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What should we do with [[this]-keyword]?

should we otherwise unambiguate them? There doesn't seem to be a problem with the usage of either tags. Both are consistently used for questions about how this functions in various object-oriented ...
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Should we merge [swiper], [swiper.js] and [swiperjs]?

This merge has been completed, me and Zoe stands with Ukraine disambiguated the swiper tag, and afterwards Zoe stands with Ukraine created synonymous tags swiper and swiperjs for the main tag swiper....
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Should the [ts] tag be a synonym to [typescript]?

What for tags goes applies to synonyms as well. Tags don't get created out of thin air, they can only come into existence when they get added to a question. So first things first: Which question(s) ...
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What is the difference between [create-react-app] and [react-create-app]? Should the latter be aliased to the former?

I retagged all the react-create-app questions for which there was internal textual evidence that the question was really about create-react-app. Linda Paiste retagged all those referring to react-...
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