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After 4 years, I finally updated the favicon to resemble a full Stack Overflow logo because we have the technology now.


I had a look into this last night. The favicon for chat is here. It has some rather bad alpha channel issues that means it looks awful against any non-white background. I've been alerted in comments that the chat favicon issue has been already raised here and it looks like the issue is that the favicon was saved using PNG-8 vs PNG-24. The new main site ...


This has been corrected. The issue here was accidentally saving out the original PNG files as PNG-8s instead of PNG-24s. Lesson learned. -- Edit: I am a Senior Product Designer at Stack Overflow.


Thanks for the report. We found we had a few settings that were missed during this tricky migration. It should be ok now.


If anyone's interested, I made a userscript to get rid of this anemic abomination. Stack Apps GitHub Gist


That's the Qualtrics favicon. While very similar, that icon is not the same as the Quora favicon: Qualtrics: Quora:


Okay, I found out why this is and how it can be fixed. Just change all the borked favicon's div's favicon-stackexchangemeta class to favicon-stackoverflowmeta.


That is not an actual redirect you're seeing, it's the newnav prototype replacing the url with the permalink via history.replaceState(...). Since this happens very quickly - I can only guess before chrome has time to fetch and save the new favicon for the url - the old favicon never get's replaced. All the favicons are correctly ...


In most browsers, favicons, like most images, are cached. They're only refreshed if the user uses a full refresh (Cmd+F5), they're never updated individually, and Safari only shows them in bookmarks, which mostly defeats the idea of using it to draw attention to the tab. So allow me to make a counter-proposal: you know this thing from the main page and ...


Is it really fixed? It still looks bad in chats.


We're still not sure what happened here, but at some point the icon-16 and icon-32 files used to generate the favicons and sprites automatically got replaced with smaller versions. This happens in a batch on the designer machines before upload - so somewhere there's a slightly more whitespaced version that snuck in the overall update commit. This was not ...


Fix is going out with next build - 2014.11.28.2809 on meta, 2014.11.28.2054 on sites.


This is working now for me. Let me know if you're still seeing this bug.


We have a static content deployment race where the CDN might end up caching the wrong (old) version of an image. This is what you were seeing. We are working on fixing our deployment process so this doesn't happen, but have not solved it yet.


Investigated a few things: We've updated the fields here to be more consistent with dashes where the dropdowns are. We're okay with the cutoff on the dropdown for how many developers since it becomes visible upon click. We'll also look into making the favicon consistent across both sites, but have to do that in the future.


This has apparently been fixed but the chance didn't go through probably due to cache. On Mac OS X I've fixed it by refreshing with ⌘ + ⇧ + R.

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