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This has been fixed. You should see the pointer cursor when hovering over the bounty award button when it can be clicked.


Based on our current roadmap, we don't have immediate plans to work on this request. However, we are planning to start some discovery work in late 2021 on the question close experience and will revisit this request when we start on that project.


Yes, you will earn the bounty even if the answer is a Community Wiki. From the Meta Stack Exchange FAQ How does the bounty system work? How does Community Wiki mode affect bounties? Bounties are not affected by community wiki mode. When you award a bounty to an answer marked community wiki, the reputation bonus will be awarded to the user who posted the ...


What you describe is accurate in terms of the site's behavior. The bounty system and reputation cap have worked this way since the beginning. See this Q&A on the global Meta. Essentially, the reputation cap is based only on vote-earnings-per-day, not net reputation gain. Paying a bounty has no effect on the vote-based reputation cap. A feature request ...


There are no data that I am aware of that suggests that a 48 hour delay (or any other delay, for that matter) is optimal. The statistics at the top of the page on SO (and all other SE sites that I checked) show that the questions with bounties are a minor fraction of all questions. This suggests that removing the delay for all bounties, or for large ...

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