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As a 10k user you can view your deleted answers here. I sorted by newest so the answers you're referring to are there. As mentioned, the names of those who voted to delete (or undelete, close, reopen) a question are shown to you, strictly for your information as a 10k user with responsibilities only and not for you to act against them. So the transparency is ...


The question is not on-topic. It's not focused, and it's not about a practical programming issue. Furthermore, it doesn't merit an historical lock. Being mod-deleted is a nice way to prevent delete-undelete loops on an off-topic question.


I have to be completely honest on this one: I have no idea why I would have deleted it, or any memory of doing so. I don't recognize it at all, and I did not delete it on purpose. I've undeleted it now. Around the time of deletion yesterday, I was researching a character encoding problem, which is the only way I can think of that I may have come across that ...


IMHO, there can be only these types of questions/posts that should be deleted for maintaining the sanity of SO. If a question is marked as a duplicate and, it has no answer. If OP has not written question clearly. It is possible that the questions and answers can be same however OPs don't necessarily follow brevity. Duplicates that are word-for-word copies ...

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