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Where are comment flags reviewed?

A small percentage of comments are deleted entirely by the community, either with a single flag when the comment contains certain phrases or by having enough flags cast on the comment. There's no way ...
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Where are comment flags reviewed?

To my knowledge, that is a diamond-mod only system (I would very much hesitate to call it a "queue" in the traditional "queue" sense). Normal users don't review it or participate ...
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Allow commenting on deleted answers

No, let's not allow that. If answers are deleted from review the comments posted by the community bot are still there. What type of answers would benefit from this then? Are we really deleting that ...
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Rule proposal: comments asking for accepts and votes shall no longer be allowed

From the update to the question ... moderators will delete them if seen or ... Don't do that. You would act directly against the expressed will of the meta community as documented here. This is in ...
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