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Comments asking for clarification or an MCVE are not rude/abusive

This is the latest comment to be flagged in what is becoming a trend in faux rude/abusive flags. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot see anything rude or abusive in this comment, in fact they use ...
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When is a comment hostile or unfriendly? (Educating newer users how to flag comments)

TL; DR Basically there's an increase of people flagging comments as unkind when there's nothing wrong with them. A comment saying your question is a duplicate is not rude. So please stop it. ...
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Flagged a question as rude/abusive, then edited question resulting in disputed flag

I guess this will be more of a question for 10k users, as this question has already been removed by moderation. Today I saw a post insulting the dear SO members, and a claim that the user therefore ...
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Rude flag declined on question + link

I marked as rude. It was declined. Not a big deal. But after it was deleted. Why it was deleted? (I don't know how/ to ...
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Why was my abusive flag on a post containing only gibberish declined?

Today, I flagged this answer (now deleted) as rude/abusive: However, my flag was declined: and I'm curious as to the reasons why, because common consensus agrees with me: What makes something rude ...
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Let's get aligned on how spam flags can be used

Recently, I've noticed some contention — and simple miscommunication — over when 'red' flags ('spam' and 'rude or abusive') should be cast on Stack Overflow, and how moderators should handle them. ...
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Is this kind of parental advise in the community OK? [duplicate]

Should we flag such a question like the following? Compiler does not identify class on the same package Because the OP posted something like (edited by me): System.out.println("random ass shit"); ...
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What if they COULD google their question in 5 seconds?

One example from the revised Code of Conduct of a comment that will now be considered "rude" is "You could google this in 5 seconds." Indeed, my usual comment for cases like this is the relatively ...
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What have I done wrong if OP comments "this entire site is discouraging to newcomers"? Considering rudeness / politeness

I recently came across this (now deleted) question which to me seemed like a I haven't tried anything, can you please do my job? question. Therefore, I added a comment with more or less the standard ...
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Why is there no report flag in a profile?

I was just suggested an edit. In case you are not able to view the link here's the screenshot - Warning: Abusive language So I wanted to report this user (not just this post). Moreover, this id ...
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How do you flag an offensive username when the user has no posts? [duplicate]

We just deleted a rude answer in SOCVR, but the user also made his name rude as well. Since the post was already flagged as spam I couldn't also mod flag it. And there's no way to flag his profile, ...
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Flags are declined because an edit was made afterwards

I flagged a question on Stack Overflow as 'rude or abusive' because it contained some inappropriate words. Shortly afterwards, the question was edited, removing these words, and so my flag was ...
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Why is this comment not considered rude?

On another meta discussion, I came across this highly upvoted comment: Spending your free time in the [c] and [c++] tag is like taking vacation in Syria. You have to participate in the jihad and ...
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An asker inserted insults in a question edit; a ‘rude or abusive’ flag was raised in response. Why was it disputed?

After two edits to a post to remove salutations (and fix typos) the OP rolled back the revisions and edited this into the post: Edit: Can you like Fuckoff Mr. "insert user name" ? what a ...
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What should I do with a rude/abusive comment on an off topic question?

I came across a review audit that had an obviously off topic question. Then I noticed that there was a comment right below it, clearly insulting the OP. There was even an upvote on it. I'm surprised ...
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Is it rude/abusive to include junk text to bypass the minimum texts requirements?

Very related (but somewhat less specific): What to do with questions where the author inserted gibberish to bypass the minimum length check? Also related: Is it rude/abusive to knowingly abuse the ...
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21 votes
2 answers

Why did staff mark this "thank you" answer as Rude/Abusive and convert-to-comment to the question?

The answer post I am referring to is this: Thank you. I spent an hour looking for a solution until i came across this There was only ever one ...
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How to deal with a rude user which is up on war with you?

Yesterday I wrote a long comment for an LQ question where I explained why it's not meant to be rude if someone tries to get more information. The question was deleted immediately so I wrote a comment ...
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Is it rude/abusive to knowingly abuse the answer section?

Every once in a while going through the VLQ queue, I'll notice a new question posted as an answer that's prefaced with "I know that this isn't an answer, but..." (I'll occasionally even see this from ...
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Are moderators allowed to tolerate Islamophobic posts?

I saw this question with offensive content (see the edit history): Some comments criticized the offensive content. A ...
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What exactly is considered 'Rude or Offensive' in comments anymore?

I know all too well the routine of a new Stack Overflow user. They ask a poor question, and then get burned by comments saying things such as: "Go do your own homework" "Have you tried anything?" "...
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64 votes
2 answers

Rude flag dismissed on comment saying user "doesn't seem to be able to develop basic Java code"

I flagged the following answer as rude because of the line: Especially for user7294900 who doesn't seem to be able to develop basic Java code: It violates the first and third rules of be nice model: ...
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Am I being too rude suggesting the OP to ask their boss for clarification and not to ask the same question twice

I left a couple of comments on this question, which is a near duplicate of another question the same user asked a couple of days ago. Both of these are quite broad, and I've flagged the newest ...
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57 votes
2 answers

Should we not flag rude/abusive a post containing valuable content?

declined - While we understand your concern(s), the "rude/abusive" flag should only be used when the post is completely unsalvageable and needs deletion. This post can (and should have been) ...
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Does this constitute a "gibberish post"?

I'm asking about the following question: VB.NET Quick Sort And an image (in case the question is deleted, so this question still makes sense): The OP deliberately obfuscated the code by posting it ...
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37 votes
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Feature added to show that your answer has been marked as rude or offensive

I had recently come across this meta question. In this case, the user didn't know why the reputation was deducted. I request a feature to be added to show tell why the reputation was deducted. So this ...
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What should be done about porn links in questions?

What would be preferable steps to take when someone posts links to porn videos in a question? I mean, I already flagged a post more than 3 hours ago using the option "in need of moderator ...
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Why was this question marked as rude/spam?

I recently encountered a question that was clearly off-topic (it was asking about why a particular contest didn't allow external libraries, which should be directed to the people holding the contest ...
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What are the typical punishments for having a post found to be rude/abusive or spam?

My understanding is that there are several ways to have a post found to be rude/abusive or spam: either enough people flag the post as rude/abusive/spam that the system auto-deletes the post or ...
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I'm trying to be polite to this user, but it doesn't seem to be helping. What should I do?

I recently tried to explain to a user that their answer couldn't be correct because the question wasn't complete yet: However, the user seemed to take this personally and started saying somewhat ...
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Image with a vulgarity. What to do?

This question was asked. At first I wanted to simply ask for more details, as it was the second question that seemed to ask about a similar programmatic change today in the topics I try to help out on....
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If I post spam, rude or abusive content on a site-specific meta, do I get the -100 reputation?

Suppose this question was rude or abusive and it received 6 rude or abusive flags. Would I get the -100 reputation? Would it? Not that I would post rude or abusive here, but if I did... Would 100 of ...
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Does calling another user's behavior "petty, childish, and a waste of everyone's time" in an answer not qualify as rude or abusive? [closed]

Said phrase is used in an answer to a question that - ironically - is about verbal abuse. When I flagged the answer first, the flag was deemed helpful, and I got this response: I had already spoken ...
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