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What makes these questions so different that one of them is bad and the second one is good?

The first question you link to asks for unspecified things, solicits opinions, and asks for multiple separate things. Each of these reasons is individually cause to close the question. The second ...
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Why was this off-topic question about port forwarding in Kubernetes/Minikube reopened?

Can someone explain why it was reopened and how it is on-topic or a legit SO question? It was likely reopened because three users felt it was on-topic. Personally, I disagree with that viewpoint; the ...
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What should we do about Discussions that would be on-topic for another site?

When it comes to Discussion space topicality, I would say that we could allow some broader definition of what is on topic, as long as it has some connections with programming. For instance, there is ...
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I do not believe I was asking a question that could not be answered with facts and citations

I'm not dealing with the original revision. Currently the question reads (which was deleted after this revision): What are the conventions recommended for typing consts (that act like enums) in ...
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Why do we have tags for off-topic topics?

The only difference between the following two questions... is that the second is about ln instead of cp Well, no. The first also was asked more than ten years ago, while the second is from just ...
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Can I ask about CMakePresets.json vs. CMakeLists.txt here?

I'm not concerned about this being an opinionated question, and honestly personally wouldn't classify it as one. I see this as a really good teaching opportunity. Here is an example answer to ...
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Can I ask about CMakePresets.json vs. CMakeLists.txt here?

In general, Stack Exchange websites try to avoid unnecessary subjectivity; this effect is much stronger on Stack Overflow and on sites that deal with a technical topic. how should you choose whether ...
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Is this discrete-mathematics problem fit for the site?

This type of questions requires strict logic reasoning, not getting confused, and sometimes creative order of evaluation of your logic. At this level, this is not related to programming. Such puzzles ...
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Is this discrete-mathematics problem fit for the site?

Is this question fit for Stack Overflow? No, because it is not a programming question. The discrete-mathematics tag says: Only questions about software development related to discrete mathematics ...

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