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How can I improve my understanding and application of what makes a better question?

I believe my question is on topic This is the issue. Unless you are getting the error when you try to use the database from code, and not otherwise, I see nothing in the migrated question that makes ...
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Bug when trying to post a question with code in it

I discovered a workaround for this issue. My solution involved copying the draft content to a text file, clearing the draft content, and replacing it with arbitrary plain text (without any code or ...
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Unable to ask a question using Safari

Your version of Safari is, for a browser, quite old. The oldest version of Safari which Stack Overflow, currently, supports is 17.3. You will need to update your browser.
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Introducing the Staging Ground, an attempt at improving the first-time asker experience - What was asking your first question like?

I admit did not put a ton of research effort into my first question: How can I create a directory in C in a cross platform manner? But at least I made the question clear understandable enough be, ...
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