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Collective article written by one person and posted by another

Please consider this to be "flagged" via this post, and we (Stack Overflow Community and Customer Success Teams) will follow up with the team at Microsoft. Thanks for highlighting this and ...
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Collectives icon has wonky borders

On Firefox (Windows 10), I don't see borders, but I do see a couple of stray pixels at each corner no matter what the zoom setting. The pixels show up whether I follow the search link or the question ...
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Exclude collectives from search

The ability to exclude questions related to a specific Collective has been added to the search feature. This is done using the syntax collective:-"Name" and results in a search that ...
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Amazon Collective launch and tag discussion

While there's a case to be made for calling everything aws-*, that doesn't really seem like the most correct solution, universally, because that isn't always how the services are actually named or how ...
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User shown twice under "Top answer scores" of collectives

Thank you for the bug report. The sidebar widgets should now correctly calculate reputation earned from posts created within the last week. Top scores from articles are now contained in a separate ...
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Collectives articles can be tagged with blocklisted tags

Thank you for reporting this. We are now enforcing reputation requirements to create new tags on articles. We have also added validation that should prevent blocklisted or additional tags from saving.
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Can I answer collective questions with a non-collective answer?

Questions in tags that belong to a collective are treated exactly the same as any other question on the site. Collectives do not change the way how answering, moderation, etc. works. Collectives don't ...
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