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No thanks. Why should we stop rewarding someone for writing an awesome question, just because they're less active? Does the fact I go on vacation for a month make my question less useful? Does that mean I don't deserve the reputation? I see no problem that's being solved here. I see no reason to restrict rep gain for less active users.


Maybe it's time to switch the mode from "the leveling warriors" to "the guardians of eternal wisdom". People seem to think that they are the most unique person in the world and only they got that very problem. That may be true if we are talking "exactly that problem". Like "HELP! Why does my AI to find clown-shaped ...


I'm excited people are interested in Documentation. It has the potential to make Stack Overflow even more useful for even more people. That said, it's a lot more complicated than anyone thought. Not only do you need to create a system that's easy to read and understand, you need to create a system that people will be excited about contributing to. Have you ...


Good news: This feature already exists for users having a given reputation on other stack exchange sites (known as association bonus). In that case, the user starts at 101 points, so can upvote, comment, and will be able to downvote in a few. The system considers that if you were able to have a positive contribution on any site of the network, you're ...


There's no rep requirement for accepting. There's a couple time limitations, but it's tiny (15 minutes) for answers where the answerer isn't the asker. See How does accepting an answer work? for the details. (Original version of the answer is converted from Zoe comment)


Posts where you had suggested an edit that was accepted have been deleted. If you look at your reputation tab you should see an entry that reads: -2 13 hours ago removed [Question Title] I, as a moderator, can certainly see that line though if I open the page in an incognito window I can't. I'm hoping that you, as the "owner" of that page,...

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