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I agree with this idea. I believe that users <2000 reputation do not understand the meaning of suggested edits. They view it not as a proposal, which they should evaluate with a grain of salt, but as something that they have done wrong and another user had to fix. They do not know what it means when they approve the edit. This is basically blind leading ...


You're looking at this from the wrong direction. The OP accepting the edit doesn't really know that this didn't help much - they see some changes to bold text and they believe that a Good™ edit has been made. I believe our path is more reactionary; any time we catch someone making bad edits, we should flag and get a moderator involved. The OP is truly ...


Since anyone can see this no matter what the reputation is Low-rep users that haven't yet reached that privilege can't see the breakdown; this is what my 1-point test account sees: Don't assume that that page is exactly the same for all reputation levels.

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