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Edits within this magical land of revision are not shown as edits. It is like the poster just did it right the first time.

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New breed of spam?

I just noticed a new-to-me tactic for spammers on this question (probably gone by the time I post this). It seemed to be originally a LQ question, then within seconds of me asking for clarification/...
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Should I be worried about a declined rude/abusive flag because the answer was edited within the grace period?

I have flagged an answer as rude/abusive, because it was really rude at the time I saw it. It was something like You are so stupid, if you can't figure out yourself. The answer was edited during the ...
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Will an edit during the grace period update the original creation timestamp?

Every now and then it happens that two users answer almost at the same time and the answer also is almost identical. This happened just to my answer. When I was answering there of course was no ...
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What exactly are the rules of the "grace period" regarding answering a question that has been closed? [duplicate]

More than few times already, I start typing an answer to a question that gets closed in the meantime. I get the yellow notification and the "post answer" button is disabled. When I later come back to ...
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Inconsistent reminder for bounty grace period and expirations

I recently started a bounty on this question by me. Due to personal circumstances I wasn't able to grant the bounty last week. I received a reminder via mail that the bounty will be auto closed after ...
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Is it possible for a question to be changed without any indication of an edit?

Going through the review queue for first posts, I have stumbled upon an unusual (for me) case. A question has two answers, both of which explain about a typo in the code. However, such code does not ...
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Make self-rollbacks trigger "edit removed during grace period"

If you edit a post and then manually perform an inverse edit within 5 minutes, they get merged into a "null edit" with an "edit removed during grace period" message. On the other hand, if you edit a ...
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Very inappropriate titled question edited and avoided moderator intervention

Question: Why is rspec calling two controller actions at once? The original question had a title that included very inappropriate and racist terms - the -4 on it is indication of the reaction it got. ...
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How should I deal with claims that my answer is plagiarism of another?

In today's fast-moving world, many answers are provided within seconds and under 5 minutes. This is especially the case for 1-line answers. I've recently come across some aggressive behaviour, albeit ...
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Recurring problem with copy pasting

I've recently asked the question about the situation when some guys copy solutions and code from other developer's answers. And the answer was to downvote and to call a moderator. I've tried to do ...
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Revision history shows changes in an edit that I did not make

I'm not sure if this is a bug or something I'm just not understanding properly. I recently made an edit to a post to inline an image, and improve the grammar (see the 2nd revision). There was some ...
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Dupe-hammer: Remove grace period for posting an answer

When you close a question as duplicate with the gold-badge dupehammer, there's a grace period in which users can still answer said question. For obvious duplicates, (familiar questions, well-known ...
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Undeleting an answer during the first grace-period should refresh the timestamp

A few days ago, I made a topic about Posting jibberish then delete to reserve "first answer" that brought up some interesting opinions on the matter. Please have a look if you are unfamiliar with the ...
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Posted a question with already existed title after immediate edit [duplicate]

I posted a question here. At first I couldn't add a question with the system check with the title: "fastlane command not found" because a question with similar title already exists here. So I added ...
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Closure should end the grace period for edits

As explained by Shog9: comments only end the grace period if they're visible when the next revision is submitted. But as stated by Braiam: That... was unexpected, since the closing alters the ...
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Does the dupe-hammer break the grace period?

Today I hammered a question, the initial version of which was It took me a minute to find the appropriate duplicate and close it. After 5 more minutes the OP pinged me and requested me to reopen ...
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Unable to reverse downvote after answer undeleted

I noticed something rather strange just now, specifically with this answer. Originally, the answerer (which doesn't show in the edit history, as it happened rather quickly after posting) had misread ...
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Unawarded but ended bounty prevents closure

There's a question that is a duplicate of an older one with fitting answers. However, the question had a bounty so I couldn't close it - that's expected, so I decided to wait until it was awarded or ...
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What does "this comment kills the grace period" mean?

So I encountered this comment during an audit: This is spam and this comment kills the grace period. The question was obvious spam, and the word "spam" was in the link in plain sight. What does ...
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Prevent third-party edits during the grace period

I recently posted an answer containing a code example. Immediately after posting, I realized that the code could be improved and simplified with a little refactoring. I hastened to write and test the ...
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How I can manually award bounty to non-own answer? I don't see this link

I started bounty to not my question 7 days ago and the question still has not answers. Now I have a grace period for this bounty. My question: How I can award this bounty to answer on other question?...
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Edits which only change the edit summary should be accepted during grace period

There is a five minute grace period after an edit where all edits from the same user are merged into one. Technically, you're still editing the "edit" that you previously submitted. In doing so, even ...
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Allow flags to interrupt edit grace periods

We sometimes see spam tests and very different users post questions or answers consisting of garbage unreadable content (think "asdfasdf", among other trivialities). These posts are quickly caught by ...
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Remove an edit (remove a commit and not rollback)

I wanted to edit one answer, but it turns out I had several tabs opened, and I didn't realize what I was doing until it was too late, and I edited the wrong answer from another page. Now the ...
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How does vote locking work?

I often get the message "You last voted X minutes ago. You're vote is now locked unless the Post is edited." Or something similar. When and how do votes get "locked"? Is it after a certain amount ...
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Did 'Edit Grace' period just fail on me? [duplicate]

I am aware that if you edit your answer after 5 minutes then the answer shows the edit history. I am also aware of the reasons mentioned in the thread Was the 5 minute edit grace period removed? ...
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Why did two edits 37 seconds apart not get treated as one? [duplicate]

I just made a pair of edits at I was surprised that I had to re-enter a reason, and then the review history shows that they were treated as ...
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It looks like my edit was merged with an edit by the question asker

If you look at revision 2 of this question, it looks as if I added a whole bunch of code to the question. I just tweaked the formatting at the top and removed a tag from the title. I definitely didn't ...
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Why did my edit become two edits? [duplicate]

I edited a question and saved it, and within less than two minutes, I edited and saved it again. I thought that edits within five minutes are conflated as one edit. However, the edits became separate ...
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Was the 5 minute edit grace period removed?

I just answered a question at 2015-03-23 13:02:50Z, and then edited it at 2015-03-23 13:07:03Z. This edit was made within the 5 minute grace-period (4 minutes and 13 seconds after the question was ...
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Can reviewers view edits made within the 5-minute grace period? [closed]

I answered this question, and a user commented that the syntax of the provided code was incorrect: I corrected it within the five minute grace period, and consequently flagged the comment as [...
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Why do we have an edit grace period?

As I see it the purpose of the "grace period" (the period of time when you may edit your question/answer without said edit showing up in the reivision history) is to either: Reduce the clutter in the ...
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Edit to question (within the 5 minute window) doesn't unlock downvote [duplicate]

I downvoted a question based on its bad title (it's fixed now), OP fixed it and commented saying "Edited, is it good now?", I wanted to remove the downvote but I couldn't - I got the tooltip saying my ...
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Vote still locked after post was edited in grace period [duplicate]

Well, the title says everything: Votes are locked in even though they happend before the post was edited in the grace period. This happened to me on this answer: At 13:42, the answer was posted At ...
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retracting an upvote no longer works [duplicate]

I up-voted an answer and later decided that I decided to retract the upvote. It seemed that this was possible in the past, but today this was not allowed. Has the policy on upvote retraction been ...
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I need more grace period before awarding a bounty

I have posted my first bounty and had two answers the last day. The bounty is off and I have only 24 hours to award an answer. The problem is I need more time to be able to test the proposed solution, ...
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A diamond moderator deleted my answer. Why?

This mod deleted my answer. Was this warranted? The only reason I can see is that the post was closed as a duplicate, but I've never seen (good) answers deleted just because the question was closed. ...
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Grace period edit revision

I answered a question and same time some other person answered same question. That answer was wrong and I down-voted it. Then I saw the other person edit his answer and OP has accepted his answer. ...
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Should Vote Lock time-limit be Extended?

I'm sure everyone had the experience where they up/down vote a answer/question and some event happens in which you would like to remove or change your vote. But the grace period is not very long, ...
40 votes
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What is the best way to remove locked anonymous down vote?

Sometimes I cast down votes to certain answers with low quality contents, without a comment which describes it, and i believe that this kind of votes are called as anonymous down votes. Now in this ...
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Cannot change vote even though the post has been edited

I know there is a rule on SO where you cannot change your vote after a specific period of time (I forget how long exactly, 5, 10, or 15 mins). However, you can change it if an edit has been made after ...
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Under what circumstances are edits merged together? [duplicate]

I made an edit to an answer I posted, and then noticed that the edit introduced a minor typo that would stop the code from working, so I did another edit that fixed the typo (deleting one character). ...
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Answering questions briefly to be first and then editing to lengthen it [duplicate]

Not that I have an issue with this, on principle, It is helpful to build on your answer and provide more content. However, when I am answering questions and I am building up an answer and come across ...
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Ideal wait time to flag answer as comment [duplicate]

Sometimes when trivial questions are asked, you notice a rush of answers. At the beginning most answers are one line, clearly belonging to the comments section, but if you wait you will see those ...
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Is it all right to flag very new answer as 'very low quality'?

From time to time I look at new questions where people just 'throw in' near empty answers to be first. These answers sometimes just contain the first line of the real answer or just a single line of ...
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