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I'm still a little unsure about one edge case... Let's say I have > 10K reputation and I write a question. The question is deleted by 3 x 10K voters. I and two other 10K voters vote to undelete. The question is deleted again by 3 different 10K voters. Nothing against the rules so far but, can I now vote to undelete a second time? Part of the rule ...


I find your phrasing here rather bizarre. The asker deleted their own question for a reason only known to them, which has nothing to do with whether the question is acceptable by Stack Overflow's rules, yet you appear to be operating on the premise that the question was deleted because it's not acceptable by Stack Overflow's rules... wat? A user is allowed ...


The question was undeleted thanks to a third voter, so my take from this is that this kind of (very specific) question is ok, as I thought.


The question was closed as a dupe, then the system automatically deleted it. Not seeing much point in undeleting this question, since it'd still have to prove that it wasn't a dupe or somehow clean itself up to be a better sign post, and I'm not seeing a lot of opportunity for that.

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