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This has been fixed - Firefox did have a bug with rendering the select option text. Thank you for reporting this.


Still chipping away at those old tab components. Fixed! Thanks for reporting it.


Finally deployed a fix to this one! Hopefully the fix is an improvement. Thanks for filing!


This has been fixed - thank you for reporting this.


I wrote a userscript for those with reasonably wide screens which makes the textarea take up the whole vertical height of the browser in a column, and puts the preview in a column next to it, and rest of the original page in a third column. It makes typing and proofing non-trivial answers much easier. Here's a screenshot: More details on Stack Apps


I’m working on behalf of the design system to ship some improvements to tables that will make them fully responsive (traditionally a pretty tough problem in the ol’ CSS world), and more accessible. In this case, this means applying overrides to the td instead of the tr. As you can imagine, Stack Overflow is a pretty big codebase, with many different ...


Yes please. It's been like this forever and I'm amazed it isn't fixed yet. See also Resizeable textarea when replying to employers I get that Jobs isn't the biggest revenue stream but come on. I note that it is not even resizeable, either -- the CSS specifies resize: none! Is that evidence of malice or what, i.e. is SE trying to make that feature unusable, ...

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