross ...
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What makes this a bad answer?

This morning I answered a question, addressing a user's code error and explained the ramifications of their syntax (backed up with further reading) and code/output examples. This afternoon I found ...
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Is there a list of usual comments? [duplicate]

Is there any official list of useful and formal comments that can be used for frequent cases (e.g., this question/answer is ___ because ___, or, welcome to SO ...etc), if there isn't an official one, ...
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Duplicates With Different Answers

In my professional career there have been countless times that I've dealt with the issue, can I reinterpret_cast an XMFLOAT3, or a similar struct, to a float* and treat it like an array of 3 floats. ...
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On moderation, moderators, quality, value, and alienation

A few days ago I came across a question from Dec 2017, asking: I am getting this error "Unknown host '' You may need to adjust the proxy settings in Gradle" in android studio 3....
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Should I answer with link or code? [duplicate]

Today I answered with both believing that I was being helpful to the person answering the question. In the first question, there was an awful amount of code and the question was about flexbox. I found ...
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Answer review: Is my answer up to quality standards?

Why I ask: I recently started answering questions after a long time of just editing posts to grow my reputation points. What I want to know: What I would like to know is if my answer meets quality ...
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Should I answer a question when I found a solution that might not be the best?

Question: Assuming that I found a question, and the owner of it has no idea about a specific question with clear description and few lines of codes. After a while, I got a feasible solution but I was ...
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What about bad new answers to old questions? [duplicate]

I have recently consulted a question found here on Stack Overflow. Most of the answers were from years ago, from people with a considerable reputation here, and they were of good quality, diverse ...
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Review Queue for code style?

Sometimes there are questions with answers that are answered and actually work. The problem with a lot of them is a bad code style. Use case: User A Creates a question to something TypeScript-related....
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5 answers

Is "very short answer" an answer or comment?

In "Review|First Posts" today I came across this post link This looks like a valid answer to me. And I am going to choose "No ...
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Should I rely on votes and acceptance to verify my answer if I'm not entirely sure of it?

Acceptance of answers and votes serve as a form of peer-review on SO. You could expect incorrect answers to receive downvotes and sink to the bottom, while answers that prove useful should gather ...
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Do we encourage nonsense questions?

There's no way around it: this question is stupid would, if it had been posted years ago, have gotten closed as "not a real question." It shows two code snippets and asks whether the one that does ...
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Should the answer be the simplest ever possible, even at the expense of quality/security?

The poor PHP tag is still suffering from a lot of questions caused by the most basic syntax issues. One of such questions is constructing an SQL query dynamically, when the OP simply forgetting/...
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What to do about "here my solution to coding competition in another language"?

I came across this question that asks why some java code fails some online coding competition. It was solved; and the question even protected later on; but still it has like 30 answers by now, ...
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Is there a norm that old accepted answers should not be downvoted or criticized?

I recently ran across an accepted answer that, while correct for the specific details of the problem given by the OP, was somewhat misleading without those details. (That is, if you only read the ...
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Is a simple suggestion to do something apparently unrelated, with no explanation, a high quality answer? [duplicate]

I was reviewing the first posts queue and a very short answer came up as an audit: Just added two factor authentication to Apple ID and It worked. Don't know how it's related but it worked for me. ...
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How to handle multiple duplicate and low quality answers on popular questions?

Popular questions often have a lot of answers. Rarely each of these answers presents a good, unique solution to the problem (also, that could indicate that the question is too broad). In most cases ...
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How to handle critiques made in comments on my answers?

Today, I answered this question. It seemed like a simple issue, and in an effort to get it done quickly, I submitted an answer with the code and added, "This should be what you're looking for" (see ...
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Does the quality of an answer depend on votes if it is marked as the correct answer?

I wrote an answer on Stack Overflow that had a -2 score in all (as I'm not sure about the total number of up-votes and down-votes) but it was marked as the correct answer. We all know that low quality ...
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How to handle unwarranted downvotes

TL;DR is there any way to handle unjustified downvotes to quality answers, other than deleting and reposting a more elaborate answer? I have a question which I answered to the best of my ability. ...
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What to do when there are multiple answers with only code and zero explanation? [duplicate]

This is the question I'm talking about: Change a variable when button is clicked. There are only a couple of answers that have some explanation on the code they provided; the rest are simply "here's ...
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What to do with questions that have terrible answers that don't answer the question posed? [duplicate]

I came across this question and out of all the answers I don't think I found one answer that actually provided a solution to the question posed by the user. There were possible solutions posted by ...
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What can I do with this noisy answers? [duplicate]

More than 6 years ago (in a galaxy far far away) someone asked this question How to get the month name in C#? which get 4 quite good answers within 5 minutes. Then, last year (2015), 4 users (3 with 1 ...
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2 answers

How much explanation is "good"? Am I "overdoing" it?

Yesterday I answered this question, with a broader, step-by-step logical reasoning as the answer. While I personally believe my answer would be helpful for the OP (and also other people who'll come ...
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7 answers

To curate or to not curate - questions about code-only answers

There's ample evidence of previous discussions about Code-Only answers, which all reach the (reluctant?) consensus of code-only answers being acceptable (as in shouldn't be deleted), but up for ...
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What can we do about fastest gun in the west answers that dump out garbage, and then plagiarize existing duplicates?

I just had the misfortune of trying to make SO a little better by tidying up this question with my dupehammer. It was a clear duplicate - the OP states that they want the "total of all characters" ...
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Proposal for a punishment system for ninja responders

I have observed that there are a lot of ninja responders when a new question was asked by a user. The given answers there are of very poor quality and often very general. The procedure is always the ...
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Do we want single, complete answers?

Today I needed to find the version of a JAR file and I came across the question How to check the version of a JAR file I found what I needed (thanks for that) and I actually needed three answers to ...
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3 answers

Should posting answers on an old, already-answered, and inactive question be discouraged? [duplicate]

I have a question on Stack Overflow (How does one remove an image in Docker?) which I asked over two years ago, and which was answered in a timely manner by a few people (timely meaning fast ...
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Isn't it better to be as specific as possible when asking design questions?

I lurk design-patterns and see a lot of questions of the type "Is this a good design?" and then there's an abstraction of the problem using ClassA/ClassB/Foo/Bar/etc. or animal classes Dog/Cat/etc. ...
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Implement a vote-based warning system for potentially dangerous answers

A while back after running into a pretty scary and incredibly insecure answer, I started to think about the inadequacy involved in notifying others. Then, after reading the post, Mod seems to have ...
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2 answers

My declined flag was eventually implemented

I flagged this question as potentially needing to be protected. It was declined. Three weeks later, the question was protected. It's clear that the question was protected due to a surge in popularity ...
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Was this not sufficiently explained enough to deserved a down vote? [closed]

I answered a question by a new user which was a relatively simple answer on a simple question. This question is just an example; it was what got me thinking "At what point does the explanation stop ...
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How to balance personal style vs. language correctness

This edit suggestion walks an interesting line: As I understand, the editor suggests to make the relations in the answer text better ...