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Sorry, I'm not going to divulge what the system can and can't catch. I hope you understand why we wouldn't want to do that. Yes, there were more accounts involved here, and there were more than 7. You just happened to have answered a few posts from this network. Sorry you lost some reputation!


Although I can't speak for what's "inside the mind" of those who upvote and/or answer such questions, I can be reasonably confident that at least some of the upvotes are from the same folks who post answers. This, I can understand (though I don't condone it). They are simply trying to add impact/visibility to their answer by adding same to the question. ...


Is it fair Depends on your point of view. Lots of things in life are fair for some individual, some not. to have the same reputation points on the up votes for a question and an answer. Depends on what you optimize for. If the game designer feels a good answer needs to be rewarded more then a question they turn on the reputation knobs. That line of ...

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