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85 votes

How has the scope of Stack Overflow changed?

The topic of Stack Overflow has narrowed over time as the community has learned what kinds of questions are a good fit for the platform, and what kinds of questions attract spam or other undesirable ...
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68 votes

Can we get a lock on this suggested spam edit magnet answer please?

We have introduced a recent measure to help against suggested edit spam. We were wondering why even spam via suggested edits, given they get rejected and it occurred to Jon Ericson that what spammers ...
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44 votes

Can we delete "Setting up a git repo on my GoDaddy hosting plan"?

Consider what deleting this question would mean: someone asks a question on Stack Overflow, which at the time was considered on-topic for the site. Some people spend their free time writing ...
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41 votes

Can an OP delete their own locked post?

No, the original poster does not have any special privileges when it comes to locked posts. That means that, in this case as in any other, the asker does not have the ability to delete their own ...
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35 votes

Can we unlock this answer?

I agree. I've unlocked the answer.
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34 votes

Why are there disputes about the content of this post which is relevant to Google?

Your first sentence seems to be materially relevant, and should likely be kept. This gets at the heart of a specific implementation and would be useful to add in as a warning to others should they ...
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Can I update defunct URLs on a post that is locked with historical significance?

You cannot edit a locked post under any circumstances. However, a moderator can. So…I've made what I believe to be the requested updates to the question Makoto linked. The idea of a ...
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26 votes

How has the scope of Stack Overflow changed?

In addition to Bills great answer, a lot of questions have become off-topic for Stack Overflow over the years as new, more specialized sister sites emerged. Programming Puzzles & Code Golf is ...
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26 votes

A question that is not seeking recommendations (but which has attracted many) is locked and closed. Higher-value answers now stuck below 4th place

This is a valid on-topic question for Stack Overflow, that's not explicitly seeking recommendations, and which can currently be answered using just the tool under discussion. Barring exceptional ...
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26 votes

No FFmpeg on Stack Overflow?

I'm a programmer. I've used the ffmpeg command line tool. I've never directly used the ffmpeg API. I've also used Notepad, vi, nano, linux, macOS, Windows, Firefox, and bash. Just because I've used ...
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Why do historically locked posts not show up/down vote buttons, but collaborative effort locks do?

A historical lock freezes the question and all of its answers in time, usually permanently. A historical lock essentially says "this page is archived and read-only" (note my use of the word "page"). ...
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22 votes

Why was my request for a lock on a controversial post declined?

As everyone can see from the history, I'm the moderator who originally applied a content lock to that question. I did so because there was a delete war occurring on the primary answer. This was ...
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21 votes

This meta post is locked, but there is no message indicating that

We only display up to two post notices on any given post at a time so we don't flood the page with yellow boxes. The lock notice is super unimportant, especially when the migration rejected notice ...
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21 votes

Who can modify a locked post for me? I found an invalid URL that needs to be updated

Generally the historical significance lock means "this isn't useful here but was at one point and we want to honor its past life". That means it's not worth updating. If it's worth updating ...
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21 votes

A question that is not seeking recommendations (but which has attracted many) is locked and closed. Higher-value answers now stuck below 4th place

I closed and locked it. Another moderator had closed it some time back, but the community reopened it. Part of the problem here is that it had degenerated into "Just use this tool!" ...
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20 votes

How has the scope of Stack Overflow changed?

How has the scope of Stack Overflow changed? In the beginning… No, I'm not actually going to reminisce about "the good ol' days", because I was actually relatively late to the party (at least ...
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Don't lock (meta) posts after a failed migration

Seems backwards in general that failed migration posts are locked out from deletion. What purpose does that serve? A failed migration confirms that the question is not a fit for the migration target ...
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16 votes

Why is this regex question locked?

Posts like this are locked as a community wiki/collaborative effort when they receive an excessive number of answers whose content largely overlaps. Instead of providing new answers, it's better for ...
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15 votes

Why was this question locked rather than deleted?

Closing & temporary lock is pretty much the same as deleting (since roomba will delete the question after a while), except that it leaves the chance for the OP to edit the question into shape (Of ...
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14 votes

Bad question locked rather than deleted when it was marked as favorite by some users

Your question indicates a belief that fun in questions and answers is harmless: Despite of the poor quality of the question, the comments remain rather funny and instructive and are part of the ...
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I successfully flagged a comment on a locked post!

I just randomly flagged the comment as "not constructive", to see if it will accept my flag. And yes, it did! I thought that flagging on locked posts wasn't allowed, According to this post from ...
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13 votes

Can/should "dead links" in locked posts be removed?

The link isn't really dead. It's just you don't have the privilege to see deleted questions in the SO site: Good question though what should be done with the link. Does it actually add any ...
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13 votes

How can I vote to lock a question?

You can't. Only moderators can lock a question. If you know the answer to an [on topic and appropriate] question and it has not yet been answered, then simply post an answer to the question, so that ...
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13 votes

Why was my request for a lock on a controversial post declined?

Content disputes, as the name suggests, are disputes about the content of a post. The content of that post is (no longer) in dispute. What is disputed is whether it is a good question or not. Posts ...
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12 votes

Why was this question locked rather than deleted?

What is the purpose of this action? Is it to let controversy about the post "die down" a bit before unlocking it? If not, why not just delete it outright? That is exactly the reason. Locked ...
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12 votes

Answer is locked for a very long time but not permanently

It is possible because I have written a moderator-only userscript that allows me to input any custom duration of days when quick-locking posts with a custom post mod menu. For example, this post is ...
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12 votes

What should we do with closed/locked questions with 1000+ votes and that are highly useful to the programmers community?

Keeping it locked is problematic because we cannot even upvote/downvote answers, leave a comment note about new versions of a given tool, tell about other solutions, etc. Indeed. If it were up to me, ...
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Locked post says contributors should edit, but suggesting edits is disabled for both the question and its answers

You shouldn't get this error any more. We talked about it internally and Shog did some digging and we can't really figure out why suggested edits on answers to locked questions were ever prevented (...
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11 votes

Time to unlock this, perhaps?

Maybe the dispute has been resolved, and they came to the conclusion that the answer is as it should be, now. Considering the crazy edit history on that answer, I see no harm in just keeping it ...
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What do I do about links in locked posts that become malicious?

Good catch, I've removed the link. In future cases, it'd work to flag one of your posts or one of the author's posts with an 'other' flag explaining what's going on.
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