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Disable annoying autofocus when clicking preview

This was tested and appears to have been resolved a while back. I've updated the status to completed.
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Please rename the "Should be improved" button

Tim Post has an earlier answer as to why this had been in review for a bit. However, time has clearly passed and this change has been made so I've updated the status to completed.
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Collapsible Code Markup

This seems to be available now, the "Show code snippet" toggle appears in the example provided in the question post. However, our team is going to take a little time in the future to dig ...
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Warn users if they are asking in a language other than English

So here's the proposal: why don't we serve a suitable warning to users when they type in an unsupported language? Because you can't tell if someone is asking a question in Japanese or if they're ...
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Change/Remove post improvement notification when downvote Meta questions/answers

You have the right idea, but not quite the right implementation. Let's get rid of this message entirely! Everywhere. We don't need to encourage people to leave any more comments—we get far more than ...
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Content licensing should be made much clearer to new users

I agree with this. I don't think that merely linking to the Terms of Service is sufficient. In all honesty, how many people reading this Q&A actually read the Terms of Service when they registered?...
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Content licensing should be made much clearer to new users

To make the license clear to new users, I propose to add a required checkbox when posting a first question or answer: I consent all my contributions are perpetually and irrevocably licensed under CC ...
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Automatically convert smart quotes into regular quotes

Can we automatically convert all smart quotes in new posts into regular quotes? Before: console.log("what if I want “Smart quotes.” in my code?"); After this proposal is implemented: ...
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If I have sufficient rep, I should be able to edit a closed question and cast a reopen vote at the same time

Right now, I don’t think it makes sense to have this checkbox when you review a question. The question is already in the review queue, so why have a "checkbox" (that you cannot uncheck) to ...
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Room owners should be allowed to accept <20 rep users to talk in a room

I'm a big proponent of chat. I do support the intent of the request here because I feel that there's value in it as a concept. That said, I feel like the implementation requested here is too broad and ...
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Add a "role" line in Teams usercards for members to note their position or job title

Perhaps this could be implemented by showing the custom Team Awards (shown in the profile) on the Usercard, such as the one Collin Choy has, in the Staging Ground Testing team: This is a useful ...
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Why low rep users edits end up in a review queue when they edit an answer of a highly active rep user

The quick fix for that would be to just edit the Stack Overflow front end and get 10-24 hours old edits in the Review queues / Suggested Edits. The way I would do that is using the backend when an ...
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Why low rep users edits end up in a review queue when they edit an answer of a highly active rep user

My take on this is allowing the suggested edit to exist outside of the queue for two days, ignoring the reputation of the post owner requirement you suggested, would be a way of removing some of ...
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Print as pdf / document the status of our profile in Stack Overflow

There is no such feature, nor is it planned. However, there are some alternatives and to summarize the various comments: You can send a link to your SO account. You can embed the flair in your ...
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Should there be support for the same question being visible to multiple communities, to handle cases of overlap?

Regarding: "should the ... question closed if they pick a valid but suboptimal community? E.g., an algorithms question that is valid for S/O but that the person casting the vote feels would be ...

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