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Vue is in the list due to this request: Add VueJS to preset snippet options As that request used the non-minified option, I complied. I have no particular opinion on this personally, but let's see what other Vue.js aficionados here on SO have to say.


Meta Stack Exchange has a formatting sandbox question. Since MSE supports stack snippets too, you can add an answer to that question and play around there without worrying too much.


Stack Snippets are mostly just an embedded version of https://jsfiddle.net; how about just using it directly? There are also many other such online JavaScript sandbox services.


Use <script src="https://threejs.org/build/three.min.js"> to load the library in the code snippet HTML window and call it using THREE.whatever in the JavaScript window.


I reached out to imgur to fix this 2 and half years ago Apparently Stack Overflow pays you guys to host images on Stack Overflow. Often we (the users) need to write code that uses images but the browser will block those uses if imgur's servers don't send the correct HTTP headers. The normal i.imgur.com servers send the correct headers but the i.stack....

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