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Don't change working code on accepted or notably upvoted answers. This particular answer was written 7 years ago, and (while certainly not perfect) has stood the test of time. If you have comments about edge cases, or want to post an alternative or related answer, please do. Changing the narrative flow of an answer, introducing stylistic changes to working ...


While I don't disagree with the intent of your edit, the implementation leaves something to be desired. I would likely have selected to "Reject and Edit" your change, and modified it to the following: What you need is an array formula, which is applied to all cells in a column. Enter the following in B1: =text(A1:A,"00000") and do not ...


To make Cerbrus' answer a bit more laconic: An edit to a post should not cause whole paragraphs to appear.


The simplest reason I'd personally reject that edit, is: You quintupled the length of that answer. If your edit requires that you add that much to an answer, it should probably be a standalone answer. To answer your specific points: The mac shortcut is pretty redundant. As far as I can tell, it's pretty common knowledge that Ctrl means Cmd when you're on a ...

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