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Boy howdy this bug is older than I thought. Sorry about that. The fix is in the queue for deployment to production.


You are right. I have bad feelings about that, too. IMHO, It was much easier to read before. I´m sceptical about the reason of misuse as described by user @AsteroidswithWings in the comments since users also can misuse blockquotes yet. Is there a way to obtain more contrast between quoted blocks and the rest of the text in the post? As side solution and ...


This should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it!


This is solved with the new design:


Personally, I think this change is excellent. People have been way abusing the "it stands out" by using quote formatting for announcements, headings, notices & emphasis. That's not what quote formatting is for. So, if you've been relying on it, consider this a lesson well learned: don't rely on specific formatting for your markup, but instead use the ...


Fixed! Sorry the deploy took a second. We often have things of way higher priority that need to get merged and deployed before a little visual bug, as I'm sure y'all understand 😇


Yes, this is intentional because to quote Aaron: I’ve landed where I’ve started Over on Meta Stack Exchange this was discussed as Some improvements to blockquotes The issues they tried to address were the yellow backgrounds were overpowering, reducing the contrast of the quote itself. increase visible differences between block quotes and spoilers and ...

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