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Perhaps a more in your face "Don't do this" would work with the image upload dialog: Ps this is only a semi-serious suggestion, as I doubt even something this drastic would make any difference if it could be done.


No, there are a number of things about the http connection that are not secure. Your traffic can be sniffed. This means that someone can see what pages you're visiting. This may or may not be a concern for you. I'm not personally concerned about people knowing what stuff about regexes I'm seeing (for example). It's when I look at my profile page that I'm ...


We have paused this campaign until the advertiser removes or fixes this pixel. Update: The advertiser has disabled this content and the campaign is live again.


We don't have full SSL support yet, although it's in the works. Nick blogged about some of the challenges last year here.


Stack Overflow does not fully support HTTPS. You'll mostly see mixed content warnings and issues in chat (with logging in), nothing too major that can't be solved by a script. Stack Exchange definitely does not fully support HTTPS. You actually can't visit the meta sites without getting an error about the wildcard certificate. Just because HTTPS Everywhere ...


As Nick Craver explains in his intro blog post from a few years back, meta.* is not a valid wildcard certificate. And the upkeep of managing 166 sites, plus 164 child meta sites, all listed exhaustively and spread across certificates in groups of 100 per certificate (the maximum number of domains anyone will issue in a single certificate, ...


Reaching out to the client now to get this fixed. The ads have been turned off in the meantime, so you shouldn't see these warnings anymore. As always, appreciate the heads up! UPDATE The ads have been fixed and are now live again.


status-completedfeature-request Update the Flair HTML snippet Can you please update the HTML snippet in the Flair section with https in the <img src="http://. Since copy & paste the snippet to the About me section, it shows the warning as showed in the #2. Screenshot for reference:


No, the HTTPS change only applied to Stack Exchange links. SE has no idea which sites do and don't support HTTP. It'd be a bad idea to replace every single link in every single answer like that. If you happen to be editing something where you see links that can be updated, I'd suggest you do.


Yes, it should be provided over HTTPS. Using an http:// link breaks when you decide to upgrade your site to HTTPS, and it's insecure. Using a protocol relative URL // is no longer recommended by people like Paul Irish, because it's vulnerable to a man-on-the-side attack when served in an HTTP page. Nowadays, just always use HTTPS.


A twitter discussion led to upgrade-insecure-requests being deployed on all Q&A sites. All requests will automatically get updated to https: if the browser supports this directive, which all modern browsers do. This should address the issue in a more permanent way.


For tracking purposes, so people can see at a quick glance: Running list of fixed items (please keep reporting!): Network-wide flair Site switcher dropdown Share URLs were http:// (in build 2017.3.6.25308) Known issues Footer links are relative (this has been the case for some time...we're deciding what to do there due to caching constraints) The Child-...


The best solution is to find an HTTPS based source for the file you desire to use. Files in GitHub repositories are always available via HTTPS jsDelivr (instructions for GitHub links) Example: GitHub page for morris.min.js with 0.4.3 tag: jsDelivr link:


We're on it! We see those issues as well, and we're working with our ad server to get this addressed. It will take time, and it will only apply to new tag sponsorships in the future. Updating every tag sponsorship on the site would take an incredible amount of effort. Some of the larger tags (android, for example) will be taken care of, though. I'll post an ...


There are multiple possible reasons for your observation, including something funny happening at It could also be a name service issue on your end, e.g. some DNS configuration problem or bug. As an experiment, I modified my /etc/hosts file (actually my /private/etc/hosts file on my Mac OS X box) to add the following entry: ...


We have worked with our CDN provider to roll back a change that was made enforcing OCSP Must-Staple. Firefox should be back in business, sorry for the interruption. To keep up to date follow our StackStatus twitter account:


That's just the first domain listed on the certificate. Ours is in the alternative names section, along with a list of other domains using Freshdesk. I believe it's some sort of global "custom domains certificate" that Freshdesk uses for multiple clients rather than issuing separate certificates for every single client.


The left warning says that the page "can be modified by an attacker to change the behavior of the page" whereas the right page says "can be modified by an attacker to change the look of the page." That suggests that the left page has a non-SSL script, whereas the right page has a non-SSL resource of some other type (perhaps an image). Probably there is an ...


The best that we know about is that it's still in progress. Here's a similar question on Meta Stack Exchange which has some details. To answer your specific questions... Your login is secured through your OpenID provider. The data you transmit is not secured, so anyone that wants to snoop on your Stack Exchange traffic could likely do so. There's a lot of ...


As gnat noted, we already had a warning for this - we just broke it a year ago and never noticed. Adam Lear fixed this 10 days ago, and I'm happy to report that it's once again in the face of any user with <= 15 reputation attempting to upload an image:


I use the HTTPS Everywhere extension and the links stay HTTPS.


Laurel and Makoto's answers more or less say what I was going to say. We aren't doing anything special to the inherently not-secure HTTP traffic. However, certain parts of the site are already protected (e.g. authentication/login), and for the most part Stack Overflow will work fine if you were to consciously browse it over HTTPS. There's still work to be ...


I don't think the users1 would read this warning message because they don't read any of the help pages or the help text on the right side. 1The users who are posting in wrong format etc. If a user is posting his code or error message as an image, I'm writing a comment with one of these two links which explain pretty good why you shouldn't do this: http://...


This was an improper link created that should have pointed to the www. website. I pushed an update to fix them, it'll be live in 1 minute and 24 seconds. Now 22. Now 21. Okay hitting submit.


This is first brought up in the question: Better HTTPS support for Stack Exchange sites in december 2011. And re-surfaced earlier this year in Roadmap for HTTPS/SSL support Nick Craver wrote the steps needed to implement SSL support across the network and the road to SSL There are similar posts on MSE like Firefox SSL warning for data....


I've updated the codebase so that new sponsored tags, going forward will use protocol relative URIs. Once that's been pushed out, I'll update the currently stored URIs to be protocol relative as well. One small step for sponsored tags, a tiny leap for HTTPS support. The above has been backed out - there were a few bad assumptions in the fix and some ...


As mentioned, this only works with questions that aren't deleted because deleted questions simply don't exist as far as the public API is concerned. There's a reason they're called deleted questions after all. There's not much that can be done about this from a technical point of view unless the titles of deleted questions were made available to the public ...


This entire test page is... Woefully obsolete. Even if all the tests completed successfully, there's no guarantee you'll be able to log in... And of course, the tests failing indicates nothing, since the tests themselves are broken. At some point, we'll probably want an up-to-date diagnostics page that reflects the current reality of how login works across ...


This look to be fixed since at least this morning. The links in the Site Switcher are now <div class="related-links"> <a href="" class="js-gps-track" data-gps-track="{ item_type:14 })">help</a> <a href="" class="js-gps-track" data-gps-track="...


Turn off HTTPS Everywhere, or at least disable it for Stack Overflow and all other Stack Exchange sites. HTTPS is not officially supported yet. There are issues with the format of the URLS - particularly for meta and chat that mean they can't get a sensible number of certificates. I believe there are issues with accessing imgur as well (but I could be wrong ...

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