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Renaming [rpgmakermv] to [rpg-maker]

The rpgmakermv tag is already extremely small - enough that generally we'd be okay with someone retagging them unilaterally. I also can't see any other related tags - not only is there no rpg-maker, ...
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6 votes

Something's fishy in [dolphindb]

Instances of inauthentic usage surrounding the dolphindb tag have been addressed — and rather thoroughly so. For the record, this doesn't leave much legitimate content in that tag. If you find ...
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5 votes

Tag [swiftdata] should replace [swift-data]

swiftdata should be added as the primary tag Done: renamed swift-data to swiftdata. Current tag swift-data should be changed to a synonym This isn't strictly necessary - tags cannot differ by only ...
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32 votes

Stop paying [tax]es

I spent years on a project writing software on a product for completing, calculating and submitting UK tax returns. I never used the tag, nor wanted to. From the Tour page "we're working together ...
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47 votes

How does [cobra] explicitly mean three things?

There already is go-cobra and lobo-cobra so that is an easy clean-up by retagging the concerning questions. A practical way to do this is: Fix each question and its answers: edit to improve, close, ...
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2 votes

Merge and synonymize [cdp] with [chrome-devtools-protocol]

Pursuant the discussion in the comments, we've instead opted to delete the cdp. Its overlap with Customer Data Platforms of various flavours created too much ambiguity to be a good synonym candidate ...
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-4 votes

Remove the synonym [generic-programming] -> [generics]

You are correct; as you say, "generics" as in Java are kind of the exact opposite of "generic programming" (with templates) in C++. So yes, they absolutely should not share a tag.
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7 votes

Merge [slate-react] and [react-slate]

Definitely duplicate tags, they've been merged and synonymised to conform with the other [react-*] tags: updating post history, 10 rows affected (pipe delimited) updating posts, 9 rows affected (pipe ...
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1 vote

Rename and synonymize [pynecone] to [python-reflex]

Done. pynecone is now renamed to python-reflex, and a synonym has been created. updating post history, 17 rows affected (pipe delimited) updating posts, 16 rows affected (pipe delimited) Target tag '...
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3 votes

Synonymize [plotly-python] to [plotly]

In my view, tags of the form [language-technology] are only valuable when they further disambiguate over using [language] [technology] separately. (The [language] should be tagged anyway, so this ...
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3 votes

Rename and synonymize [pynecone] to [python-reflex]

Agreed; they are one and the same. You can tell that the Reflex GitHub repository was renamed from Pynecone by going to the Pynecone website and clicking on the link to their GitHub repository, which ...
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