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Please don't. As a reader, I very much appreciate knowing what other people think of the question before I read it. It would greatly lessen my experience if I find out that even though people were trying to warn me that a question is probably not worth my time the platform decided to keep that signal hidden for hours.


The tooltip on the downvote arrow reads: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful This provides a clue to understanding the downvotes on your question. In particular, the first phrase there, the one about "does not show any research effort". Having simply searched for the error message; either: unresolved external ...


If you make a minor edit, that should unlock the post so that you can vote again. Be sure to provide an explanation about why you've made the edit so that the OP understands. And/or edit again after voting to remove the change.


It doesn't matter how you gild it: a vote count is a score, and the score (aka "reputation") is accumulated to gain rewards like bling and privileges. That is gamification, and SO does it well. You get a downvote, your score goes down, and you react instinctively. The thing that immediately draws your eye after the question title is that to the left of ...


If a downvote is a sign that the question/answer doesn't follow SO standards, asking why it has been downvoted is a really good reaction, in my opinion. How could we improve, otherwise? Explaining why you downvote should be a no-brainer. Also, what I have seen really often is that a downvote creates a negative dynamic on a post: once downvoted, even if the ...


You can raise a mod-flag on one of the posts. I had a similar situation a couple of months ago. There were reversed by a CM

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