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GC tuning is hard practically an art form with its own graduate thesis attached to it. Without knowing the exact details or at least enough details to be able to replicate, test and validate the tuning locally, we're going to have a very rough go at helping you out. It's not that we wouldn't want to help you, or that this advice isn't valuable. The very ...


It seems, in between the situation has improved: from the bottom of each page here on the site, you get by two clicks to a list of all sites, which now has the kind of layout you asked for: an easy-to-read list each entry with a short description of the site's main topics filterable into sub categories The "grid arrangement" of all sites is ...


The short answer: Use tags related to what the question is about. Not what it contains.


Only tag languages, or technologies that are related to the question you are asking, not the application as a whole. Tagging multiple languages, and technologies doesn't help those you are asking for help from help you better; in fact it is likely to actually have the opposite effect. For example, if you do tag c and c++ this instantly confuses users you are ...

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