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This now looks fixed again.


Reproduced. Chrome Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (32-bit) The issue is that the width for the tag popup and its container are 348px (container) and 340px (tag popup). Accompanied by this is also a 16px and 12px padding on the internal elements. As a result, the inner area only has 340 - 32 - 24 pixels of area, 284px. The url text size for https://...


This appears to have since been addressed, as I can't reproduce it in Chrome, Firefox or Edge in Windows 10, and my teammate is unable to reproduce on Chrome or Safari in OSX. If you're still seeing the issue, please update your report to include which browser and OS you are using. note: if you want to try reproducing, you can remove yourself from the ...


Full unprefixed support for CSS Grid on desktop requires Edge 16+, Firefox 52+, Chrome 57+, Safari 10.1+ or Opera 44+. In older browsers, CSS Grid properties and values are not recognized, and thus the layout does not work as intended. HTML: <div class="post-layout"> <div class="votecell post-layout--left">...</div> <div ...


We got rid of a lot of prefixing that is no longer needed based on our browser support.


Thanks for reporting this! We deleted a ton of IE-specific CSS and there was some complicated Less logic causing this bug that we didn’t catch in our local environment. This should now be fixed. Folks, remember, I’m a person. I’m working hard on improving our codebase every day. Some days there will be visual regressions. I’m sure you’ve shipped some.


There is no public change log provided by the Stack Exchange developer team. Second to best is the community curated list of recent changes: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange Another source of hints and background on feature changes can be found by following the announcements tag over on Meta Stack Exchange. The same tag also exists on Meta Stack ...

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