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Learning the art of not replying - how to be more welcoming

We're still adjusting to the upheavals and site examination since Jay Hanlon's "Stack Overflow Isn’t Very Welcoming" blog. There's some confusion about what is rude or polite and a moving focus on ...
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What have I done wrong if OP comments "this entire site is discouraging to newcomers"? Considering rudeness / politeness

I recently came across this (now deleted) question which to me seemed like a I haven't tried anything, can you please do my job? question. Therefore, I added a comment with more or less the standard ...
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Rude comment and followed with mass downvote [duplicate]

So I was commenting on this question: Laravel convert query mysql to model query And a user reprimanded me for posting an unhelpful comment for the question. My comment was to direct the user to ...
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Comments asking for clarification or an MCVE are not rude/abusive

This is the latest comment to be flagged in what is becoming a trend in faux rude/abusive flags. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I cannot see anything rude or abusive in this comment, in fact they use ...
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Inconsistent "censoring" of rude or abusive questions

When a question is auto-deleted due to being flagged as rude or offensive, even 10K users navigating to that page won't see its body or title. Instead, the title will show the phrase "This question ...
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Why is this comment not considered rude?

On another meta discussion, I came across this highly upvoted comment: Spending your free time in the [c] and [c++] tag is like taking vacation in Syria. You have to participate in the jihad and ...
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Rude flag dismissed on comment saying user "doesn't seem to be able to develop basic Java code"

I flagged the following answer as rude because of the line: Especially for user7294900 who doesn't seem to be able to develop basic Java code: It violates the first and third rules of be nice model: ...
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Ask a question, get the needed help, insult the helper and delete the question: what to do?

Am gonna share a situation I recently faced (that I also faced a lot of time before). It's about this question (deleted now). Here is what happened: This user asked a question about CSS and ...
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What should I do with a rude/abusive comment on an off topic question?

I came across a review audit that had an obviously off topic question. Then I noticed that there was a comment right below it, clearly insulting the OP. There was even an upvote on it. I'm surprised ...
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What is the impact of flag declined? Is it possible to ask moderator for clarification?

I am still a bit confused about the workings of flagging stuff and moderators accepting/declining them. I flagged this question as "In need of moderator intervention" and added a comment to the flag ...
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Sometimes, "rude or abusive" is highlighted red - why?

The below image was taken from my flag history. Notice how one flag is highlighted bright red, but the other two are not. What does the bright red highlighting indicate? In case this is needed, the ...
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Is it okay to comment with "" ? [duplicate]

I've seen a few downvoted questions on StackOverflow, on which the downvoter commented with a link from and nothing else. Is it okay to act this way ? Is it considered rude ?
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Is there no automatic throttling or banning of users who repeatedly post profane comments?

I recently found myself under a deluge of profane comments by a user who didn't appreciate my negative feedback (and people wonder why users often don't comment when down-voting). There has been at ...
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Clarification on swearing [duplicate]

To me, swearing doesn't fit within the "Be Nice" policy. Today I asked a post owner to remove the swearing from their post. After that I flagged a post as rude because of this. (I could have edited ...
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Is answer from teacher announcing potential consequences considered rude?

Is an answer like the following considered rude? I already flagged the post as low quality as there is no way that the answer can be fixed. However I feel that even if the CS department has this ...
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What should be done about porn links in questions?

What would be preferable steps to take when someone posts links to porn videos in a question? I mean, I already flagged a post more than 3 hours ago using the option "in need of moderator ...
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Is it rude/abusive to include junk text to bypass the minimum texts requirements?

Very related (but somewhat less specific): What to do with questions where the author inserted gibberish to bypass the minimum length check? Also related: Is it rude/abusive to knowingly abuse the ...
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For trending, should a post be flagged as inappropriate even if you edit it? [duplicate]

I raised a rude or offensive flag for this post that was declined. In it, the OP used some profanity as a debugging statement. Moderator Ryan made a comment in his edit that it was not that big of a ...
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Having a post deleted for moderation reasons shouldn't give you the reputation back

Related (but not identical): Does the OP get reputation back if a down-voted answer they posted is deleted for moderation? Note: that question is asking whether the OP does, in fact, get the ...
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How could I handle rude and offensive comments kindly?

I was recently editing and browsing questions, and stopped by in a specific question (Edit: now question was removed by user) to post a guidance message containing useful links and tips. This was my ...
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Is this kind of parental advise in the community OK? [duplicate]

Should we flag such a question like the following? Compiler does not identify class on the same package Because the OP posted something like (edited by me): System.out.println("random ass shit"); ...
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Flagged a question as rude/abusive, then edited question resulting in disputed flag

I guess this will be more of a question for 10k users, as this question has already been removed by moderation. Today I saw a post insulting the dear SO members, and a claim that the user therefore ...
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Does this constitute a "gibberish post"?

I'm asking about the following question: VB.NET Quick Sort And an image (in case the question is deleted, so this question still makes sense): The OP deliberately obfuscated the code by posting it ...
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Is it rude/abusive to knowingly abuse the answer section?

Every once in a while going through the VLQ queue, I'll notice a new question posted as an answer that's prefaced with "I know that this isn't an answer, but..." (I'll occasionally even see this from ...
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What are the typical punishments for having a post found to be rude/abusive or spam?

My understanding is that there are several ways to have a post found to be rude/abusive or spam: either enough people flag the post as rude/abusive/spam that the system auto-deletes the post or ...
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Let's get aligned on how spam flags can be used

Recently, I've noticed some contention — and simple miscommunication — over when 'red' flags ('spam' and 'rude or abusive') should be cast on Stack Overflow, and how moderators should handle them. ...
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Can Perspective be used to improve conversations?

I just found a nice tool called Perspective, which shows if what you are writing, will be perceived as rude or offensive. From their product description: Perspective is an API that makes it easier ...
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What would the consequence for insulting someone be? [duplicate]

Let's say person A posted something then person B came along and insulted person A. What exactly would happen to person B as a consequence? Would they be suspended and / or get points taken away? ...
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Why was my abusive flag on a post containing only gibberish declined?

Today, I flagged this answer (now deleted) as rude/abusive: However, my flag was declined: and I'm curious as to the reasons why, because common consensus agrees with me: What makes something rude ...
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Spam/Offensive-deleted answer is still showing "Show more comments" link, until you click it

I noticed some odd behavior on this "deleted as offensive" answer: When I load the page, it tells me "comments are disabled on deleted / locked posts / reviews", but it gives me the option to "show 9 ...
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Rude flag declined on question + link

I marked as rude. It was declined. Not a big deal. But after it was deleted. Why it was deleted? (I don't know how/ to ...
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What exactly is considered 'Rude or Offensive' in comments anymore?

I know all too well the routine of a new Stack Overflow user. They ask a poor question, and then get burned by comments saying things such as: "Go do your own homework" "Have you tried anything?" "...
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How do you flag an offensive username when the user has no posts? [duplicate]

We just deleted a rude answer in SOCVR, but the user also made his name rude as well. Since the post was already flagged as spam I couldn't also mod flag it. And there's no way to flag his profile, ...
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Feature added to show that your answer has been marked as rude or offensive

I had recently come across this meta question. In this case, the user didn't know why the reputation was deducted. I request a feature to be added to show tell why the reputation was deducted. So this ...
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