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[Disclosure: I work for Amazon specifically on OpenSearch] If you take a look at the disambiguation page on, it refers to the 2005 OpenSearch as the "OpenSearch Syndication Protocol" and the still existing OpenSearch GitHub repo calls it the "OpenSearch Protocol." The 2021 project itself doesn't use "Amazon OpenSearch,&...


One is a protocol, the other is a product (based on another product). Amazon's opensearch can be amazon-opensearch meanwhile the other can be opensearch-protocol. That's how disambiguation goes, removing the ambiguous tag. People wouldn't be confused by either.


We need to disambiguate the tag into names that are both specific enough and antagonistic enough that one wouldn't pick one when they need the other. E.g.: opensearch-original-2005 opensearch-elasticsearch-2021


Is it a problem now? If so, then I would imagine that patterns of the problem or symptoms of the problem exist or are appearing, such as users tagging the question as opensearch when they actual mean to talk about Amazon's Elasticsearch variant. If not, then there's not a lot of preemptive work to do in this case, since we don't know the convention we want ...


Literally copy-n-pasting the same answer from previous discussion We don't need a generic container tag, not even a per-OS tag. Containers are different implementations of para-virtualization and none is compatible with each other. LXC containers aren't compatible with Docker, nor with Kubernetes, nor with Xen*, etc. If there are programming questions about ...

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