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A disputed flag is a flag that a community process has determined to not be valid.

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Is using a screenshot and reference link wrong?

I've recently answered a question with a screenshot from a reference site. It was a table so I pasted a screenshot to preserve styling. I also added the reference site link. This was downvoted by ...
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I don't understand why a flag concerning "spam" was declined

The question is about this answer: Why did this python list get passed by value? It contains a gibberish text that is in no way related to the question and a link to a crypto exchange website. For me, ...
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An asker inserted insults in a question edit; a ‘rude or abusive’ flag was raised in response. Why was it disputed?

After two edits to a post to remove salutations (and fix typos) the OP rolled back the revisions and edited this into the post: Edit: Can you like Fuckoff Mr. "insert user name" ? what a ...
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Flag rejected as "Declined", despite author edit, possibly due to interstitial deletion [duplicate]

Normally, when an answer is flagged, and then the answer is subsequently edited into an appropriate answer, the flag is rejected as "Disputed" instead of "Declined". Yesterday, ...
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Does an (admittedly) "wild guess" qualify as an answer or should it be a comment?

Note: Thank you for the answers and discussion. It's clear from the feedback that "wild guesses" are a valid "answer", although not necessarily a good one. I now understand that ...
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This looks like an attempt to reply to the flaggers

Moderators sometimes try to communicate with the flagging community by taking a slightly different approach so our flags get either disputed or declined. I'm not sure what the moderator (who should ...
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My duplicate-flag was disputed, but the question was marked as a duplicate anyway?

While doing the "First Posts" review queue, I flagged this question as a duplicate of this question. That this is correct, is obvious by looking at both questions, and the first question was ...
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Shouldn't flags such as "close flag due to off-topic" marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes for same reason?

Shouldn't flags such as close flag due to off-topic marked as unhelpful be remarked as helpful when a moderator later on closes, especially if for same reason? E.g. A question closed as off-topic in ...
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Why was a flag marked as disputed? [duplicate]

I have flagged recently one post as a duplicate. But the flag was marked as disputed. But, the post was marked as duplicate in the end. So, why is my flag disputed?
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No attempt to answer, code-only answer with own library. Isn't that self-promotion in disguise?

I flagged this answer as spam. The author doesn't even try to find the root cause of the bug. They could have suggested a solution with both technologies (OP's and theirs) and that would have been ...
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Spam flags disputed

I recently flagged two posts of the same user as spam, which were nevertheless disputed and no post was deleted as a result. I am perfectly aware that accusing someone for spamming is no joke and ...
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Evaluating recently declined flags

I had two flags rejected yesterday. I think I understand the lessons to take away from these, but I want to be certain. Very Low Quality The first post appears as though it was meant as a comment ...
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Disputed flag on what I've seen before as spam

I don't get this. My spam flag for this question (now deleted) was disputed. Why? Posts like that were flagged as just that before, so what gives now? The post gets deleted by a mod and I'm the bad ...
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What to do about a declined flag that was clearly valid before the OP updated their post?

There was a post on SO that was all written in what I think is Portuguese. In the past I have tried to translate and update the post but someone rolled back my edit and said I should not translate ...
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I have trouble understanding a VLQ flag that was disputed, given links only

Per a comment I left: I have trouble understanding the disputed "VLQ" flag. The links here could potentially disappear one day and the rest is all but comments. Honestly, the reviewers aren't doing ...
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Flag seems to be handled incorrect

So I flagged this answer as 'Not an answer'. At least to me it definitely is not an answer see the comment under my answer. Hi, your answer is useful for me thank u so much.. my am not expert in ...
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My flagging was disputed and the same question marked as flag [duplicate]

I flagged a question as "too board", within some minutes its marked as "disputed". I just thought my flagging was invalid or not correct. After some time I check back on the question and see it was ...
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Disputed when it's actually closed [duplicate]

I'm confused as to why on this question my flag got disputed: When the close reason was the same:
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Why was my spam flag disputed when another user's flag helpful?

Earlier I saw this answer (screenshot for <10K users) in the Low Quality review queue (it is now deleted so the review queue page I saw the answer in is the only way I can see it). I immediately ...
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Close flag disputed

I recently left a close flag for this question, that I reviewed in the Triage queue. To my understanding, there are three appropriate reasons to close that question: Too broad Unclear what you're ...
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First question duplicate flag disputed

I have flagged Why do I have a document.getElementById is Null? as a duplicate. It's a first question and I really wasn't sure at first, if I should flag it or not because it might be discouraging ...
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If a flag is disputed, can we display how other reviewers flagged?

Having recently gained the reputation to access the review queues (yay!) I've had a few disputed flags. Currently, it shows a message like this: I think it would be quite helpful to see how other ...
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Question with rant about "downvote trolls" and saying something else very rude - rude/abusive flag disputed? [duplicate]

I flagged a question featuring this paragraph as "rude or abusive". (NSFW content, hover or tap to view.) I didn't edit the question to remove the rant because, frankly, I didn't want to in any way ...
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"rude or abusive" flag shows as "disputed" even though I retracted on time

Foreword: I wouldn't have posted this question if I didn't feel something odd happened and here's the gist of it... I flagged this question as "rude or abusive" when I saw their "fuk down vote" was ...
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Why was this "Very Low Quality" flag disputed?

I raised a VLQ flag on this question. It is marked disputed. How and why will that ever happen? Is that because the moderator(s) did not agree with it? If so, shouldn't it have been declined instead?
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Declined spam flag although post was removed

There was an answer to this question, saying (as far as I remember) something like: sorry for this. just a test.. take care guys. I have reviewed the answer from the queue and flagged it to my ...
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Not an answer flag was disputed but it should not [duplicate]

I have flagged this answer as "not an answer": But my flag got disputed, and I was a bit surprised, because it's more than clear to me that this is not an answer, but rather a comment. If I refer to ...
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Was I wrong to flag this question as off-topic due to typos?

I recently made a flag on a python question as a typographical issue, where the user has indentation errors scattered around and a few spelling mistakes. For some reason though, this was disputed. Is ...
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Comment written as answer converted to community wiki doesn't warrant a custom flag?

Today I came over this answer (now deleted) in review: Import Error: No module named numpy Screenshot credit to Suraj Rao It read as just a comment which was turned into community wiki by its ...
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Does this post for "where can we download historical data of Bitcoin" Look OK?

I recently reviewed this question in Triage as Unsalvageable with reason "Blatantly off-topic (this question has nothing to do with programming)". But my flag was disputed because, as I understand it, ...
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Was I wrong to flag this as NAA? [duplicate]

I flagged this answer based on the NAA flag description: This was posted as an answer, but it does not attempt to answer the question. It should possibly be an edit, a comment, another question, or ...
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How to deal with a disputed duplicate flag that is a real duplicate

I have flagged this question as duplicate. But when I was reviewing my flags I saw that it was disputed. How could it be disputed that they're not duplicates when it clearly is? Note: I flagged this ...
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Not An Answer flag disputed. Why? [duplicate]

When looking at a question I saw an answer ( which is not an answer at all. It seems like a combination of a rant and a question. Oddly, it seems a lot of ...
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Why was a spam flag on an answer with many links disputed?

I have been reviewing the following answer (already deleted) in low-quality queue and marked it as spam. The original contents of answer aren't available to me, because the user immediately (!) edited ...
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In what way can this off-topic question be salvaged by editing?

I flagged Use Windows as secondary monitor on chrome os as Very Low Quality. Here's the question text: Is it possible to work on chrome os as the main monitor and use a windows PC as a secondary ...
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Why was this spam flag on an answer disputed​?

Yesterday I flagged this (now deleted) answer (the question is not at fault), as spam. When I checked later, I found that the flag was marked as disputed, but the post was deleted anyway. I just ...
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Should I also keep checking for any updates in all the posts that I've flagged?

A few days back I flagged an Answer as NOT AN ANSWER while Reviewing Late Answers, as it seemed to be a non-answer type of post. And I forgot about it. Today, I am seeing that flag in disputed ...
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Very Low Quality flag disputed

I am aware that there are several threads here regarding low quality posts. I'd like to understand why my flag was disputed on this question: In macOs 10.13.2, /usr/local must be writable It is too ...
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When are flags disputed, and when are they declined by review?

Coming from this question (which I brought up because I thought a moderator had declined my flag, but was apparently declined by fellow reviewers) I've been trying to find where is it documented what ...
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Guidance on flagging an off-topic question

I flagged this post but my flag was disputed. I cannot remember which flag I used, but I would like to know if this is just a fine question or off-topic and a clear case for closing to get better at ...
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Questioning a disputed flag over an obvious VLQ answer when another in the same question was found helpful

I have trouble understanding why one out of two answers I flagged as VLQ was disputed (in the same question). This one was found helpful: ...
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A moderator declined two of my NAA flags on the same post [duplicate]

Real duplicate: What to do with answers in a different programming language than the one asked for? I saw this answer a few days ago. The question was about looping in C, and the answer included a ...
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Why was my "not an answer" flag disputed?

I read this answer: As Seb mentioned ILMERGE will do this - but one caveat is that none of the assemblies can contain unsafe code. It consists of two parts: It says that another answer already is ...
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If a disputed flag is upheld by a moderator, are the responsible reviewers penalised?

Consider the following scenario: A user comes across an item on the site, say an answer, that is obvious junk and should be nuked As a a result, said user flags the item with a flag that causes it to ...
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I need some help understanding these disputed NAA flags

I noticed some of my recent NAA flags were disputed and I have a hard time understanding why. I understand that the community (or a moderator?) decides the result of a flag and I respect that. However ...
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How to distinguish between spam and non-spam answer, and how to bring it into moderator's attention

Overview Of the Problem I recently noticed a user who was promoting his website in all the answers related to a specific topic. In fact, he has given 13 of the answers with the exactly same content ...
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Why are code-only answers not considered "very low quality"?

I flagged this answer as "very low quality" because it is a code snippet without any explanation. However, my flag was disputed. Can anybody explain why code-only answers are not "very low quality"?
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Why was this NAA flag on a "What OS are you using?" 'answer' disputed?

This old answer from 2012 at sys.stdout not reassigning to sys.__stdout__ (now deleted, thanks to the meta-effect) starts by "It worked for me:" in the middle, the exact code OP posted ends by "What ...
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Why was my flag disputed for what I felt to be a low-quality question? [duplicate]

I flagged Make tagging based on @user(deleted), but the flag was later disputed. I have I flagged other similar questions (contained images of code instead of code, had comments requesting the code as ...
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Multiple questions that are off topic for Stack Overflow were flagged by me and I got them back as 'disputed'

So, I've gathered some disputed flags on questions that I found in the Triage queue and flagged as off-topic for Stack Overflow and that they should be moved to Super User or Server Fault. My ...
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