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No, there is no such option. I also think such option would be open to abuse. Some argue you will miss the juicy animation as it is already done once the snippet scrolls into view. I prefer to click a button. If warranted maybe add some explanation in the question why clicking the button to run the snippet is beneficial.


Came here looking for the same thing for vuejs, inspired by @TJCrower. Here's a much (much!) simpler starter kit for "Hello World" in vue. I still haven't figured out how to simulate a file component (with <template> tags), but this is a good generic start. Select a recent version of vue from the "Options" on the left pane, then... ...


No, these links needs to be preserved. I'm not a lawyer but I do know that JSFiddle uses a different license for their code submission then SE does. Only the OP is allowed to copy over the code from a JSFiddle to a Stack Snippet. I guess the link could be used as evidence that the proper process has been followed and the OP owns both code submissions. ...


An ugly but working way to use modules may be: document.addEventListener("readystatechange", () => document.readyState === "complete" && theActualSnippetCode()); function theActualSnippetCode() { log("hithere!", {thisIs: "pretty ugly", but: "it works"}); } <script type="module"> import {Logger} from "https://cdn.jsdelivr....

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