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You cannot vote on your own posts. Ever. The vote buttons are still shown, even on your own posts, for the purposes of consistency, but they do not work. If you attempt to vote for one of your own posts, you'll be presented with an error message that says, essentially, you cannot do that. You can vote on answers submitted by other people to your own question....


You can ask the answerer to edit their answer to rearrange it, and explain why—the additional information you didn't need could be useful to other users. Or you could do the rearrangement and put an explanation in the edit comment box, and perhaps the answerer will accept that edit quickly or make an improvement to it.


There's nothing wrong with adding your own answer, so long as it doesn't duplicate existing answers. If another answer basically has the solution, but has a lot of additional fluff, or is presented in a confusing manner, you're actually providing value if you add an answer that's simpler, or clearer. Don't focus on the fact that the other answer is confusing ...


Edit the answer to be sufficiently clear and useful. While you edit, keep in mind: Make a sufficient change (which in this case you probably will) Fix all of the problems in the post Don't change the answer so much that it distracts from the original intent of the post If you satisfy all of these criteria, suggest your edit, and it will probably be ...

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