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This tag is for questions specific to upvotes, the community's way of telling peers that their content was clear and helpful. Upvotes on the Meta sites may have different meanings.

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Why does accepting answers not automatically upvote them? [duplicate]

I've seen this a lot on my own answers, where they have been accepted but received 0 upvotes. Is there a reason why this is possible, and not just automatically upvoted on accept? On the other hand, ...
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Why do my questions often get upvoted while my answers get downvoted?

I'm an average Stack Overflow user. I ask some questions and I get some upvotes. I also thought about answering other people's questions. I don't know why, but I get downvoted every time I do that. ...
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How should I deal with an incorrect answer that is accepted and has massive upvotes? [duplicate]

I'm looking at the question How can I do a FULL OUTER JOIN in MySQL? that has an accepted answer that is incorrect and that has been upvoted 832 times, at least. I did my work: I downvoted it and ...
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Looks like someone is abusing the votes, should I care?

I'm looking at the newest question and I see quite a few questions in a row all upvoted but some have just 3 views which is very rare to get upvoted within a minute. And when I look at the actual ...
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Upvoting a comment on a deleted Article throws an error about deleted answers

First tested on this deleted article: Upvoting a comment on a deleted article throws an error about deleted answers. Admittedly, this isn't something people (those who know how to use the site) will ...
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What is the course of action to take when a question asks for upvotes? [duplicate]

I edited a question today, and wound up editing this out because there were other problems with the post at the same time. But essentially there was a sort of "header-signature" at the top ...
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A post so nice, I upvoted it twice (actually, 10 times)!

I upvoted an answer, but I guess the server was slow because it didn't process right away. So I reloaded the page (and at that very moment for a fleeting second I saw a red banner saying the upvote ...
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Why doesn't Stack Overflow meta sort the answers by votes like in the main site?

The main site, sometime ago, changed the rules to sort the answers by upvotes, and not show the accepted one on top. Why wasn't this also implemented on meta? Example (at the time of publishing).
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Auto +1 question and answer on copy of code block?

There are a lot of good answers that don't really get the number of upvotes they should. People often come in, copy some code, and leave. Chances are, if they're copying code from an answer, it was ...
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Does Stack Overflow have checks in place to prevent people from 'gaming' the badge system? [closed]

For example, the electorate badge has the following requirement: Vote on 600 questions and 25% or more of total votes are on questions Is there any reason (besides ethics and wasting time, arguably) ...
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Why is this question not moderated, even though it doesn't follow site guidelines? [duplicate]

I’ve found a question that has many upvotes but it doesn’t fit Stack Overflow guidelines, so why hasn’t it been moderated? How do you disable browser autocomplete on web form field / input tags? The ...
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Vague edit and unupvote, is this something common? [duplicate]

I am fairly new to Stack Overflow (Less than a year) and today I saw this in the reputation change: When I opened the question, it got a little weird. I saw it was edited almost after 10 days since ...
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Add a new filter to see the answers I upvoted previously

Edit Oct 2021: I made an extension to solve the problem, Stack Overflow Upvoted Filter. It often happens that: I have an issue or a "how to do X" question (I might have had that issue ...
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The highest voted questions do not have research effort; this is a bad role model for new users [duplicate]

Many top-voted questions with hundreds of votes do not have any research effort: How to manually send HTTP POST requests from Firefox or Chrome browser? How do I undo the most recent local commits in ...
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Could answer copy detection be included in the up-vote score for each answer?

An idea came to mind today, inspired by the recent April fools of having a limited amount of copy's available to an end-user. I would assume in general that far more people would copy and paste the ...
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How to find how many votes I have cast on one user's posts?

Five months ago, I got to know about What is 'Serial voting was reversed'? when my reputation points went down by 382 points citing the reason as 'Serial voting was reversed'. Now, I'm a bit afraid ...
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Inability to remove upvote considered harmful [duplicate]

I sometimes do a flurry of research, and find what looks like a very helpful question and answer somewhere in the Stack Overflow metaverse. I upvote them. Later, hours or days later, I may discover ...
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Why do you gain more reputation from upvotes than you lose from downvotes? [duplicate]

Why, when your post is downvoted, do you lose 4 reputation, compared to when it was upvoted, where you gain 10? This would mean you could have 0 score on your question/answer, but have gained 12 ...
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Sorting answers by votes dates

Is there some mechanism that sort answers depending on the date the upvotes were given? Most of the time an answer that got 500 upvotes this year is better than one that got 1000 upvotes ten years ago....
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Why was this question about coefficients in Big O notation upvoted instead of being closed?

I saw that this question had received many upvotes and was not closed: Why do we ignore co-efficients in Big O notation? I was confused by this, because it seems to me that the question is not about ...
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Is it unethical to offer vote trades? [duplicate]

Recently, I provided a helpful comment on an answer. After adding its information to their answer, the author replied with a comment asking if I'd mind upvoting the answer (which I'd already done) and ...
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Do I have to worry about how many times I upvote a particular user's posts so that a fraud algorithm doesn't intervene? [duplicate]

From time to time I get to know new users who have great questions or great answers in their profile. Usually I upvote great contributions. However, I read about chain upvoting and fear that upvotes ...
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Is it OK to leave a comment asking for upvotes? [duplicate]

If lots of other people seem to have the same question, is it OK to ask for those people to upvote my question? The reason I ask is because I was looking at this comment (comment now deleted by a ...
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Will the answerer know they were voted up while I have less than 15 reputation points?

I want to say 'thank you' for the answers that I have found very helpful. But when I push the 'Vote' button I receive the message: "Thanks for the feedback! Votes cast by those with less than 15 ...
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Show warning if accepted answer is heavily outvoted by subsequent answers [closed]

The feature request "Please unpin the accepted answer from the top" has a lot of upvotes, but is status-declined. Nevertheless, the problem of bad, wrong, or outdated accepted answers being ...
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How to report bulk upvotes? [duplicate]

Lately I frequently see questions from a particular user, which are obviously connected to each other and a part of one project, which is pretty normal. I do take my time to answer, as I always do, ...
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Why do old questions with one line have thousands of votes? [duplicate]

Take this question from '08 as an example. The question is a one-liner. Does it deserve 12145 votes? P.S. I know this post is kind of a one-liner, but I'm not saying they don't deserve the votes, I'm ...
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Is it correct to upvote an answer which I also accepted? [duplicate]

If a question I asks receives an answer which solved my problem, I should mark that as accepted. Should I also upvote the answer though? Will upvoting and accepting an answer give the answerer 25 ...
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Do we need better safeguards for deleting answers with "enough" upvotes?

An answer with 17 upvotes has been deleted, apparently because it was a link-only answer. See Answer deleted for which I wanted to award a bounty for context. Still, the answer is very helpful, also ...
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Why are the most frequent questions on the Scheme tag so lowly rated?

If we look at the Scheme tag and order the questions by frequency, we see many in the top 30 with a number of upvotes in the single digits, despite many of its highest voted questions having triple-...
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I've noticed strange votes for a specific user posts [duplicate]

I've noticed some very strange upvotes for a specific user. One or more users are upvoting this user's answers. I know that maybe this is a coincidence, but there is a huge chance that this person is ...
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Chain upvoting / downvoting / flagging posts of a user? (Not revenge / grace voting.)

This answer to the question: Is it okay to look for good posts to upvote after downvoting a post states that: Votes should be on content, not on users. Do not go to the user's profile page to look ...
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Why were many of my answers upvoted in a short time?

I don't want to complain, but today 22 of my answers received an upvote in a short amount of time (less than an hour), gaining me 200 reputation and a bronze badge for hitting the daily reputation ...
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Does SO upvote answers when you apply to jobs?

I have a feeling my answers get upvoted when I apply to jobs presented to me by Stack Overflow. I imagine SO is incentivized to up-vote my answers so my profile looks more appealing to potential ...
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Strange serial "un"upvote

Today, I have noticed a funny phenomenon as I got a lot of un-upvote in a short time period. I don't really care about the rep I am losing, but I am wondering why it's happening? Is there someone ...
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When should I react (say thanks) to an answer and when should I upvote it? [closed]

Well, I'm posting this as a question instead of an answer to Feature test: Thank you reaction or Data validation & background for the Thank You Reaction feature test because it's going to be asked ...
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There should be a way to show OP has upvoted the answer [duplicate]

I really don't know about you people. Sometimes when I upvote, I upvote an answer for the sake of that I have read/seen the answer as well as to show my appreciation since they've spent their time. I ...
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Can I have more time to retract up- or downvotes? [duplicate]

Often I take time to reevaluate the input I have given into stackoverflow. The stackoverflow content improves iteratively. Regarding up and downvotes, I would like to have more time to retract them ...
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Why do people mark questions as favorites when they haven't even upvoted them?

I've recently asked a question which, within a few days, has garnered 1 upvote, but was marked as favorite by two people. This post is not about that question, though, it's about the logic behind ...
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Search Q or A's I've upvoted

I rarely mark questions as favorites and I lost my 'search history' in my browser, so finding gems is a bit trickier than one would like. My question is how can I search for posts I've upvoted? ...
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No time shown until I can undo my vote for an answer [duplicate]

I accidentally up-voted an answer, I want to undo my vote. you last voted on this answer 1 hour ago. Your vote is now locked in unless this answer is edited. Why the answer has to be edited so I ...
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Accuracy of "Voting Fraud" detection

I recently flagged a suspicious voting pattern and I was right since my flag was helpful and the user got deleted. I have also noticed a bunch of "User Removed" on my profile (7 to be precise) and I ...
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Inside the mind of those who upvote "low quality" posts

This is a bit of a follow on from a previous question of mine: Are answers to (very) poor quality questions a good idea?. Something I see on a pretty regular basis is upvotes of what I deem to be ...
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Question vs Answer Reputation Points [duplicate]

Is it fair to have the same reputation points on the upvotes for a question and an answer, I find it very unfair to have the same amount of points, Because when you ask a question you get both [answer ...
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Why does this answer have upvotes even though it doesn't solve the problem asked? [duplicate]

The answer in context. The error (as mentioned in the question) clearly indicates that a push will be rejected (until it's a force push).
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Vote up privilege for new users on their own questions

A minimum of 15 reputation is required to upvote. Shouldn't users with less rep be allowed to upvote answers on their own questions?
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Information If Upvote On Answer Is From OP

I'd like to propose that if an answer is posted and then upvoted by the original poster (instead of accepting the answer), then the information on who upvoted be provided either only to the user who ...
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Is there a way to know my "total" reputation before "Rewarding the Question Askers" change was applied?

I read this SO Meta post and this blog post today. I do not monitor my reputation so closely. I do not remember what was my reputation yesterday before "Rewarding the Question Askers" change was ...
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53 answers

Upvotes on questions will now be worth the same as upvotes on answers

Those of you who suffer from banner blindness may not have noticed the announcement: Stack Overflow is changing the reputation scoring system to make the reputation earned from upvotes on questions ...
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What was the context of the decision to lower the value of upvotes to a question?

In the blog post We’re Rewarding the Question Askers it is stated that: Here’s the history: When Stack Overflow launched in 2007, we gave equal points to upvotes on answers and questions. Three ...
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