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If a user self-deletes a comment and wants it published again, they can just re-post it. Deleting and undeleting a comment would particularly interact badly with comment flags, making taking care of comments that need deletion harder Also, mess with the comment thread flow All without gaining anything in exchange.


I don't think this feature adds anything of value. In general, your comments should be tailored to the specific situation, and it should be clear what you're trying to communicate. While one can be clear with a comment that says just "yes", or "no", for example, I don't think there's anything lost by not being able to communicate that. In ...


If you don't have the time or desire to review 500 lines of code, don't. But I imagine that someone else out there will "do the job" of the OP or OP's colleagues, and answer the question. There are several reasons to do someone else's job: Boredom Exercise/Challenge Curiosity If enough people see the question, one of them may have the motivation ...


I closed the question. The code in question is 518 lines. I mainly code in Go, but I have written several whole programs that are smaller than that. So in essence, OP could be asking us to debug their whole program. Except in the minority of cases, that is not acceptable. The code has almost certainly run afoul of:


I'm no SME on C - even if I dink around a bit with it and C++ in what used to be called "spare time" - but if this were a language I was familiar with, and a circumstance that I was familiar with, I'd look for these telltale signs in the question. Is it comprehensively answerable? Is there a single answer here or explanation (and yes, ...


First, I wouldn't automatically assume from looking at the answer that you agree with the comments. Secondly: ...this is a place where developers can constructively discuss things, upon disagreement. Stack Overflow is still primarily a Q&A site rather than a discussion forum. Third: if your comments add substantial information beyond what's included in ...

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