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Are "quote-only" answers allowed?

can I write that "I found the following explanation from source X to be helpful" and then proceed to quote the explanation? There are many ways to contextualize quotes. Please consider some ...
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Are "quote-only" answers allowed?

Yes, provided that you follow our attribution requirements—which consist of clearly indicating all copied content, including the name of the original author (if available), and linking to the original ...
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Are "quote-only" answers allowed?

What value do you really add by just quoting someone? Why not showcase what it was that they did in such a way that a user who sees this could more readily apply it so that they gain value? I would ...
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Trending: A new answer sorting option

The algorithm seems to perform poorly on old questions. For example, on Get Absolute URL from Relative path (refactored method) the top two upvoted answers, one of which is the accepted answer, are ...
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What if I answer a question in a comment?

Yes, I've had a couple of questions where someone has commented the answer. I wish you could accept comments as containing the answer and/or promote the comment to an answer and then accept it. My ...
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Should code snippets cover edge cases?

However, they don't cover the edge case where some key might not contain an Array. This presupposes that that actually counts as an "edge case". One may ask what the result should be in ...
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My answer citing another answer was deleted

It was deleted it without me getting any say or objection. Yes, that is how deletion normally works on Stack Overflow. Your content is licensed, including to Stack Exchange Inc., under a Creative ...
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My answer citing another answer was deleted

Copying answers wholesale from elsewhere on Stack Overflow hasn't ever been allowed, even with proper attribution. That the post was old and/or received lots of votes isn't a mark in its favor, it ...
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