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Why are users answering questions as quickly as possible?

This is especially egregious for hard questions. There are lots of difficult questions in SO that get a lot of incomplete, half-baked or downright wrong or bad answers within the first days of being ...
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Question with no answers, but issue solved in the comments (or extended in chat)

Answers are for (valid) questions, comments are for commentary First, carefully consider whether the question meets the site's standards, and whether the comment actually constitutes an answer. ...
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Poor questions should not be answered by people with high reps. Why are they?

The premises of the first MSO question you linked are problematic. I wrote an answer post to hopefully address some of the problems. I suggest you give that a read. In terms of the problem of users ...
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Poor questions should not be answered by people with high reps. Why are they?

It can have a very wide range of explanations. Every user is an individual. And the explanation may be as simple as that they didn't think it was a poor question. Some of the questions that pops up ...
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Can we hide the tail end of overly long answers?

No. many readers may be interested in a concise summary of the topic Hiding answer content is not creating a concise summary of anything, it's just adding an extra hoop ("click to expand") ...
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