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Should I be rejecting edits like this? No, the edit is IMO an obvious improvement. The problem is rather that edit shouldn't have been done at all. But to me that's another story. Once it's in the "Suggested edits" review queue, it shall be reviewed solely by the quality of the edit. In other words: You are reviewing the "edit quality" - ...


The review queue is for reviewing the quality of edits, not for determining whether the question should be deleted. Just IMHO the system will work better if we consistently follow the guidelines for each queue. BTW, no need to be coy about saying "turd."


No. An edit should be reviewed on the merit of the edit itself, not the quality of the question or answer being edited. There's no harm done by accepting an edit that improves the formatting of a question or answer, irrespective of the content of the question or answer.


No. Why would you reject something that slightly improves formatting? Regarding the "Polishing a turd" -- Its an arrogant statement because many who state such things are often not speaking objectively, but rather appealing to their own incredulity, which means that that because they can not see the value in something, that therefore no value ...


This type of edit is known as polishing a turd. It doesn't matter how much you polish a turd, it's still a turd. In this case, it doesn't matter how much you make the terrible question look presentable; it's still a terrible question. Editing it is a waste of the editors time, a waste of the time for people who review the queue, a waste of the time for ...


Per Security Hound - the advice in this context would be one to generally follow, but if you're still unsure, skipping the review is always an option too. If I knew a question was going to be closed, due to being extremely low quality, and the edit did nothing to prevent the actual closure of the question I absolutely would reject the edit.


It looks like (based on discussions and some troubleshooting with Adam Lear) that some CDN nodes got locked into an older version of a JS file from last week. He forced a refresh and that seems to have fixed the problem.


Your suggested edit has a number of good aspects but also some bad ones, and I can understand why the review received mixed responses. Let's look at the good points, first: The title change: adding "source" clarifies and removing "in distutils" is good, because that's implied by the question having distutils. Code formatting for ...


You have made 21 whitespace changes on that post on a total of 34 changes. That is a heck of a lot of nothing to review. And some of those whitespace changes touched the paragraphs, combining them into one. I'm not thrilled by that. For reference: this what a reviewer might use to decide to approve / reject your edit I have doubts about the added setuptools ...


You did nothing wrong (from what I can see). That edit looks amazing. I am perplexed as to why it was rejected. In situations like this, it might be worthwhile to involve a moderator via a custom flag. They can approve the edit and also check whether the reviewers mindlessly reject every edit.


The question is low quality and lacks a lot of details. Your edit didn't solve this problem. Please do not edit posts unless you can fix all major problems. Also note, that in general edits on closed questions push the post into the reopen review (which only happens for the first edit after closure), effectively preventing the original author from fixing ...

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