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Search on SO using Google Not sure how obvious this is, but as a search engine Google can provide much better search than the internal search of Stackoverflow.


This might be subjective, but in my opinion your searches are too verbose, having too many words. Just searching "python list behavior" or "python map behavior" might have gained better results. It's important to identify what the keywords are for what you are trying to find. Second, I would say that it's not a bad thing to be marked as a duplicate. It's a ...


That kind of question would be inherently too broad and opinionated. Do some research and development on your own, and when you begin hitting trouble ask about how to deal with those issues. Stack Overflow is not an appropriate platform to ask for that kind of generic advice.


Some history: NullPointerExceptions are generally downvoted as they mostly relate to simply not initiating something. The community got worn down by scouring through millions of users "find where I didn't initiate X" questions and created a canonical to point to which can guide you to finding what was null instead of being instantiated. Whether this is ...


Another very helpful part is insisting on an MCVE. Breaking down the code really to the minimal reproducible part often makes the mistake obvious, too. The downside is, that some people simply abandon the question and leave the site after they have found their solution this way, while other users keep speculating and asking for details on the question ...


Yep. A dozen times or more, I have been halfway through writing out a question on Stack Overflow and the solution has presented itself. If (to my mind) it's a particularly good question, I am always caught between jubilation and disappointment.


It's a common enough experience, and a variation of what's commonly called Rubber Duck Debugging. The process of asking a question involves staring at your problem from a different angle, to be able to explain it properly and hopefully anticipate the questions that potential helpers may have about your issue. This forces you through a different evaluation ...

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