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As mentioned by Andrew T in the linked synonym request on Android Enthusiasts: I think android-10 is appropriate with android-q as the synonym. This is also according to what Google uses on its blog. Therefore, have android-10.0 as the tag does make sense. I have renamed the tag androidq to android-10.0 and added android-10.0-q as a synonym, that is: ...


I support this. I was doing some Maven Plugin development this week and it was practically impossible to use SO for this purpose as this tag is so often misused. I would say that at least 90% of the questions that use this tag are not at all about Maven Plugin development. Please, please, can one of the moderators execute a rename on this tag.


These tags seem to be synonym to me: open-graph-protocol: The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. Web pages become open graph objects by adding basic metadata information to a page. The projects web page is located at opengraph: Facebook's Graph API allows websites to draw information ...


I started writing an answer by stating that we can't add a synonym in that direction, because twiml has more than 1.25 times the number of questions in twilio-twiml, but surprisingly, it went through and I was able to create a synonym. Either the underlying check has changed (which is a welcome one), or there's some other criteria at play (which would be ...

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