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You can write this in a comment: ``\`` and it will appear as a code-formatted backslash. I thought it required three backticks each side, but apparently two is the minimum.


Let's call the donation "pay a coffee", I like the term. I believe this is a dangerous path. Once the author of an answer is able to "request a coffee", it won't be long before users ask for functionality that allows them to ask the OP to "pay a coffee" if the OP wants to receive an answer from them. Once this happens most ...


Moderators do not police the technical accuracy or appropriateness of comments. If it looks like the comment is relevant—and these clearly do—then the comments will be preserved, rather than deleted. The site's "off topic" rules don't apply to comments per se. (And even if they did, I don't see any way in which those comments would fall afoul of ...

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