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Option to open code-blocks in fullscreen

I also strongly support this feature request that can actually be implemented instantly. The code should be as simple as below. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> ...
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We need Staging Ground reviewer onboarding before showing it in the question list

We deployed two updates to work towards improving the onboarding experience for new reviewers. Update 1 We refreshed the onboarding illustration for new reviewers when they visit the https://...
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Top Questions page - 'Staging Ground' questions

We deployed an update to this logic that would also address this issue on mobile devices. Previously, the logic was to randomly insert Staging Ground questions in the list which does not guarantee ...
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Move to Staging area feature

It sounds like a nice idea, but as robert mentioned, scaling/throughput issues are a thing, and then once you think about it, we already have closure, and to an extent, closure and SG have effectively ...
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Tell users when their edits are rejected

This issue has already been solved in a different way than what was proposed in the post. Users are notified via a banner on the suggested edit page (a view of the edit page for users who don't have ...
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Edit conflicts should categorize as "cancelled" instead of "rejected"

Suggested edits that are canceled by the Community bot due to a conflicting subsequent edit are now categorized as "Canceled" instead of "Rejected". This change has been applied ...
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Dark mode without being logged in

I use Dark Mode plugin for sites that don't support it. So, it could help with unauthorised sessions of Stackoverflow. However unlogged SO becomes very strange — with multiple dark grey borders around ...
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Future Dates in Daily Visit Calendar

Although we understand your reasoning — looking into the future is likely not very useful in this case — the effort to block someone from navigating to the future isn't worth the potential value in ...
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"Does this answer your question?" duplicate comment text is silly and confusing

We have updated the text of this auto-comment to say: This question is similar to: (link to the duplicate). If you believe it’s different, please edit the question, make it clear how it’s different ...
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"Mostly code" is rejected but "mostly screenshots" goes through

Questions that are mostly images are now stopped during the question review step. Users will see: Your post is mostly images. Add additional details to explain the problem and expected results. ......
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Tags on answers

Tags on answers would be helpful, if the point of tags is to help others find relevant answers, The idea that there is one Right answer to rule them all, in my mind, is Wrong.
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Allow bountied questions to be closed by regular users

It should be now possible to close/vote to close bountied questions. We followed the proposal to make the bounties an orthogonal feature. A bountied question can be closed & reopened. The bounty ...
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