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xspdf.com uses Stack Overflow content to get traffic and how to block it in search engines

You can report it to Google: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/spamreportform
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xspdf.com uses Stack Overflow content to get traffic and how to block it in search engines

There are two ways that I know to filter sites out of your Google Search results. Append -site:xspdf.com to your query Use a browser extension like Personal Blocklist (Chrome, Firefox)
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Strange highlighting for a few seconds

The highlight is a Google search feature, where it’ll show the matching section on the page by adding a specially formatted URL hash fragment (starting with :~:text=). You got to that page by clicking ...
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Can't Seem to get This Code Into a Codeblock

Testing with a textarea produces this result when four spaces is typed in (encoded so we can see whitespace characters): Seems like Chrome inserts a linefeed character %0A after two spaces, as the ...
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One-line codeblock scrollbars won't disappear

I'm using Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 (64-bit) on Mac, but I don't have this issue. On the other hand, I may have a solution. The behavior of scroll bars can be changed in System Preferences. (Look ...
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xspdf.com uses Stack Overflow content to get traffic and how to block it in search engines

I would expect Stack Overflow to block it Anyone is free to use Stack Overflow's content under the license. It follows that, anyone is free to make a Stack Overflow clone with existing content, as ...
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Random Margin Bug

This is not a bug in the site. Quoting (and slightly paraphrasing) my own post on Meta Stack Exchange: You are using an adblocker that leaves the div in place but blocks the image. You have ...
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xspdf.com uses Stack Overflow content to get traffic and how to block it in search engines

While this isn't a fix to the underlying issue, if you just want to see answers from Stack Overflow, you can add "site:stackoverflow.com" to your search query. This is similar to hacker1024'...
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What is this yellow highlight?

Google is conducting tests (with a small percentage of users) highlighting search results in the page. If you recently made a search on Google and noticed that the website from that result had text ...
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Stack Overflow won't work on Chrome 77 for Mac because of text substitution support

You can turn this feature off by unchecking edit->Substitutions->Smart Quotes etc... This appears to be the same as Safari except, at least for me, Safari defaults to having these features off As ...
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I can't ask a question on stackoverflow for the past day

That's odd; I'm inclined to think minification, but : I cannot reproduce the issue either logged in or anon; the code here is actually talking to an array (someArray.push(whatever);, where someArray ...
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Keyboard lag when editing answers with stack snippets

Even without snippets, a large enough answer runs into this issue. If Makyen's comment is correct (and it certainly seems to be) that the rendered output is re-rendered on every keypress, some kind ...
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Is Stack Overflow a secure site? Why is Google Chrome showing a virus icon?

It's not insecure - it simply has some images which are loaded over HTTP rather than HTTPS. The resources loaded over HTTP are your images. https://i.stack.imgur.com/gwIXQ.png https://i.stack.imgur....
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All I see is "Join the Community" – how do I login from Chrome?

When I go to SO using Chrome in incognito mode I see the "sign up" and "login" links as expected. The only time you see "join this community" is when you are currently signed into a Stack Exchange ...
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One-line codeblock scrollbars won't disappear

I posted my solution in another question but will post the same answer here too, EDIT: @Patrick Roberts suggested that you could just override the default CSS with stylish instead of using ...
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Can't use CTRL+K on Stack Overflow in Chrome

According to Glen Murphy, Design Director, Google Chrome It's there for backwards compatibility with the search shortcut in previous browsers. The question mark is a way to force a search (for ...
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<nobr> Tag Support

Depending on the characters on which the line breaks happen, you may find an alternative "non‑breaking" Unicode variant. I had the problem with a hyphen, and could replace it with "‑&...
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How to Login to Stack Overflow in Chrome with a different Google ID than the one I'm using for Chrome

I too was initially troubled by this. But trust me, this is not a bug, but feature. On clicking sign in with Google, it simply checks how many google accounts you are already signed in to. If it is ...
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Add allow-modals to the sandbox of Stack Snippets, snippets are broken in Chrome 46+

I just pushed a fix for this. Sorry about the delay here - guess nobody noticed the report until recently. The fix will be live in the next build (2015.12.1.3045 on SO, 2015.12.1.3939 here).
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Code snippet console scrolling issue in Chrome

After fiddling around in Dev Tools for a bit I can see that adding these CSS declarations would fix this specific issue: .as-console-row-code { overflow-wrap: anywhere; } .as-console-row:after { ...
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Can't insert spaces for code block, get a newline instead

It wasn't inserting newlines. That's just how the text wrapping works. You can type the spaces, and you'll see the change in the preview. Once you get to four you'll see the code indent.
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My reputation number seems to be misaligned in the top right profile info bar

Looks like this was fixed in the last topbar cleanup we did for responsive design.
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Is Google login with Firefox broken?

There is already a question on meta SE which has many answers. For my issue it was due to different time settings (my laptop was in the future due to incorrect time settings). I would encourage you to ...
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Stack Overflow Chrome Question only Guided Mode

The editor you're seeing in Chrome is part of a temporary experiment being run by the staff to find out how the wizard will affect the behaviour of new users asking questions. Some new users get shown ...
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Tags input placeholder text cut off

Fixed on Friday Sept. 14 - code intended for the internal Teams editor snuck into the public sites without associated styles (or consideration of what guidance is needed for tagging on public sites). ...
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Rats! WebGL hit a snag

I have hit this issue a few times in recent days. To get around it on Chrome, enable "Disable WebGL" in chrome://flags.
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Random Margin Bug

This was happened to me also in the past. It was happened because I am using AdBlock extension... And ads are not displaying for every page-views... So you will see this margin for only some time.
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"Learn More" button overlaps text in Documentation banner

When I went to the Stack Overflow Documentation page it was working fine. It is probably a glitch caused by your browser. To solve this: Delete browser history to clear up space, reload the page or ...
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Stack Overflow stopped working properly in Chrome

I jumped the gun and thought Adblock was the issue for me. Disabled the extension and everything went back to normal. But after a reload the same issue still remained. Went through all extensions ...
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