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122 votes

Why was my answer deleted for using ChatGPT even when I didn't?

We had a "ChatGPT" attack this week. Most of answers were rather generic, and contained that exact sentence start: Here's an example of how you could use ... Followed by example/generic ...
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120 votes

How to improve my answer

The reviewer chose to leave a canned comment. Confusingly, they chose to leave the wrong one. It is clear that you were intending to answer the question, so your answer should not have been flagged as ...
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111 votes

How should we address the "I assigned you this homework" answer shared on /r/ProgrammerHumor?

As the wise gnat quoted for us in the comments: we discovered that these posts... truly start to drown out everything else on the site... it's too addictive and too easy, and in the absence of any ...
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104 votes

Why was this late yet correct answer deleted by a moderator?

Sorry, I misread the situation when I was handling NAA flags. Thanks for bringing this up! I've undeleted the answer again.
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90 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a mod?

The answer's first accusation was plagiarism. Given that the answer linked and sourced the content, this accusation should be thrown out. The author of the post was also active with repo during that ...
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87 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a mod?

Our policy has always been to discourage quote-only answers on the basis that usually an ideal answer to a question will consist of more than just a quote from the docs. But we've never outright ...
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85 votes

Why was my answer deleted? I think it should be undeleted

That answer was flagged by multiple people as being a response to either the other answer or one of the comments on your question. It certainly read like a comment response, because "I haven't" isn't ...
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82 votes

How should we address the "I assigned you this homework" answer shared on /r/ProgrammerHumor?

Here's a better idea than deleting or editing the answer: nuke the whole question from orbit. It has little value to begin with, and the actual programming task at hand is covered to exhaustion in ...
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76 votes

Why was this upvoted (+20) answer deleted by a moderator?

Someone flagged it as a link-only answer and it was deleted by someone who was a moderator at the time. I've undeleted it, because I disagree that it's a link-only answer. The first statement ...
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76 votes

Are all the links to non-English language papers here providing benefit?

You don't have to reason about the links and/or where it lead to nor about the number of links when you flag as Not an answer. You simply evaluate the post as if there are no links. If you then end up ...
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75 votes

Why was "Needs more emoji" deleted by an employee?

I disagree that the post in question is "not an answer". It does give feedback -- which is a valid reason to answer to a meta post -- by parodying the feature, to showcase just how absurd ...
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73 votes

I don't know the reason my answers were deleted. What should I do?

I didn't delete them "as spam", if I considered them spam I would have flagged them as such and they would have been shown as deleted by "Community" not me. You would have also suffered a 100 point ...
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73 votes

Why was my flag on a link-only answer declined?

Sorry about this. What has happened was that I used the standard Stack Overflow flag queue. It doesn't show the full post, only a text summary. I didn't know it was a link. It looked like an attempt ...
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69 votes

Is "don't use GOTO because it's bad practice" a valid answer to "how to use GOTO to implement a while loop"?

It is technically¹ an answer but not a good one. The question very specifically asks about the equivalent of a while implemented via goto. The question is not asking about implementing a better while ...
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69 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a mod?

The answerer is the original author of those docs. He was quoting himself. You can click through his SO profile to his GitHub account which has the same username and profile picture. It makes sense ...
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Can we get a lock on this suggested spam edit magnet answer please?

We have introduced a recent measure to help against suggested edit spam. We were wondering why even spam via suggested edits, given they get rejected and it occurred to Jon Ericson that what spammers ...
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64 votes

Why was my answer deleted for plagiarism, despite mentioning the source?

Your answer did mention the source, but it didn't contain any original content. You have copied someone else's answer and received reputation for something you didn't write. Let me quote the help ...
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63 votes

Why was my answer to my own question deleted?

The answer was flagged by some user. When I reviewed the answer, I didn't "expand" the answer, but saw it as text, just like that one It's a compact way of seeing answers: it allows to see more ...
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63 votes

Should an answer like this really be deleted?

Typically, "thank you" answers should be deleted, yes. In this case, however, it's not just a "thank you" answer. Someone answered in the comments, and the OP posted that solution ...
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63 votes

I don't understand why a flag concerning "spam" was declined

It's a mistake. I don't really remember why I declined it but it should have been instant-nuke. Sorry. So much for being on strike but handling spam flags...
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62 votes

How should duplicate answers be handled when user deletes to remove downvotes?

This is basically "cheating" the system. Flag the new answer with a custom flag, explaining the situation. The mod flag will serve as a marker on their account. If a users does this systematically, ...
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62 votes

What to do about my on-topic self-promoting answers marked as Spam?

I'm quite happy you elected to step forward and discuss this, so let's have a constructive discussion about it. First, to your main conjecture: My understanding based on these posts ... was that self-...
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60 votes

Why is this specific answer not a "Not An Answer"?

Yeah, this was my mistake. I was handling the flag on mobile, and I saw the post as a clear answer without the quotes. I don't know for what reason (I wasn't drunk, that's for sure), perhaps it was ...
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59 votes

How can I restore an answer deleted by a ♦ moderator?

It's quite simple; just flag the answer (the one you want to undelete) for moderator attention and explain the situation. Note that you need to provide a substantially more compelling rationale than &...
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56 votes

Why was this answer deleted by a moderator?

I might have been too overzealous in trying to tame the flags in the mod queues this week, and the answer seemed to look like a one-liner with a URL due to the fact that by default only a plain ...
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56 votes

Should I fix the formatting if it changes the meaning?

Stack Overflow has always done this (C# type specifiers in < > being interpreted as HTML tags outside of a code block), and I've always fixed them without hesitation. It's not about "don't ...
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54 votes

My answer was deleted, but I'm not sure why

Expanding on my comment, and also @greg-449's, the problem here appears to be a misunderstanding; that your answer isn't an answer but a question. I suspect the reason for this, as mentioned in the ...
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54 votes

Should this self answer by a new poster have been deleted in review?

The only real issue with the current answer is all the fluff which caused it to be deleted. Thankfully it was undeleted and edited by @skomisa to make the answer clearer so that it now more obviously ...
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Photo of sourcecode as an answer

Downvote - because it's not a useful answer. Downvoting is the primary method of quality control we have. If you find an answer like this that isn't useful or is low quality, downvote it to allow ...
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