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There are two things that would make me reject that edit: HTML is case sensitive, but most browsers don't care if you put onClick instead of onclick. And if it was a problem, then you would be changing the meaning of the question since that may have been the problem in the first place. The question already had proper grammar. It was easy enough to read for ...


Here's what I would do: Create an edit that is just the English fixes. Have the edit description explicitly state that this is the purpose of the edit. Apply that edit. Make a comment explaining to the user why you edited - on the question page - and that it's important they let the edit stand. If they still revert - it's a lost cause I guess.


In general, when users reject good edits that fix grammar and formatting issues, you can flag for moderator intervention. This can happen because new users haven't read the Help Center and don't realize that edits like this are common and normal. They usually just need someone to explain it to them. For posts that have other problems requiring either edits ...


The behavior looks intentional as generally review audits are automatically generated bogus changes to otherwise normal posts. While indeed there are rare cases when edit to such post would be needed in the most cases such posts are good enough on they own and building another mode for "reject" audit likely was considered unnecessary. If you ...

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