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Our criteria for human deletion are as follows (emphasis added): For questions, a post that no longer adds anything to the site should be deleted. Basically, this includes most closed questions that cannot be improved and reopened. However, it may be beneficial to keep duplicates to aid future users in finding the canonical question, as different people ...


Depending on the search results (Stack Overflow vs Google vs Bing), we can always reverse the duplicate. In general we want the question that is easiest to find to be the canonical question; with caveats. From a question about which question should be canonical and which should be marked as a duplicate: The canonical question should: Have the ...


The only reason we keep duplicate questions is for acting as search magnets. It seems that the question you mentioned fulfills this purpose. No further action is required. You can ignore the answers to duplicate questions and directly click what follows after "This question already has an answer here:". There, hopefully, you will get good answers.


We don't need this information in multiple places. Just like SO was make to have a one-stop place for programming answers, our questions should do the same thing. Having a canonical post of how to generate a range of integers should be something we have. We shouldn't have it spread out in multiple Q&A's for multiple different versions of the language.


I think that the question is a good dupetarget, as it asks "What exactly is the use of spread syntax?" and thats exactly the same question all the others had. Yet, the answers only briefly cover that point. I'll raise a bounty on the question, so that this dupetarget becomes more useful.


Per this Meta Stack Exchange post: The rules are: There has to be a tag on the post currently in which you have a gold badge You can't have been the first person to add that tag to the post (or have participated in adding it the first time) Since the tag was present in the current revision at the time you closed, and you weren't the first ...


No bug here as far as I can tell. The question was originally tagged with php tag, so you didn't really add the tag.


Yes - if an answer-post on different question solve your problem (even if it a different question but the explanation is the same) you should mark it as duplicate and you shouldn't delete it. Consider other user encounter the same problem as yours. They will search and find your question and not the other one as the question is different - but they still ...

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