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You got +15 when they accepted your answer on 2nd March. Then lost it and regained it today when they unaccepted and accepted the answer again. So, overall, you didn't lose anything. Not a bug.


When you create a new account, any posts you created on another site but which has been migrated to Stack Overflow is automatically associated with that new account. See the central FAQ on migration: If [anyone who participated in the question on the origin site (asked it, answered it, or edited or commented on it or any of its answers)] later create an ...


What you describe is accurate in terms of the site's behavior. The bounty system and reputation cap have worked this way since the beginning. See this Q&A on the global Meta. Essentially, the reputation cap is based only on vote-earnings-per-day, not net reputation gain. Paying a bounty has no effect on the vote-based reputation cap. A feature request ...

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