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Declined flag - rude language should have been edited out [duplicate]

I recently flagged a post as "rude /abusive" that multiple persons within the comments found to be insulting. The OP used inappropriate swearing words and sentences referring to parents (...
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1 answer

Why was this harmless looking question marked as spam/RA and deleted (by a moderator)?

Why was this question marked as spam or RA and deleted by a moderator? Screenshot for those who can't see deleted posts: It's certainly not a quality question and already got a close vote and there ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Why did staff mark this "thank you" answer as Rude/Abusive and convert-to-comment to the question?

The answer post I am referring to is this: Thank you. I spent an hour looking for a solution until i came across this There was only ever one ...
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A user is rolling back a Moderator edit, what more can be done? [duplicate]

It's about this answer that I flagged because it contains rude/noisy content. The moderators removed the noise but the OP rollback to a previous version. I tried to do the same but still, the OP ...
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What to do about a question primarily in English, but with some rude content in another language? [duplicate]

A week ago, I came across this question. It contains Russian word and Cyrillic, so I assume the author knows the Russian language. Also, the post contains a couple of transliterated (п -> p, и ->...
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4 answers

Are moderators allowed to tolerate Islamophobic posts?

I saw this question with offensive content (see the edit history): Some comments criticized the offensive content. A ...
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-16 votes
3 answers

Vagueness of Spam flag / flags in general?

When a question contains links to pornographic material, material intended to be of sexual nature, explicit text or all of the above, are users powerless at flagging content as spam because the rules ...
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57 votes
1 answer

Should we not flag rude/abusive a post containing valuable content?

declined - While we understand your concern(s), the "rude/abusive" flag should only be used when the post is completely unsalvageable and needs deletion. This post can (and should have been) ...
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2 answers

Does calling another user's behavior "petty, childish, and a waste of everyone's time" in an answer not qualify as rude or abusive? [closed]

Said phrase is used in an answer to a question that - ironically - is about verbal abuse. When I flagged the answer first, the flag was deemed helpful, and I got this response: I had already spoken ...
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User harassment [duplicate]

I removed an answer because the OP decided to change the scope of the question, and it was no longer useful. They then wrote a rant about this. I've since been contacted via an email by the OP to rant ...
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73 votes
4 answers

An asker inserted insults in a question edit; a ‘rude or abusive’ flag was raised in response. Why was it disputed?

After two edits to a post to remove salutations (and fix typos) the OP rolled back the revisions and edited this into the post: Edit: Can you like Fuckoff Mr. "insert user name" ? what a ...
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Why was this post deleted by the community bot (but not as rude/spam)?

I recently encountered an answer that was listed as being deleted by the community bot. The post is obvious trolling, and the user account was cleaned up. Image for <10k: That being said, the text ...
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-9 votes
2 answers

Any reason to keep extremely rude users here?

I'm aware of a user who has zero contributions, and uses profanity. I've flagged the comments as Unfriendly or Unkind. But the user is still with us. It is hard to understand. Does Stack Overflow ...
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2 answers

A post with an image containing bad words in it isn't rude or abusive?

I've flagged this post as Rude or Abusive due to the bad words in the image of the code it has. It was declined. Shouldn't I flag when I see those things? Or it is acceptable to have bad words in ...
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0 answers

Is it OK to decline a flag while accepting it in another way? [duplicate]

I recently raised a flag on this question that was clearly rude to many people especially to the dedicated creators of the Go Language and many other Go developers. Here is a snippet of the original ...
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What makes this answer "spam or rude or abusive"? Is it that one use of a swear word?

This answer (10K+ link) was marked as spam or rude or abusive, screenshot for those with less than 10K rep: I can totally see why it would be deleted as NAA (not an answer), but spam or rude or ...
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1 answer

What detections were at play causing a declined flag?

I've flagged an answer as rude/abusive (R/A), because I'm a reasonable flower and I find You may wana do breast detection using depth camera. inappropriate for respectful discourse, specially if the ...
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1 answer

Why was this question marked as rude/spam?

I recently encountered a question that was clearly off-topic (it was asking about why a particular contest didn't allow external libraries, which should be directed to the people holding the contest ...
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-26 votes
3 answers

Why so unfriendly (and unfair)?

Earlier today I asked a question on Stack Overflow based on a problem I faced on LeetCode. Three issues: First, a user ranted saying how "these contest/challenge/competitive coding/hacking sites&...
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43 votes
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Should I be worried about a declined rude/abusive flag because the answer was edited within the grace period?

I have flagged an answer as rude/abusive, because it was really rude at the time I saw it. It was something like You are so stupid, if you can't figure out yourself. The answer was edited during the ...
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-43 votes
1 answer

How to complain about an abusive moderator? Maybe leaving the site and erasing all your answers [duplicate]

This moderator had simply deleted my post because it was identical to another answer I gave. Here it is his comments: Please don't post duplicate answers, particularly ones that are little more than ...
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Since when is "People on this site are idiots." not considered rude? [duplicate]

I have found this post in the reopen queue: How do I fetch a second image in javascript? The edit to the post not only did not make it suitable for reopening, but was a straightforward offense, so I ...
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Who should edit out obscene/foul words in non-English languages if they are not disapproved as rude/abusive? [duplicate]

Today I have detected a post containing transliterated foul Russian words in the code snippet: In "Level1" class I have this: private static String[] mudak; // word #1 private static ...
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-13 votes
2 answers

My flags on rude comments were marked "helpful", but the user seems to have gotten away with it

Last night I was offended by another user (they wrote a very rude and insulting comment) which I flagged twice. Both flags "helpful" but user was not punished. Is it the new policy of ...
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1 answer

If I post spam, rude or abusive content on a site-specific meta, do I get the -100 reputation?

Suppose this question was rude or abusive and it received 6 rude or abusive flags. Would I get the -100 reputation? Would it? Not that I would post rude or abusive here, but if I did... Would 100 of ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Another new user complaining about the site being unfriendly and elitist ... what to do differently?

Screenshot: The fire-script of the 'MachineGun script (js)' does what he wants (from The answers of https://answers.unity....
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63 votes
1 answer

Why was I slapped on the wrist?

Last week I received a private moderator message saying: ...We wanted to let you know that we've observed some rudeness in your latest activity. We get it; anyone who's ever tried to engage with ...
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Asking questions on topics frequented by users I don't want to interact with [duplicate]

There's a topic I'm interested in on Stack Overflow. I asked a question for which I received some very useful answers. This is also not my first question. I've been on Stack Overflow for a number of ...
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1 answer

Should revisions with rude content be redacted?

My question is triggered by this revision page: When a rude post is made on the website we flag as R/A and it gets deleted as well as being ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Flags are declined because an edit was made afterwards

I flagged a question on Stack Overflow as 'rude or abusive' because it contained some inappropriate words. Shortly afterwards, the question was edited, removing these words, and so my flag was ...
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1 answer

Rude/abusive flag not shown in Flag History

I recently raised a (subsequently accepted) comment flag for "Harrassment, bigotry, or abuse": Nevertheless, my flag history shows only one "rude/abusive" flag: which is an older (disputed) one: Is ...
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10 votes
2 answers

I'm trying to be polite to this user, but it doesn't seem to be helping. What should I do?

I recently tried to explain to a user that their answer couldn't be correct because the question wasn't complete yet: However, the user seemed to take this personally and started saying somewhat ...
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0 answers

How to deal with rude new contributors? [duplicate]

I got a notification of an answer on one of my questions. The author is a new contributor. The answer itself should have been a comment on the accepted answer. Indeed, the author had posted another ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Why was my flag to a rude/abusive answer declined?

I flagged this answer as rude or abusive because: The username was garbage (jooooooooooooooooooooooo) The answer consisted of: codejooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo which makes ...
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2 answers

Hostility, deleted rude comment, and personal attack by downvoting of old question

I have a question about my Stack Overflow post: OpenOffice Calc find value in table, return value of other cell in same row as match I believe my post here was specific enough before the edits, and ...
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1 answer

What if someone is being rude but ends up answering correctly?

What if someone is being rude in the comments when you mention their answer/edit are not working, but their third attempt of answering is mostly correct? Do you engage (and ask to improve the answer)...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to deal with a rude user which is up on war with you?

Yesterday I wrote a long comment for an LQ question where I explained why it's not meant to be rude if someone tries to get more information. The question was deleted immediately so I wrote a comment ...
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5 answers

Declined Rude/Abusive flag on nonsense post that doesn't involve keyboard-mashing

This is a question regarding a declined Rude/Abusive flag I raised against this answer (10k+) earlier today. The contents of the answer for those under 10k rep: Body must be at least 30 characters; ...
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2 answers

Moderator flag on non-spam declined?

This answer was deleted a long time ago and it had spam (R/A) flags on it. The content is: test if this website has nofollow for external links Seeing it is considered spam ...
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38 votes
5 answers

Attack on the suggestion of a duplicate

This morning I posted two possible solutions to this question as a comment while I searched for a duplicate as the root issue was something many inexperienced in databinding make. I eventually found ...
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-5 votes
3 answers

Image with a vulgarity. What to do?

This question was asked. At first I wanted to simply ask for more details, as it was the second question that seemed to ask about a similar programmatic change today in the topics I try to help out on....
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1 answer

What to do with condescending non-answers that violate the Code of Conduct?

I recently encountered this answer: If that was a comment, I'd just flag it as "unfriendly or unkind" for being a put-down. That being said, since this is posted as an answer, how should we flag it? ...
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-2 votes
1 answer

Is there a way to leave a note to a moderator with the rude or abusive flag?

A user used profanity in his code (a package name) visible in his attached screenshot in his otherwise ok (low quality but nothing criminal) question. I flagged the question as rude or abusive, ...
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124 votes
11 answers

When is a comment hostile or unfriendly? (Educating newer users how to flag comments)

TL; DR Basically there's an increase of people flagging comments as unkind when there's nothing wrong with them. A comment saying your question is a duplicate is not rude. So please stop it. ...
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63 votes
3 answers

Am I being too rude suggesting the OP to ask their boss for clarification and not to ask the same question twice

I left a couple of comments on this question, which is a near duplicate of another question the same user asked a couple of days ago. Both of these are quite broad, and I've flagged the newest ...
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12 votes
5 answers

Is using CAPS LOCK instead of mark-down formatting rude or abusive

Yesterday, I came across a post that was about a Python package installation. I was commenting to see if they could give more info, when I noticed the user was using too much caps lock on their posts. ...
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Why do some posts get deleted by Community with only a few flags?

I recently encountered a post that was locked by the Community user as spam or offensive. However, its score was only -3. Why did it get deleted with that few of flags?
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250 votes
18 answers

What if they COULD google their question in 5 seconds?

One example from the revised Code of Conduct of a comment that will now be considered "rude" is "You could google this in 5 seconds." Indeed, my usual comment for cases like this is the relatively ...
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-37 votes
1 answer

May a simple user impede someone to discuss about a question he closed on a chatroom?

Reading a question, which may be good or bad, I wanted to discss it with the user who closed it. And after explaining my point of view I got kicked out of the forum within a few comments with this ...
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-14 votes
1 answer

Why my comments were flagged as being rude?

I waited a whole week to find this opportunity again to write on meta. I was suspended for a week, now being out of rehab. Weird moments when I saw the suspension banner but that was a good experience ...
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