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Can my C++ question be undeleted & reopened?

My question was an attempt to understand how to read a std::optional variable value using member functions, and what the use of emplace() is. But these are two questions, not the one! Because of that,...
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When will the 2024 survey results be released?

We are currently wrapping up the work necessary for launch and plan to release results very shortly. We look forward to sharing this year's results with you, and thank you so much for your patience.
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Is it okay to ask questions about specific APIs with explanation?

To summarize the comments and the SO-help-center, ask yourself: Is my question programmatical in nature? Is my question specific? Will my question lead to an objective answer? If you can answer ...
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Strange -200 "voting reversed", -426 "voting corrected" yesterday - a glitch?

As @VLAZ points out, this seems to be a manifestation of this bug: Why do reputation changes listed in the "Time" view on the profile page view show large values? and after I reload the page ...
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How to handle Staging Ground comments that are helpful to answering the question

This is not what Staging Ground is made for. The objective is not to try to find an answer, but only try to have a nice question before posting it. So, this comment seems partially off-topic/not ...
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How do I submit my Staging Ground question for re-evaluation?

In order to submit your question for Re-evaluation and get it published, you must submit an edit to your proposed question that addresses the feedback that the reviewer mentioned in a comment. It is ...
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Table containing array/list errors as "code that is not properly formatted as code"

Well, array/list representations are code so they should be formatted as such. Using backticks is not a workaround, it is exactly what you are supposed to do. |product_id|unique_node_values| |---------...
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Can someone post a question on staging-ground while question banned?

No, they cannot. It was requested a few times (I was an advocate to allow it), such as in the Private Teams and in response to the announcement the SG was returning. In response to that answer Slate ...
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Bounty awarded to the wrong answer

Either the user who awarded the bounty made a mistake or they awarded the bounty to the other answer on purpose. Anyway, once the bounty is awarded, there is nothing anyone can do to change that. The ...
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Bounty awarded to the wrong answer

The bounty was manually awarded to that answer, which is within the prerogative of the bounty setter to do, whether or not the answer is right or better or worse than any other answer. There really ...
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Is it possible to access deleted questions?

As of 2024, you can view all your personal deleted questions or answers without a time restriction. At the bottom of the Questions / Answers section in your user profile, you will see the Deleted ...
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"Ignore tag" button is missing as of today

This is by design per this Meta SE announcement: Upcoming sign-up experiments related to tags Experiment 2: Updating the tag hover We will be running an A/B/C test when users hover over tags. We ...
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What is the reason behind waiting 48 hours to offer a bounty?

The answers so far do not consider that sometimes bounties are not given to get an answer fast but to give more credit to a given answer. I have the situation that I appreciate an answer so much that ...
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Criteria for determining duplicate questions

If a question is not answered, will another newly asked question be considered the duplicate question? If a question is answered but not solved, then the new question is considered as duplicate ...
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Criteria for determining duplicate questions

You cannot close a question on the Main site as a duplicate of another unless it (the duplicate target) has an answer with a score of 1 or more or an accepted answer. (The only exception to this is if ...
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Post about programmatically upgrading an OS using Salt incorrectly closed

I removed the salt tag because it was inappropriate. The tag description for the salt tag1 reads Cryptography function that takes random bits and a string (typically a password) and uses a one-way ...
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4 votes

Confusion about Staging Ground

Can I comment if I am not a reviewer? You did successfully leave a comment, so I don't understand why you're confused. Also, you are a reviewer: you have 500+ reputation, and you visited the Staging ...
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Confusion about Staging Ground

From the question If this question does not need to be modified, why did it enter "Staging Ground"? The question title, content and tags are irrelevant when selecting a question for ...
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Help page still in need of update? (create chat rooms)

I went ahead and added the link back to the footer. Thanks for reminding us of that folks, we believe that the reasons for that not being there are no longer valid.
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How do I keep people from editing my posts?

This is quite straightforward, but I cannot seem to find anyone else asking this That's hopefully because other people read the Help Center article which clearly explains the related policy. How do ...
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How do I keep people from editing my posts?

You can't really prevent people from making edits to your posts as that would go against the core principle of the site. Stack Overflow is community-driven collaborative site. People must be able to ...
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How do I keep people from editing my posts?

In most situations, you don't prevent others from editing your post. Remember, this isn't a personal help site, but rather a question and answer site, where the goal is to craft well-constructed, ...
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When is reputation actually regained from deleting a downvoted answer/question?

At some point within the next few hours. Shouldn't be more than a day.1 For example, in your experiment (in which answer A, answer B, and answer C all have a single downvote and no upvotes, resulting ...
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Was the minimum character limit for questions increased to 300 recently?

Looked into it - miscalculation. Fixed now, thanks for reporting.
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Is programmatic access to Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) allowed?

Similar question has been asked in meta.stackexchange site here & here. There is not official API as Glorfindel mentioned here. The best options right now are: download the data for your ...
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Etiquette of creating a tag for my own software

In my opinion... At one extreme: if you still feel like a newbie on Stack Overflow, you don't understand the tag system too well and haven't created tags before, you're only even considering creating ...
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Policy: Generative AI (e.g., ChatGPT) is banned

It's 2024. I visited 3 pages of answers. None contains the buzzword "copyright". I'm just trying to contribute in the first message of this thread, to try to add a mention that this is not &...
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