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I wonder what's wrong with the answer? The answer was "link only" (does not contain a solution, but a link to a potential solution), and was partly written in Russian. Posts should be self-sufficient (links can support a post, but answers needs to be intelligible even if the link dies or breaks), and should be posted in English.


There were multiple problems with this answer. You need to read how to answer to learn more about writing good answers. What is PS: at the start of the post? Is this meant to be P.S. i.e. Post Scriptum? If so, then why is it at the very beginning of the answer? If the same question has been asked before why not post this answer there and then close this ...


The incentive to delete it is that presumably it's not a complete and correct answer to the question. If it was you could have accepted it and that would have prevented its deletion. Did you upvote the answer yourself? If not then you're really not telling us that the answer you received was better than no answer at all. The answer was upvoted so the ...

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