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I renamed the tag (per this comment) to matlab-spm. Acronym tags are often assigned whatever meaning suits the poster, and the excerpt is often ignored. A tag rename tends to fix this for good.


Transferring comments into an answer. Those questions tagged with the spm tag that are about Swift Package Manager are mistagged and should simply be retagged with the swift-package-manager tag. Since there are at most 40 questions (actually, quite a lot less) to deal with, those with sufficient power (reputation) to edit without bothering the review queues ...


As people have commented already, bit-depth is a more general term than color-depth. Whereas color depth is the number of bits per pixel, any attribute that is digitized has a bit depth, which is the number of bits per sample. Audio and voltage measurements are just two examples. In practical usage on Stack Overflow, there is almost certainly some overlap ...

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