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A required TLS feature is missing. Error code: MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_REQUIRED_TLS_FEATURE_MISSING

We have worked with our CDN provider to roll back a change that was made enforcing OCSP Must-Staple. Firefox should be back in business, sorry for the interruption. To keep up to date follow our ...
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14 votes

Vote Button missing (Firefox-specific)

Steps to enable SVG in Firefox, if disabled (it is enabled by default in the new versions of Firefox): In the address bar, straight up type about:config. NOTE: This can void your existing warranty, ...
12 votes

Suspicious Firefox Add-in for Stack Exchange

The extension itself does not appear to be malicious. Really all it is besides the localization and icons is 2 files: hide-sidebar.css: #sidebar { display: none; } manifest.json (icons abridged)...
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11 votes

Stack Overflow broken with Firefox and Adblock Plus

Update EasyList, a faulty automated commit caused the problem. See
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9 votes

When coming from Google, Stack Overflow opens itself in a new tab and closes the old one with Google history

If you are on page A and open a link to page B; page A, the browser and its extensions decide what happens. Page B has no say in it. Therefore this behavior is not a bug of Stack Overflow as it is ...
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7 votes

NoScript blocking certain links on Stack Overflow

The problem was, that was blocked by NoScript. Allowing that page solved my problem. Thanks to rene for pointing me to the what else do I need paragraph of this answer: The following ...
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Link in Stack Snippet is serving me weird code in Firefox/Stack Snippet Close button missing

Here's what appears to be happening: When you go full-screen, it overlays the snippet iframe on top of everything. Then you click the link inside the iframe, and that fullscreen iframe follows the ...
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7 votes

Keyboard lag when editing answers with stack snippets

Even without snippets, a large enough answer runs into this issue. If Makyen's comment is correct (and it certainly seems to be) that the rendered output is re-rendered on every keypress, some kind ...
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6 votes

Suspicious Firefox Add-in for Stack Exchange

The list of sites is perfectly reasonable; it's pretty much the same as what e.g. my SOUP add-on uses. For various historical reasons, Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, MathOverflow, Ask ...
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6 votes

Clicking "Send message" button when replying to job messages opens file browser

We're working on improvements to the messaging interface. It would appear there were some styling conflicts happening that increased the click area of the "attach file" button, overlapping the "send ...
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5 votes

JavaScript error on main site

The HTTPS Everywhere add-on is causing the issue, so this could extend to other users using the add-on on different browsers. Disabling it for Stack Overflow fixes the issue.
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4 votes

Is Google login with Firefox broken?

There is already a question on meta SE which has many answers. For my issue it was due to different time settings (my laptop was in the future due to incorrect time settings). I would encourage you to ...
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4 votes

New comment flagging dialog is unusable on Firefox

As I posted on Meta Stack Exchange, I have created a userstyle that fixes it appearing in the top left corner. This requires the Stylus add-on and only has been tested on Firefox 56. (install) (source)...
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3 votes

Selectionbox of the Q&A scope misaligned

I wouldn't worry too much about that. Left edge 1px misalignment is present in select elements in Firefox by default, and you cannot override the browser's style of the select element's dropdown list....
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3 votes

Cursor goes to the bottom of the question when editing it

This behavior was intentionally changed in bug 1287655 - input/textarea selectionStart, selectionEnd should return cursor position when selection is empty data:text/html,<script>window.onload = ...
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2 votes

The “Close” button for the snippet “Full page” doesn’t work when site isolation is enabled

This is a bug in Firefox, and Firefox version 97 or 98 will include a fix for this. There is nothing wrong with the code on Stack Overflow's end. If anyone else encounters this issue in another ...
2 votes

Browser back button not working properly in Firefox while viewing questions

This is probably a session/storage issue and it needs to be addressed inside Javascript. I had this issue before, and I had to add compatibility checks, as history sessions are handled differently by ...
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Tags input placeholder text cut off

Fixed on Friday Sept. 14 - code intended for the internal Teams editor snuck into the public sites without associated styles (or consideration of what guidance is needed for tagging on public sites). ...
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2 votes

Alignment issue in the Activity tab in Firefox browser

The proximate cause here is that the extra padding on the blue marker causes the height of the tab to increase by half a pixel (from 12px to 12.5px), which is just enough to make the tab overlap the ...
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1 vote

Applying for jobs in Firefox 52.0 does not work

Thank you for reporting this issue, and I'm sorry that you experienced it. What happened was an XSRF failure: there was likely a race condition between the token's changing server-side and your ...
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Log in to Stack Overflow with a login name not Google ID

With Firefox, you can start multiple sessions at the same time, when you use separate profiles. See Command Line Options for details. On the command line, start Firefox with firefox --new-instance -...
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1 vote

Minor alignment issue in Developer Beta tab in Firefox

Looks like the Developer story alignment issue is fixed in the Firefox browser. Verified in SO version: rev 2016.10.12.4070 Firefox version: 49.0.1 Screenshot for reference:
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