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Use this tag for questions about the Low quality answers review queue ( and how to review in it.

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What is the correct action to take when encountering spam in the Low Quality Answer review queue, once you've flagged it for spam?

I know the correct course of action on the answer itself is to go to the question post and flag the answer as spam (since you cannot flag from the LQA view). However, what action should we take on the ...
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Should this zero-score, not NAA, deleted answer be used as a Low quality answers audit?

I came across a Low quality answers audit yesterday on this answer to Biopython: Local alignment between DNA sequences doesn't find optimal alignment yesterday - screenshot for users with < 10k ...
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14 votes
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Duplicate answers in Low Quality Answers: (Re-)Flag or Delete?

A couple of months ago, a moderator reminded me not to use the NAA flag for duplicate answers (thank you): helpful - This is an answer. A "Not an Answer" flag is inappropriate. It may be a ...
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Why is "other action" a "failure of audit" for deleted answers?

I've failed an audit by downvoting an answer that was deleted previously (of course it didn't display as such in the audit itself) and proceeding with "Other action" for this answer: https://...
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9 votes
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Make it possible to view the review answer on the same page as other answers in answer queues

Quite often, I leave a comment on new answers if they add nothing to existing answers. Sometimes I also downvote because of this. I also think this is a quite important thing to do when reviewing. But ...
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