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Actually its is bugging me to.. I see why its done this way, but there so much other ways to make it dark on dark mode without having the same color as background. There are enough colors to pick. Make it an other shade of gray or a dark shade of orange or blue or violet Its a flaw in my opinion Here some examples:


Hate to disappoint, but no superpowers for you, seems like the question does have the delphi tag: The only requirement for dupe-hammering is that the post which you are voting to close has a tag which you have a gold badge in. It doesn't matter what tags the target question has. From the original MSE post introducing the dupe hammer: You can instantly ...


Companies have the option to target their job listing to a specific geographical area. We determine that based on your IP address. If we detect that your physical location is outside the targeted area, the jobs are hidden from search results and advertising.

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